10 Water Activities for Kids

Uncategorized · April 29, 2013

This post brought to you by Huggies® Little Swimmers. All opinions are 100% mine.

Summer is creeping up on us already and I’m a little excited for it. Not only will it mean that my baby will already be born and I’ll be done moving and hopefully a little settled in, but it will be time for hanging out in the backyard and having some water fun with the kiddos! Although I’m used to the dry heat of Arizona, I’m sure the kids will easily adjust to the humid weather of Texas (it might take more time for me to adjust – lol!)

We recently bought a little blow up pool for the kids and they have already informed me that they plan on swimming every day once we get to Texas. Not sure if that will actually happen, but I have a feeling we’ll be spending plenty of time outside.

To get things ready for some summer water fun, I wanted to share with you 10 Water Activities for Kids that they are sure to enjoy.

Water Balloon Pinata from Ziggity Zoom


Soap Boat Races

Soap Boat Races by I Heart Naptime

Kiddie Car Wash

Kiddie Car Wash from Mom Endeavors

Summer Sponge Bombs

Summer Sponge Bombs from Whipperberry

50 Water Balloon Games from Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids

Giant Bubbles

Giant Bubbles from Tatertots & Jello

Water Blob Tutorial from Clumsy Crafter

PVC Sprinklers

PVC Sprinklers from The Idea Room

Rainbow Bubble Snakes from Housing a Forest

DIY Slip n Slide from Digital Misery

Don’t all of these activities look so stinkin’ fun?! I’m thinking that DIY Slip n Slide sounds so fun for a Family Night activity!

Now, with all these water activities and because my two year old still isn’t potty trained we’ll definitely be using Huggies® Little Swimmers. We’ve been using them since my oldest was younger and rely on them heavily during the summer months when we spend so much time in the water. We love them so much because they do not swell up in the water like regular diapers.

So, why am I mentioning my love for Huggies® Little Swimmers? It’s because I wanted to make sure you knew of the great deal the Huggies® Little Swimmers at Sam’s Club in the Sam’s Club Pack. Not only can you get FREE SHIPPING when you order them from SamsClub.com, but you’ll also get a BONUS when you buy in the Pack – Huggies® Natural Care Wipes! SWEET!

Be sure to check out the smokin’ deal!!

And I hope you enjoy spending some time in the water this summer!


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