Baby Boy Chalkboard

Baby Boy Chalkboard Upcycle
I love going to GOODWILL on 50% off Saturdays!!
It was there I was able to find this:

It was only $2.50 – woo hoo!(and I had all the other supplies lying around).

I knew I could make something decent from it, but I wasn’t sure what.
I decided to make a little Baby Boy Chalkboard for my good friend’s upcoming Shower.

I found out the baby’s room colors and went from there….

Tutorial for a cute, personalized chalkboard made from super cheap materials!! { lilluna,com }


-Spray Paint
-Scrapbook Paper
-Glue Gun
-Glue Stick
-Sewing machine
-Chipboard Letters
-Mod Podge
-Mounting Tape


1. Begin by taping off the areas you do not want the paint on. In this case, I taped off the chalkboard portion.

2. Spray paint board and let dry.

3. Cut out paper to fit the area you need it in. Mod Podge this onto the board.

4. Use chipboard letters as stencils by flipping them backwards and tracing onto scrapbook paper. Cut letters out and distress with paint or stamp pad if desired.

5. Add more paper if desired. For this page, I actually decided to stitch a zig-zag around the edges. Hot glue or mod podge on.

6. Cut pieces of mounting tape and add to letters.

7. Arrange letters on board as desired.

8. Print a baby pic, and embellish as desired. I added a crown made from scrapbook paper and stamped on it “BABY”. I found the images at GETTY IMAGES. They have a ton of cute and vintage baby pics (boys & girls). Here are a few of my favs:

9. Hot glue embellished baby to the board.

Baby Boy Chalkboard Upcycle

Now you have yourself a super cute and personalized chalkboard to hang in your baby’s room.

And what’s even better, was that it only cost $2.50! :)



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    Oh my goodness….this is GREAT! Love the fun colors and the saying you've added. I’m going to share this project over on my facebook page. Hope that’s ok. Kendra aka “Domestic Princess in Training”!/pages/Domestic-Princess-in-Training/215139255490

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    1 – I'd like the blue/brown stripes – that would match my kitchen. I LOVE this idea – I have a high table and chairs so it would bring me a lot of peace of mind :)1 entry2- I like the Tie Chair on Facebook1 entry3- I follow Lil' Luna1 entry4- I like Lil' Luna on Facebook1 entryTotal of 4 entriesLeAdelle Maez [email protected]

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