We are sharing our go-to pancake recipe and all the tips for making them. PLUS, we are sharing 20+ ways to change this recipe up!

Breakfast Tips

How much to serve for holidays, brunch or showers?

  • Quiche: 1 slice per person OR Savory casserole/strata- 2 inch squares: 1-2 per person
  • Pancakes: 3 per person 
  • Waffles, French Toast, Bagels, Muffins, Large Biscuits:  2 per person 
  • Coffee Cake, Sweet Rolls, Sweet Bake/Casserole: 1 ½  slice per person
  • Bacon OR Sausage: 3-4 slices per person
  • Eggs any style: 2 per person
  • Juice OR Milk: 1 cup per person
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