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A collection of all the best finger foods, dips and appetizer recipes for your upcoming summer BBQs, pool parties and more.

More Appetizer Dips

Appetizer Tips

Consider these things when serving appetizers:

  • Before a dinner: Appetizers are great to set out about an hour before the main meal will be served. Plan for guests to be able to have 3-5 pieces/servings total.
  • Appetizer only Party: For a two hour event plan to serve about 10-12 pieces per person.
  • Different Dishes: Plan to provide 2-3 different appetizer dishes for 10 or fewer guests.   
  • Chips and Salsa: Plan 1 qt salsa and 1 pound of chips for every 10 people.
  • Sweet and Savory Dips: If you are offering both types, then plan for guests to have 2 oz (¼ cup) per person.

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