The BEST Christmas Recipes

We LOVE Christmas, and we especially love all the good food that comes out this time of year. We have gathered all of the best and popular recipes on the site, so be sure to check them out.

We promise they will help with all your holiday needs.

Here are some collections you might want to see:

MOST POPULAR Christmas Cookies

50+ BEST Christmas Cookies

20 minutes

4.82 from 85 votes

Peppermint Sugar Cookies

18 minutes

5 from 11 votes

Gingerbread Cookie Recipe

5 hours

5 from 14 votes

Ginger Snap Cookies

13 minutes

5 from 21 votes

Peppermint Meltaways

1 hour 35 minutes

4.3 from 10 votes

Snowball Cookies

24 minutes

4.92 from 23 votes

Holiday Prepping

We want to share all of our best tips and tricks to help you with all your holiday meal planning.


Think about the following…

  • How many courses will there be?
  • How many dishes in each course?
  • How many sides with your main dish?
  • Can you buy any of the dishes to make cooking easier?
  • Which dishes can be made AHEAD OF TIME?
  • Can some of the recipes be made in the slow cooker or on the stove to free up the oven?
  • Can you make food assignments to make it less overwhelming?

Answering these questions and putting together a game plan will help you come cooking time.


Go shopping early!

Plan a cooking schedule: Work backwards from your intended serving time. Decide on the following:

  • What order do the items need to be cooked?
  • Can anything go in the oven at the same time?
  • What can be cooked on the stove top? Crock pot?
  • What can be made ahead of time? Will it need to be reheated?

Prep as many of the ingredients as possible ahead of time.

Doing these things will help your holidays be more enjoyable and less stressful!

Mexican Christmas Meal

Black Bean and Corn Salsa

10 minutes

5 from 10 votes

Beef Empanadas

4 hours 20 minutes

5 from 18 votes

Homemade Spanish Rice Recipe

45 minutes

4.9 from 650 votes

Homemade Salsa

10 minutes

4.97 from 56 votes

Red Cheese Enchiladas

47 minutes

4.74 from 160 votes

Chicken Tacos

25 minutes

4.92 from 25 votes

A Luna Tradition

Every Christmas Eve, we ALWAYS have Mexican food. It’s tradition!

Although the menu changes up slightly each year, we typically always have the following:

And of course we have all the appetizers and sides like chips and salsa, Mexican rice and more!

To prep for this we always cook the meat up a few days ahead of time and then we will make salsas the day before or the morning of. Enchiladas can also be made ahead of time, and then we do all the frying right before family comes. It’s easier than you think and always SO delicious!

Check out all of our Favorite Christmas Mexican Food!

Christmas Party Drinks

Christmas Punch

5 minutes

5 from 12 votes

Frozen Hot Chocolate

5 minutes

4.95 from 36 votes

Pineapple Pink Lemonade Soda

3 minutes

4.91 from 64 votes


15 minutes

4.89 from 9 votes

Mexican Hot Chocolate

30 minutes

5 from 13 votes

Mint Hot Chocolate

15 minutes

4.84 from 6 votes

Most Popular Christmas Collections

Christmas Desserts

18 minutes

5 from 2 votes

Newest Holidays

Christmas Tree Brownies

40 minutes

4.2 from 5 votes

Cookies and Cream Fudge

4 hours 10 minutes

4.67 from 3 votes

White Chocolate Peppermint Pretzels

15 minutes

5 from 6 votes

Veggie Christmas Tree

20 minutes

5 from 5 votes

White Chocolate Berry Pancakes

15 minutes

5 from 4 votes

Breakfast Hand Pies

21 minutes

5 from 2 votes

Chocolate Chip Cheese Ball

2 hours 8 minutes

5 from 9 votes

Peppermint Oreo Fudge

18 minutes

4.89 from 9 votes

Peppermint Bark Cheesecake

6 hours 10 minutes

4.96 from 22 votes

Christmas Snack Mix

5 minutes

5 from 7 votes

Christmas Puppy Chow

10 minutes

5 from 19 votes