Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas

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One of our favorite Mexican dishes – Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas recipe!! Corn tortillas stuffed with chicken, cheese, green chile enchilada sauce, sour cream, and green chiles, topped with more sauce and cheese!

We frequently make these enchiladas when we have company over for dinner, because everyone loves them! We always serve them with mexican rice, homemade salsa, and some tacos for an all out Mexican dinner!

Green chile Chicken Enchiladas in dish

Easy chicken enchiladas

Did you know I’m half Mexican? Because of that I’ve learned how to make so many Mexican recipes, one of those being today’sΒ  Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas (we obviously love enchiladas and have versions for Red Cheese Enchiladas and Beef Enchiladas as well).

Not only are enchiladas so easy but they are so good and are a hit at any function! I also like that they are easy to make in mass quantities and are also good to make and freeze for later.

This recipe only calls for a few ingredients, including:

  • corn tortillas
  • shredded chicken
  • sour cream
  • green chiles/chilis
  • cheese
  • salt & pepper
  • enchilada sauce – Las Palmas Mild Green Chili Sauce is our favorite, but we also love homemade!

I usually have all these ingredients on hand so we make them quite often. I love giving these enchiladas (frozen) to new moms so they have a simple and delicious dinner for their families. πŸ˜‰

How to Make Chicken Enchiladas - process pics

How to Make Chicken Enchiladas:

Making this chicken enchilada recipe is simple! Just follow these simple steps to make this easy, cheesy dinner recipe!

Chicken Mix. Combine the chicken, cheese, green chiles, salt and pepper in a small bowl.

Tortillas. Bring enchilada sauce to a boil and then remove from heat. Dip each tortilla into heated sauce for a few seconds to soften (if your tortillas are falling apart during this step, then your tortillas are super cheap and should probably be microwaved instead to soften).

Place the softened tortilla in the baking dish and spoon 1/3 cup of the chicken mixture and 2 tablespoons of sour cream down the center (NOTE: The squeeze sour cream packages work great for this!)

Roll & Bake. Roll up the tortilla and make sure it’s seam-side down in the baking dish. Top with shredded cheese and bake for about 20 minutes.

This easy chicken enchilada recipe makes 4 servings, but we usually double it to feed a larger crowd and use a 9×13 pan. πŸ˜‰

pouring enchilada sauce overGreen Chili Chicken Enchiladas

Making Ahead + STORING green chile enchiladas

Make ahead. Just make the enchiladas as instructed and cover with foil or saran wrap and place in the fridge for up to 24 hours in advance. If you want these to be even better, we suggest taking the excess sauce and placing in an air-tight container and pouring this on and along with the cheese before storing.

Freeze.Β We LOVE to freeze these enchiladas and save for later. In fact, we often double the batch and then eat one and freeze the rest for another night. To freeze these, we suggest making them in a disposable pan, covering tightly with foil and placing in a freezer-safe bag. When done this way, they can last in the freezer for several month.

To cook, we let the enchiladas thaw in the fridge over night and cook for about 25 minutes.

Reheat.Β If stored properly, enchiladas can last in the fridge for up to 4 days. We typically reheat them in the microwave, but you can also reheat on a low heat in the oven.


more Tips + Tricks

Substitutions:Β Swap the corn tortillas with similarly sized flour tortillas. You do not need to dip flour tortillas in sauce before rolling. Substitute the sour cream for your favorite plain yogurt.

Additions: Add olives, diced onions, sliced jalapenos, cilantro, salsa, chili peppers, black beans, corn

Chicken: Use canned chicken or a rotisserie chicken and shred with fork. Another idea is to keep shredded chicken in the freezer to use in your favorite recipes.

Cheese: Using a different cheese blend can certainly change up the flavor. Try a mexican blend, grated marble colby jack, or a cheddar and pepper jack blend, Β 

Softening the tortilla without dipping or frying: warm tortillas up the microwave or on a pan in the oven. When they are just warm keep them wrapped in a thick kitchen towel or a tortilla warmer.

  • 3 – 4 CUPS CHICKEN
  • 1Β 1/2 – 2 CUPS SOUR CREAM

Easy green chicken enchiladas in a casserole dish topped with cilantro

Enchiladas are the best!! We’ve made several versions before, but for a standard chicken enchilada recipe, this is our go-to. We also have a more American version with flour tortillas that you can check out HERE.

What to serve with chicken enchiladas:

For more enchilada recipes, check out:

Easy Chicken Enchilada Recipe

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One of our favorite Mexican dishes - Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas recipe!! Corn tortillas stuffed with chicken, cheese, las palmas green chile enchilada sauce, sour cream, and green chiles, topped with more sauce and cheese! The whole family loves these easy chicken enchiladas!

Course Main Course
Cuisine Mexican
Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 40 minutes
Servings 4
Calories 588 kcal
Author Kristyn Merkley


  • 2 c chicken cooked and shredded
  • 2 c Colby jack cheese shredded
  • 19 oz. Las Palmas green chile enchilada sauce
  • 1 c sour cream
  • 6-8 corn tortillas
  • 4.5 oz can chopped green chiles
  • salt and pepper


  1. In a small bowl, combine chicken, 1 cup cheese, green chiles, salt and pepper.

  2. In a small skillet, bring enchilada sauce to boil. Remove from heat.

  3. Dip each tortilla into heated sauce for a few seconds to soften.

  4. Spoon β…“ cup of chicken mixture and 2 tablespoons sour cream down center for each tortilla (I usually put the sour cream in a sandwich bag and cut the bottom tip which makes it easier to squirt right down the center)

  5. Roll the tortilla and place seam-side down in 8x8 (or 9x9) inch baking dish.

  6. Repeat with remaining tortillas. Pour remaining heated enchilada sauce over top. Sprinkle with remaining 1 cup cheese.

  7. Bake 20 minutes at 350.

Recipe Video

Recipe Notes

  • 3 – 4 CUPS CHICKEN
  • 1Β 1/2 – 2 CUPS SOUR CREAM


Kristyn Merkley

My name is Kristyn and I’m the mom of SIX stinkin’ cute kids and the wife to my smokin’ hot hubby, Lo. My mom’s maiden name is Luna, and I’m one of the many crafty β€œLil’ Lunas” in the fam. On this site I like to share all things creative – from recipes to home decor to gifts and home decor ideas. Welcome!

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    1. LOL! You’re so funny!! I just pinned it for the first time this week. It’s one the first recipes I made and I am just now going back and pinning them on Pinterest. Only took me two years, haha!! It really is so good – I hope you like it!! PS – How are you??

    2. 5 stars
      ThiS RECIPE IS A KEEPER! VERY EASY TO MAKE AND THE WHOLE FAMILY LOVED IT. Added another can of green CHILEs just for personal preference. Also, for my son who is a vegetarian just substituted the chicken less chicken strip cut up for the chicken

  1. Thanks just needed the cooking time for the dish for the S.O. I went to the school in Central NM .(Do a Goolge that should narrow it down) Enchilada nignt became a very special night and 25 years later I still try to recreate the taste

    1. 5 stars
      Thank you for making a recipe that is wonderful and so easy for red cheese enchiladas. It was so good. You were on my followers or following I don’t know, but now your gone. I hope you come back. I’m new to all this how do you get rid of the kooks on pinterest that follow you I hate that. Take care Linda

  2. I am too 1/2 Mexican. My father is full blooded Mexicam but he is the palest Mexican you will ever see so I am also very pale. Too bad my Mom was Mexican like yours because I don’t get the awesome family Mexican recipes! People are amazed when I tell them my heritage. The only way I knew my Granpa was talking to me is when he called me “Juanita” which is Spanish for Johnnie. I am so proud of my heritage and it is good to see another “pale” Mexican!

  3. 5 stars
    Being a full-blooded Mexican American from South Texas, I too, grew up eating and learning the cooking ways of my mother and other family members. I have to say that your recipes are exactly like the ones I make, too and can attest that they are simply delicious! Mexican food isn’t supposed to be spicy hot, just flavorful. The heat is added after to each individual likings. Please keep sharing your traditional everyday Mexican recipes because sometimes you’ll print one that will remind me that I haven’t had in a while.

  4. 5 stars
    Thank you for this recipe, now my family will have some great enchiladas tonight. Quick question, what sides do you usually throw in with this?

  5. I just came across this recipe, and noticed that you don’t have to fry the tortillas in oil to get them soft. Do they really soften up in the sauce? If so, that is awesome!! I hate having to fry my tortillas. πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to try this recipe! Thanks!

  6. I’m actually making it right now. But I just wanted to know, when you stick it in the oven to bake it, should it be covered with foil???

  7. Would I be able to make the enchiladas ahead of the day before and it still turn out delicious? My family is really excited to try it!

  8. 5 stars
    I made this tonight and it is absolutely delicious! I can’t wait to make it for my children when they are all home from college. I appreciate comments from people who MAKE the dish , then post a comment. It is more helpful . Any dish can look amazing but looks do not equal taste. This dish looks and taste fabulous! Thanks for posting!

    1. Hi Chris! Thanks for stopping by and for commenting. I appreciate it!! This is one of our favorite recipes too. In fact, I’m making Saturday for friends. We think it’s simple and so delicious, and I’m so glad you feel the same way. πŸ˜‰

    2. My sentiments exactly! Thank you for the comment. πŸ™‚ I just found it and am making it tomorrow for dinner and I’ll be back to report.

  9. I too am also a halfer πŸ˜‰ and my grandpa who was 100% mexican used to make his enchiladas JUST like this! When I got married this was the only thing I knew how to make, glad to see I’m not the only one who uses the sauce to soften the tortillas. *you can also microwave them on a paper towel for 1 min per 5 tortillas for xtra softness*

  10. 5 stars
    I also microwave my tortillas so they are very soft and won’t break when rolling. I add sliced olives and diced onions (from frozen package).

  11. I make these using the exact same ingredients, but later as a casserole. Just as yummy and even easier. Sauce on bottom, layer of corn tortillas, layer of chicken, layer of cheese, layer of sour cream, repeat. Soooo easy. Soooo yummy!

  12. 5 stars
    I loved the recipe and especially the extra comments and suggestions within the recipe. Seeing your picture and knowing you love your family made me want to choose this recipe. It just made it more personal and caring.
    Thanks, Holly Davis RNC

  13. The only thing I can think about suggesting is editing the recipe. I’m not a first time cook so I read between the lines but for someone that has to follow the recipe word for word they might forget to put the cheese and green chili’s in with the chicken. Something different that I did was use Greek yogurt to replace the sour cream and mixed it with cilantro, onion and mascarpone cheese. I’m about to put these things together! Thank you for the recipe!

    1. You’re welcome! Greek yogurt is a great substitute for sour cream. It’s great that anyone can mix in their favorite ingredients with it! Hope you like it!!

      1. 4 stars
        I made these tonight – and the homemade green sauce was delicious! However the enchiladas themselves haD waaayy too much sour cream for my taste. The filling was more sour cream than chicken. I will def make these again but cut the Sour cream in half next time.

  14. Looks delicious I’m going to attempt to make these tonight. However, you put them in the crock pot I see.. do you put water or anything on there with them or just the chicken itself?

    1. You’ll want to add enough water or chicken broth to cover the chicken. You can also add your favorite seasonings. Hope that helps!! Hope you also like this recipe, as much as we do!!

  15. 5 stars
    I have now made batch #3 with minor tweaks. I add garlic to the meat and Saxon Goya (Mexican spice mix) to the sour cream. My hubby says these will make him fat!

  16. These look amazing! Do you have a recipe for green enchilada sauce? I live overseas and cannot buy it- but I would love to try this recipe. thanks!

  17. 5 stars
    The Luna family I knew in Tempe, Az, years ago called these Gringo Enchiladas. If Olivia is part of your family, I would love to make contact with her again if she is willing.

  18. 5 stars
    This was definitely a hit with my son and daughter they loved it. Definitely will make again. Can’t wait to try other recipes. πŸ™‚

  19. Unless I missed it, I didn’t see anyone make a comment about the cheese. All the pictures show white and yellow cheeses but the recipe only calls for Monterey Jack. So I take it that you also use some type of shredded cheddar also?

  20. 5 stars
    Made this exactly and it’s great! BTW, Mexico is a country where many Europeans immigrated to, just like the USA, so not all Mexicans are dark. ????????????

  21. 5 stars
    Would not recommend. Came out in one soggy, gelatinous blob. Way too much sour cream for recipe. I would only recommend 3/4 for the 9×13 recipe. I would fry the corn tortilla in a pan beforehand, as dipping it in the green chili sauce does nothing but make it soggy.

    Note: I tried to rate one star, but it would only let me rate five star.

    1. I haven’t tried, but it would be the same. The cooking time might be more, but I wouldn’t know how much more. I would just keep an eye on it after the 20 minutes and a few minutes each time. Hope that helps! Thanks so much!

  22. Is the only reason you put the tortillas in sauce is to soften them? I did that and they were falling apart on me. I just microwaved the rest and dipped them in the sauce. I forgot the sour cream….hopefully it will taste the same just putting it on when we eat them.

  23. 5 stars
    JUST LOVE your site! ALL YOUR RECIPES are sooooo DELICIOUS! takes me back home with every
    bite ????????????????

  24. 5 stars
    I made this recipe tonight to high praise from my family. It will be a favorite I do believe. Thank you so much.

  25. To make the tortillas even MORE pliable, warm them up on the comal or a big pan to just warmed through, then lay them one on top of the other in a thick kitchen towel (1 or 2). The moisture from the tortillas will get trapped in the towel and “steam” them so they’re soft and pliable. Leave them in the towel as you work through the stack. Or, if you have one, use one of those big styrofoam tortilla warmers.

    1. 5 stars
      I’ve hated making enchiladas in the past because of the hassle and mess in dipping the tortillas in sauce and/or frying them a little before filling with the meat and rolling, so I tried Angelica’s suggestion, and it worked great! I also changed the recipe a little by adding sauteed onions and garlic, cumin, and chopped cilantro to the meat mixture, and after scooping the meat mixture on a tortilla I added just a little greek yogurt, and I used a mixture of cheddar cheese and pepper jack.

  26. 5 stars
    I’ve made these several times now. My husband would eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
    Q- I’m being lazy tonight, How different would these be layered instead of rolled?

  27. So I don’t cook, I’m terrible! ???? My question is how many chicken. Breasts is 3-4 cups? Can you use a rotisserie? I have a raw chicken breast issue, freaks me out. Thanks.

    1. Yes, you can use a rotisserie! If you want to cook up chicken, I usually estimate that 1 cup=1 chicken breast. I hope that helps you and let me know if you try these πŸ™‚ Thank you!

    2. 5 stars
      Rotisserie is the only way to go in my book! Such a time saver! I use one whole chicken for a 9X13 pan and get about 10-12 enchiladas. The extra flavor of the rotisserie adds a lot to this recipe.We LOVE these enchiladas! Thank you for sharing!!!

  28. I made these tonight. The flavor was great – better than good. But my tortillas just fell apart. It was more like a casserole than enchiiladas. What did I do wrong? Checked the recipe and used the correct amt of everything. Is it possible the amount of enchilada sauce is too much?

    1. No, the tip is to flash fry them. You just do a quick little dip in the sauce. You don’t have to drench it, because then they may rip easier. They don’t even have to be all covered in sauce. I hope that helps. Also, have a good brand of tortillas πŸ™‚ Good luck for next time!

      1. 4 stars
        What is a good brand Of tortilla? Do you use white corn or yellow corn toRtillas? I made thEse toNight and WHen i tried dipping them fast they didn’t get soft enough to roll (maybe because i took thE sauce off the buRner but i did not LEt it cool really at all, just went straight from Burner to counter to dipping), so i dIpped them for about 5 secoNds. When we atE the toRtIllas were Of no discernible shape, just kind of a white corn paste. STill tasted good but i definiTely Lost the β€œenchilada” part. The soUr cream separated too? Any ideas? I used white corn guerrero tortillas.

  29. 5 stars
    My foster mom was from Jalisco- A great dish of hers was ‘Enhocadatas’
    Soften corn tortillas in pan with oil oil.
    set aside till a pile of tortillas are done.
    In low sided baking dish, put light layer of olive oil or spray with oil .
    Take a softened corn tortillia & smear sour cream on both sides. Fill tortilla with Cream corn, strips of monterey jack cheese + a tiny bit if chilies of your choice. Add good dollop of sour cream. Roll tortilla up. put in baking dish.
    Repeat with all softened corn tortillas.
    Spread sour cream all over top of gikked & rolked tortillas. Sprinkle monterey jack cheese onnyop & some chilies.
    Bake 350Β° gor 20min & check.. may need 10more min. Delicious

  30. 5 stars
    I love this recipe, though I did make it my own, by adding cumin and Better than Bullion chicken base and I found low carb corn tortillas, both yellow and white. I also added cream cheese to the sauce which made it thicker. My whole family loved it and my very picky eater grandson who is 6 years old, even went back for seconds, (I don’t know if I’ve ever witnessed him doing that before). It was definitely a hit. Thank you so much for the recipe!

  31. I’m wanting to make this later this week for freezer meals. Have you done that with this dish? If so how did it turn out? Did you adjust the cooking time or temperature?
    This looks delicious!!!

    1. I have not. I would freeze it, before cooking, then take out when you are ready to eat it & follow the recipe for baking. I hope you like them. Let me know what you think πŸ™‚

  32. Hi hope you are well
    I live in the UK so we dont get this sauce , however would you be able to give me the ingrediants thats in the sauce so i can make it at home , i cant wait to make this dish but unfortunatly we dont get the La Palmas green chile Enchilada sauce if not how would i subsitute it
    Thank you

    1. 5 stars
      If you use cream of chicken soup large can, chicken broth to make it instead of water less used thicker the sauce, spices garlic salt, cumin powder, chili powder, ground oregano, onion powder, all to taste at least 1-2 teaspoon fulls except for oregano use 1/2 to 1 teaspoon and 1 tablespoon of chili powder, lots of green chilies diced can 2-4 large diced or frozen fresh chilis from farm to taste for amout and for the heat if u like mild or hot chilis for more heat add jalipino chilis to taste and heat. Use boiled chicken shredded and also Monterey Jack cheese mixed with cheddar at least 1 lb each or more along with diced Onions. Dip tortillas in sauce to soften or soften in towel in microwave. Either roll or layer, sauce, tortillas, chicken, cheese and onions. Repeat until finished cheese on top. Bake 350 degrees until warmed bubbly and cheese melted at least 20-30 minutes serve with sour cream and salsa. Can roll or layer to make casserole double recipe will make 2 9×13 pans layer serves more than rolling does. Salt to taste

  33. 5 stars
    Easy to put together for a quick meal. Added olives on top when I baked them and had tomatoes and hot sauce for condiments. Will make them again for sure.

  34. I make these a lot and love them. Sometimes the enchiladas get a little hard on the bottoms. Any idea why? Has this ever happened to you?

  35. 5 stars
    If I made these ahead of time , would it still be okay to dip the tortillas in the sauce? Or would it make them soggy? I’m hoping to assemble them ahead of time ( a day before) and before baking to add the remaining sauce and cheese

  36. 5 stars
    Made your recipe for Las Palmas Chicken Casserole. It was delicious! Reminded me of tamales. A five-star recipe for sure. I was wondering what you thought of using ground beef instead of chicken?

  37. 5 stars
    Made this tonight! Score!!!! First time making enchiladas and my audience doesn’t really care for enchiladas and we won them over tonight! Thank you for sharing!!!

  38. 5 stars
    How exactly do you freeze and make these? Do you put them in ziplock bags and transfer them to a glass dish when its time to bake? I was going to put them in the freezer in a glass 13×9 baking dish but if i do that the glass will get cold and when I transfer to the oven the glass will shatter.

  39. Hello,
    Your recipes look wonderful, from what I can see. I don’t know if the problem is on your end or mine, or somewhere in
    Between. Everything on the site keeps jumping from one subject to the next, faster than I can follow, and it is all out of order. Been difficult to write this. Help! Thank you! Emily

  40. 5 stars
    hi, i’m thinking of making this for super bowl sunday, however i won’t be able to make it on the day of because i have church in the morning!! so i’d make it saturday night. what would you recommend as far as reheating it the next day? plop it into the oven? if so, for how long?

  41. 4 stars
    Thuan recipe was AWWWWWESOME, only thing I would recommend is cooking the corn tortillas in hot grease for a bit. Not too long but just enough so they don’t fall apart when serving!

  42. 5 stars
    I made these tonight and they were SO GOOD! I am already thinking about the leftovers πŸ™‚ and I’m pretty picky when it comes to Mexican food!! Can’t wait to make them again for a bigger crowd! Thanks for the recipe!

  43. 5 stars
    This looks like a pretty easy straightforward recipe. I wonder if you’ve ever marinated the chicken first or maybe it doesn’t need it? I think I’m going to cook the chicken first and mix in my green chile powder from NM, in addition to the fresh Hatch’s I have defrosting

  44. 5 stars
    There’s nothing I love more than Mexican food!!! Thanks so much for sharing all your recipes! Must have these enchiladas this weekend. πŸ™‚

  45. 5 stars
    I tried this & it was amazing & yummy!! BUT the tortillas always come out a little mushy (even though the flavor was amazing). Do you think my sauce was too thin or maybe I poured too much sauce over them-covering them. I followed the directions, though & baked them 5 min less than directions. Thanks.

    1. They do get a little that way, because all the sauce, but not so much, that they fall apart or too mushy to eat. Maybe keep them in that 5 extra minutes πŸ™‚ I am glad you like them, though!

  46. 5 stars
    Made these last nite and they were INCREDIBLE…I only made a few thinking they wouldnt come out right,cause my ethnicity is afro-american and im a true believer in real authentic mexican dishes can knly be made by true mexicans nothing prejudiced just respect for the culture..Came out lovely, ill make the rest tonite..

  47. 5 stars

  48. 5 stars
    i have a recipe similar to this but a casserole, i used 1 cup fat free sour cream, and subbed 1 can of cream of chicken soup in for the remaining sour cream. Otherwise, everything else the same. Love it, a great way to use rotisserie chicken!!!!

  49. 5 stars
    Wow, so easy and so good! I put the chicken in the crockpot and let it cook all day. Then just added it to the tortillas. I’ve made many enchilada recipes, and this one was by far my favorite!

  50. 5 stars
    This will be my 2nd time making this. I love how simple it is yet super yummy becasue of the sour cream. I just mix it in with the chicken mixture to have more of a consistent bite. Me and my boyfriend love this recipe thank you!!

  51. 5 stars
    Hi ! My name is Lisa and I love to make green chile chicken enchiladas ! I lived in N.M for 30 years and was taught how to make them by a lady who was from Mexico. So when i saw your recipe i had ti tell you thanks for the great memories i had in New Mexico and that dear friend.

  52. 5 stars
    These were really very, very good. I make red sauce chicken enchiladas the way my grandma taught me, and she worked in a small Mexican restaurant. They are always a hit! I was looking for something less spicy for some of my family so tried these. Frankly, I liked these even better than the red sauce ones! Thank you for sharing!

  53. 5 stars
    I”m so sorry but I forgot to add that I had a healthy substitution in that I used Fage 2% plain greek yogurt in place of sour cream. It worked beautifully! Not soggy, no yogurt flavor, just a creamy filling.

  54. 5 stars
    Some of the recipes on Pinterest’s are not that good but this recipe is FANTASTIC! It’s super delicious. I made this today and hubby love it so much. I am a Filipina and I thought I didn’t like Mexican food but omg, this recipe made me love Mexican food now!!????Thank you for sharing this recipe.

  55. 5 stars
    I love that this is really an easy recipe without the dizzying list of ingredients. I want delicious (sabroso) not time consuming. Yum! Thank you.

  56. We have made this recipe many times, and its always so yummy! Sometimes, we like to use flour tortillas but I think they taste more authentic with corn.

  57. 5 stars
    Super Easy! Super Delicious!
    Made with everything I had on hand! Extra easy with Costco Rotisere Chicken that they take off the bone for you and sell in the package.

  58. 5 stars
    This was a winner with my picky kids! I loved the tip on the video about putting the sour cream into a bag to pipe on. How have I never thought to do that before!!!!

  59. 5 stars
    I am not a fan of red enchiladas, so I was excited to try these. I will be adding these to our monthly menu! We paired it with your Spanish rice & the whole family loved it!

  60. 5 stars
    The green chili sauce in these enchiladas is so yummy. It taste just like the homemade stuff without the effort. Very easy to put together and something my whole family likes!

  61. 5 stars
    Thank you so much for this! i got this recipe.years ago from a las palmas can. sometimes they will have it on the label sometimes not and I couldnt remeber the measurements of the ingredients. Tgis is indeed one favorite dishes – even tho’ it is ‘whitened up’.

    i lived much of my adult life in chicago and aurora, il. now I am in total white country, with some sprinkles of color, but it is nothing like the availability of quality natural mexican ingredients. it is pegged as lil Mexico, as eceey corner had homemade tamales, salsa, GOOD salsa. Tamarindos, annd conchez pastries. I am sure you know that.. i miss quality Mexican food, the talent and thier food, never to disapoint our “authentic” Mexican food, veey festive on the outside, just enough to fool you to walk in, and see that everyone is white and none speak spanish. The didnt meet my lowest expectation, but A for effort – however an unfortunate example and reality for such a delicious, beautiful culture.

    It doesnt matter to me, what percentage you are, or how much brown you have. you are celebrating, teaching and sharing a part of you with us. I am honored (and a bit pissed) fhat you have reminded me of all those things i missed.

    about the recipe, crazy easy to make – delicious and yup, i did use the flour tortillas this eve.

  62. 5 stars
    Great Recipe and so easy, thank you. The las palmas green sauce is my favorite. I do have to admit though that sometimes im super lazy so i just add sourcream to directly to the chicken mixture. πŸ˜‰

  63. 5 stars
    Thank you i will make the enchiladas tonight and add cream of mushroom soup to the green palmas chili , God bless you ,thank you

  64. 5 stars
    THIS is such a simple recipe that LOOKS and smells delicious! I’m making it tonight for my family. My only question is how do you keep the tortillas from cracking WHILE rolling them or falling APART when pulling them out of the sauce?

      1. I didn’t soak THEm. I dipped THEm in the warm sauce to make THEM more pliable. One I did have trouble getting OUT did end up FALLING APART. The rest as I rolled cracked and broke open. I will TRY warming them in the microwave next time.

  65. 5 stars
    this is a great easy week night recipe! I bought the larger size can of green sauce and poured extra on top. thank you so much. delicious!

  66. 5 stars
    Loved this recipe. I used flour tortillas (which I wont next time) I also sauteed onion and corn to add to the chicken. Thank you for a great recipe.

  67. 5 stars
    “Did you know I’m half Mexican? Anyone who knows me is pretty surprised when they find this out because I’m pretty darn white.” <- My life! haha. Thanks for sharing this great recipe!!!

  68. 5 stars
    I too think this has been a lost recipe. Ty for sharing again. have used several of your recipes and they are good.
    Make THIS ALL the time but my method is alittle simpiler. I put enchalada sauce In a skillet and warm. (Ive used red Or green. In another skillet add cooked chopped chicken n green chiles and warm add sour cream and a few tbls enchalada sauce. I use Low Carb flour tortillas or Corn. Fill shells with chicken mixture and alittle of the cheese.,,or layer like casserole then pour enchalada sauce over
    Top and add more cheese.

  69. 5 stars
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    1. It might have a little kick because of the green chiles, but it’s really spicy. I sure hope you all like them!

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    1. I do not have a homemade green chile salsa, but I have other salsa recipes on the site. If you just search salsa in the search bar, then you can see what I have that might be close. Hope you find something to try πŸ™‚

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    1. I’m sorry! Unfortunately, that does happen. Are you dipping in the sauce for a few seconds first? Don’t over-stuff, then they roll easier. I like to use Kroger brand. They seem to work well.

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