Homemade Spanish Rice Recipe

Sides · October 20, 2017

How to make Spanish Rice. Mexican Rice, Spanish Rice, whatever you call it, we’ve got the best Spanish Rice Recipe you can find. It tastes like it came straight from the restaurant!

Restaurant-Style Spanish Rice (aka Mexican Rice)

Easy Mexican Rice

I LOVE MexicanΒ Rice (aka Spanish Rice)! As previously mentioned, I’m 1/2 Mexican. Contrary to popular belief, it’s true… even if I’m SUPER WHITE!! Although I’m pretty darn white, I can still cook some AMAZINGΒ Mexican Food, and that’s because I have wonderful teachers like my MOM and AUNTS. TODAY, I’d like to introduce you to my mudda, Liv (and my dad – hence the whiteness). My mom has been making today’s Spanish Rice recipe for as long as I can remember and first showed me how to make it. Now, we make it on a weekly basis because my kids are obsessed and it’s just so easy. I admit I was intimidated at first to make it, but after the first time it’s become easier and easier!

Ain’t she pretty?Β She’s gonna KILL me for putting a pic of her on here, but oh well. πŸ˜€

This recipe isΒ actually the Spanish Rice (aka Mexican Rice) recipe of a popular Mexican Restaurant in Mesa called Mango’s (down on Main). If you’ve ever been down there and liked their rice,Β then you’ll love this recipe. It really is simple, delicious and the perfect side to any Mexican dish!

How to make Mexican Rice

How to make spanish rice

Brown the rice…

Restaurant-Style Mexican Rice - it is one of the easiest and most delicious recipes you'll try!! Our whole family loves it!

Once all your spices and tomato sauce are added, let it simmer for at least 30 minutes.

Mexican Rice Recipe

It truly is the best side for any Mexican meal!! Below are video and printable instructions to make the Mexican rice.

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Spanish Rice Recipe Video:

How to make Spanish Rice:

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Restaurant-Style Spanish Rice (aka Mexican Rice), that is easy to make and tastes like it came straight from the restaurant, and is the best side dish to any Mexican entree.
Course Side Dish
Cuisine Mexican
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 40 minutes
Total Time 45 minutes
Servings 8
Calories 238 kcal


  • 2 cups long grain rice
  • 1/4 cup oil
  • 8 oz tomato sauce
  • 6 stems cilantro (optional)
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1 tsp minced garlic
  • 4 cups water
  • 1 cube chicken flavored bouillon
  • dash cumin
  • dash garlic pepper


  1. Heat oil in large frying pan on medium heat.

  2. Add rice and cook until golden brown.
  3. Add 1 chicken flavored bouillon cube to 4 cups water and microwave for 3 minutes.
  4. When rice is brown, add water, tomato sauce, salt, garlic, cumin and garlic pepper to pan.
  5. Stir and cover pan. Let simmer for 30-40 minutes or until all is cooked and there is no liquid left. Fluff before serving and ENJOY.
Nutrition Facts
Amount Per Serving
Calories 238 Calories from Fat 63
% Daily Value*
Total Fat 7g 11%
Sodium 448mg 19%
Potassium 147mg 4%
Total Carbohydrates 38g 13%
Dietary Fiber 1g 4%
Sugars 1g
Protein 3g 6%
Vitamin A 3.5%
Vitamin C 2.8%
Calcium 2%
Iron 3.7%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.
Restaurant-Style Mexican Rice - it is one of the easiest and most delicious recipes you'll try!! Our whole family loves it!

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    Yumm! Spanish rice! This recipe looks soo good! Thanks, for sharing… stopping by via New Friend Friday! Have a great weekend!

    Kiera and Joe

    That is a great picture of your parents! They look so happy πŸ™‚ And I can't wait to try this! I have been looking for a good spanish rice recipe!

    A Mommy Bloggers BFF

    Looks delish!Following from New Friend Friday!

    Derek & Kellyn

    That picture makes me want to cry!! Im so glad you did this. Maybe now I can actually make her rice instead of Rice a Roni, Mexican Style πŸ™‚

    Leslie Limon

    You won me over with this post/recipe. I'm 1/4 Mexican, but you'd never guess by looking at me. I'm married to a full-blooded Mexican and I'm living in Mexico.

    Makalani Adolpho, PLC

    Looks Yumm-O. I love all kinds of rice being from the islands and all. I will have to try this.

    Its So Very Cheri

    Yummy!!! I want to make some.If you have any other projects you would like to enter in the DIY Club inc contest,we would love to have you.It doesn't matter that you have won before–OUR Sponsors want you to use their products and enter them, they would be HURT if you didn't re-enter additional projects. We would love to have you enter a project every month with some of the sponsor products you received. Have you seen the gift package this month?Cheri


    That looks sooo good! Just wondering, does it matter what kind of rice you use? like short or long grained rice? thanks!


    OK, this is totally funny, but I met your parents this spring. I live in Louisville, KY and have gotten to know your brother while he was in our ward. What a wonderful Missionary he is!!!


    Okay, made this (doubled it) last Sunday, and ate. It. All. By yesterday. Now I'm making more! Can I just say DELICIOSO! : ) thanks for sharing it!


    Ps… I also added green chiles to it halfway through the five days it lasted, and it was really really good!

    Tuck N Jules

    This is the THIRD time I have come back for this recipe … I definitely need to write it down! Yum.

    Sandy McClay

    YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!! I adore Mangos…..everytime I go to Mystic Paper I eat there….are you related to the owners????? Lucky you!

      Lil' Luna

      A trip to Mangos and Mystic Paper is a little like heaven, huh?! We aren’t related to the owners but are great family friends. We don’t get down to Mangos a ton anymore, but always hit up the other’s brothers’ places – El Sol (on Arizona Ave, south of Ray) and especially Rico’s (on McQueen and Elliot) – both soooo good, and just like Mangos. πŸ™‚


    I’ve been looking for a recipe for Spanish rice for a long time. Thank you for posting it & thanks to you Mom for sharing it! Love the picture of your parents. Your Mom is beautiful!

      Lil' Luna

      Thank you, Jackie!! You will have to let me know what you think of this recipe… it is seriously my family’s favorite and is made several times each month! πŸ˜€

        Jenny Christensen

        What size of tomato sauce?

          Lil' Luna

          It is the 8oz can:) I’d love to know if you try this recipe! It is super easy and the best side:)


            Dang… just read this after adding a 15 oz can πŸ™ Wish me luck…

            Lil' Luna

            Dang!! It will just be extra tomato-y πŸ™‚ Let me know!!

    Sarah Olson(themagicalslowcooker)

    This is similar to how I make spanish rice, a hispanic friend gave me the recipe! The only different thing is the garlic. I will try the garlic next time! Let me tell you, that this rice tastes just like mexican restaurants rice.!
    Sarah Olson(themagicalslowcooker) recently posted..Slow Cooker Lemon Chicken with BroccoliMy Profile

    Linda Orman

    My husband says you look like Snow White and I agree!!!!!!!!!!! Your mom looks beautiful too. Lucky husband having mexican food all his life.!

      Lil' Luna

      You’re too nice! I’ve actually heard that a few times before… it’s the dark hair, white skin and red lipstick I’m often found wearing. πŸ™‚ Thanks for stopping by!


    I made your Spanish rice for my family to go with this: http://www.funnytummycafe.com/2013/01/26/chicken-adobo/
    Talk about a hit of a meal! Thanks for sharing the recipe!


    I have looked at several of your recipes, they look amazing. Hope you are able to get your website working properly, soon, I cannot get the print this page to work.

    Liz O.

    Found this recipe on Pinterest. What kind of rice do you use? Short grain? Long grain?


      Liz O, typically long grain rice is used. This recipe looks amazing. I’m going to have to try it real soon.


    I’m so excited for this..I’ve tried making a white girl version of Spanish rice for my part Mexican husband sooooo many times and it NEVER turns out. Thanks for you sharing…looking forward to reading your other recipes.


    3/4Cup of oil ?!!!! Is this correct or a typo???


      I’m making the rice tonight and couldn’t leave all of that oil in there. We did use 3/4 C to brown it in, but then removed the excess oil before continuing on with the recipe. I echo Sandy. Is it really 3/4 C?

      Kathleen Barrett

      It says 1/4 cup of oil. Maybe it was changed.


    It’s great that you are getting thoughts from this post as well as from our discussion made at this place.
    Selma recently posted..SelmaMy Profile


    This is my exact recipe although I use less oil and no cilantro. If no kids are going to be eating it, instead of using regular tomato sauce, I use spicy tomato sauce found in the Mexican aisle of the grocery store.

    I could eat this rice everyday!


    just cooked this! the only scared part about it was putting the hot water into the oil and rice be careful! simple and easy & tastes great
    thank you for the recipe!

      Lil' Luna

      SO glad it turned out! Adding the water to the oil is definitely a little scary. I’ll be making it this weekend too – it’s one of our favorites. πŸ™‚




      Just want you to know, I have to say this is the best Spanish Rice recipe I have ever tried, and let me tell you I have tried many. Thanks for posting. Looking for a good Carne Guisada recipe,

        Lil' Luna

        Thank you for taking the time to comment, Diane! SO glad you like it. It’s definitely our favorite too! Unfortunatey, I haven’t had Carne Guisada before but will be on the look out for a good recipe for it. πŸ™‚

    m kosztur

    entirely too much oil. as previously noted-must be a typo.

      Lil' Luna

      The oil is correct. I’ve made it twice in the last week and it was fine. If you think it’s too much I’d try 2/3 cup instead of 3/4 cup.


    Hi! I’m going to try this tonight… Is tomato sauce ‘passata’ or ketchup?
    Down under ‘Australia’ we call your ketchup ‘tomato sauce’ so I thought I’d better check πŸ™‚

      Lil' Luna

      It’s not ketchup but comes in cans and is called Tomato sauce. Do you have that there in Australia?


      I would try Passata for those in Australia. Or tinned diced tomatoes even. Our sauce is completely different to the US canned sauce. I will be trying this recipe for my husband who LOVES Mexican food. If this turns out right maybe I can convince him not to buy so much Mexican Takeaway πŸ˜€

        Lil' Luna

        Thank you Adriana for sharing those ideas!! It really is a super easy recipe. Hope he likes it!!

    Michael Gene

    I LOVE Spanish rice. I had this recipe memorized after the second time making it πŸ™‚ my family loves it. Thank you for sharing.

      Lil' Luna

      SO glad to hear that. It’s definitely a favorite at our home too. πŸ™‚


    Can you make this using cold, already cooked rice? I have about 4 cups cooked white rice I need to use for something.

      Lil' Luna

      Hi Darby. Unfortunately, I’ve never tried it using cold, cooked rice. I think for this recipe to turn out it needs uncooked rice. πŸ™

      Genevieve Puente

      Make rice pudding with your left over cooked rice or fried rice!!!


    Your mom is so pretty you have a little of both and rice recipe is very good

      Lil' Luna

      Thank you, Angelica. πŸ™‚

    Amy R.

    Hey thanks!!!

    I’m half Mexican too and super white!!! Looove it!

      Lil' Luna

      Yay for super white half Mexicans, lol!! Seriously, no one believes me when I tell them. πŸ˜€


    I’m just curious if the rice is cooked before you get started.

      Lil' Luna

      You start with uncooked rice. πŸ™‚


    Made this once and the flavor was awesome but I realized it was way too much oil. Making tonight with half the oil. Excited because although I am as white as they come, I grew up Catholic in Southern California which means I love traditional Mexican food πŸ˜‰ thanks for sharing!

    Brenda Lilley

    This sounds like it would be delicious! You list cilantro as optional, and since I love it, I was wondering when you would add it. Also, how do you prepare it? Chopped, shredded, whole or what? Thanks for sharing your wonderful recipes!

      Lil' Luna

      If you want cilantro I would chop it and add it just a few minutes before serving, or you can even sprinkle it on after serving. πŸ™‚


        I definitely do this when I make Spanish rice. YUMMY!


    I made this today and it was wonderful! I will definitely make it regularly! However I agree with the commenter who said it was too much oil. I cut it back to 2/3 cup of oil (actually 1 1/3 cup since I doubled the recipe) and it was still very oily. Next time I will try 1/2 cup and see how it turns out. Overall, a great recipe and I was very pleased!

      Lil' Luna

      Yay! I’m so glad you like it. Cutting back the oil is a great idea. Thanks for stopping by. πŸ™‚


    I LOVE this recipe and have made it many times. I was curious though if you’ve ever tried freezing it? We usually have a Mexican dish once and week and I would love an easier way to have this as a side dish each time!

      Lil' Luna

      Hi Alyssa – so glad you have made this recipe many times and love it. Unfortunately, we have never tried freezing it. :/ If you decide to let me know how it goes so I can make a note of it on the recipe and can let others know if it does or doesn’t work. πŸ™‚


      I have made this recipe several times. And, I freeze it. Reheats wonderfully.


    Can I use brown rice with this recipe? Also, do you have a refried bean recipe? I love spanish rice and refried beans!

      Lil' Luna

      I’ve never tried brown rice but I imagine it would still work… and we have a great family recipe for refried beans but I haven’t posted it yet. Will try to do that soon. πŸ™‚


    This was very simple and delicious. A couple tweaks I made to the recipe were, I used 1/4 cup of oil instead of 3/4 like the recipe calls for. 2 lg garlic cloves, swansons chicken broth instead of the water and only 3 cups of the broth not 4 as it yielded a firmer rice. Also instead of tomato sauce I used 4 tbs of Tom. Paste. Halfway through cooking I added a cup of frozen mixed veggies and spread them on top of rice to steam during the last part of cooking. The rice I used was jasmine, it yields a firmer texture if cooked just right. Thank you for the base of this recipe, wonderful!

    Angela Guerra

    3/4 cups of oil is a lot of oil..about how many ppl does this recipe make for? Im just cooking for a family of 3

      Lil' Luna

      I sometimes so 2/3 cup… it always turns out fine. For 3 people I would definitely half it. This recipe makes for about 8-10 sides. πŸ™‚


    Although it looks really good, I feel like the tittle of the recipe is deceiving. I am from Spain and we actually never eat this kind of rice. Nevertheless, good recipe.


    I make my Mexican rice in my rice cooker .. I do everything like you but just put it in the rice cooker Perfect rice every single time.My mom would put frozen baby peas and corn

      Lil' Luna

      If I ever get a rice cooker, I will definitely give it a try. Thanks for the tip!


      Hi, wondering how you make this in the rice cooker since you’re supposed to fry the rice first.. I’m borrowing my brothers rice cooker for a bday party and was going to fry the rice and then transfer after for simmering.. is this what you do or please explain πŸ™‚

        Lil' Luna

        I’ve never tried a rice cooker, so honestly I’m not sure how it would get made? If you are familiar with one and think that would work, I’d love to know! But, you need to definitely need to brown it with the oil first, if you can’t in a rice cooker.


    Are you supposed to drain the extra oil? 3/4 cup is a lot of oil.

      Lil' Luna

      When I make this recipe (which is often), almost all the oil cooks out. I recommend using 1/2 cup if you think 3/4 is too much. πŸ™‚


      Recipe calls for 1/4 cup of oil,not sure where 3/4 comes from. Am I nuts because I do not see 3/4 anywhere in recipe.

        Kristyn Merkley

        You aren’t crazy. I know when I double I may add more, but 1/4 cup is right πŸ™‚


    I made this twice this week. It is delicious and really easy to make.

    [email protected] Holliday's at Home

    I’ve always been intimidated by making Spanish rice but this recipe has given me so much confidence. Simple ingredients and easy to follow instructions. I fixed this rice with beef enchiladas and it was great! Simple and delicious! Thanks for sharing!

      Lil' Luna

      Oh, I just love hearing that!! We make this recipe weekly and although there was a time I was intimidated by it, it’s so easy now. Glad it was a hit!

    sam i am

    I made this with brown rice and didn’t change anything else in the recipe. It was delicious and the brown rice even had the texture of white rice. I have been looking for a Mexican rice recipe for a long time and now I have found a keeper. Thank you!

      Lil' Luna

      I’ve never tried brown rice before but should – sounds amazing! Thanks for the suggestion. πŸ˜‰




    I just want to say you and your mom are BEAUTIFUL. You don’t need to convince anyone of “what” you are, and your food is awesome! You are my go-to gal for Mexican recipes! πŸ˜‰

      Lil' Luna

      SO glad you love our Mexican recipes… sometimes I feel like it’s the only thing I make because it’s what I’m most familiar with. I hope you can continue to find great recipes on the site. πŸ˜‰

    mackenzie welker

    I LOVE spanish rice! A doctor recently recommended that I go a a low sodium diet to hold off early meniers disease… anyway I was wondering if this would still turn out okay if I lessened or omitted the salt?

      Lil' Luna

      I think it would be okay. I would use less salt and maybe use half a bouillon cube with the water. πŸ˜‰


    Hi Krystin,

    This looks so yummie and have been looking for a recipe like this. I’ve got one question though: how many ml are in the can of sauce. I am from The Netherlands and not sure are small jars of tomato sauce will be the same in quantity…


    That looks de-lish and so easy. But tell me, does it come out dry, or moist and “clumpy?” I have the worst luck making Spanish rice.

    Do you rinse your rice beforehand?????

      Lil' Luna

      I’ve never rinsed my rice beforehand, and the rice always comes out moist. πŸ˜‰ We make it every week! Let me know how you end up liking it. πŸ˜‰


    You don’t look”pretty darn white” to me. That rice may be good but where’s the onion? Definitely needs cilantro,shouldn’t be an option. When I go to a Mexican restaurant and they serve this bland rice,I add pico de gallo to it. So much better with flavor added to it.


      Wow.. what a rude comment. Not sure if you realize or even care, but your words are extremely discourteous. There are a million more polite and respectful ways you could have stated what you did above. Have a great day


    I have been using this Spanish Rice recipe for a few years. It is always a hit. I can’t tell you how much I love love love it! Thanks for sharing all of your great recipes and ideas!:)

      Lil' Luna

      Thanks for the sweet words, Katie! I’m not joking when I say I make it once a week. My kids LOVE it (and so do I!!) Hope you can continue to find great recipes here on the site. πŸ˜‰


    this is absolutely my go-to recipe for Spanish rice! I’ve made it on numerous occasions, everybody loves it and wants the recipe. I’m making it today for a end of the year softball party where they are serving trip tip, Pico de gallo, etc. Thpught this would be a perfect side dish, and I tripled the recipe. I know it will be a hit! Thanks for sharing.

      Lil' Luna

      I’m so glad it’s a hit!! We make it every week because the whole family loves it. Thank you for stopping by and good luck at the Softball Party!! ;D


    This recipe turned out great! I used canned chicken broth to substitute for the bullion cube and water.


    Mine didn’t turn out. It turned mushy and the flavor was bland. Sucks cuz I really thought this would be a winner.

      Lil' Luna

      Did you follow the directions exactly? It really is a winner recipe, and I can honestly say I make it once a week. πŸ˜€


        I made this exactly as the instructions said and it was AMAZING. Not mushy at all. Thanks for the recipe, and for that matter, providing FREE recipes to sometimes ungrateful people πŸ˜‰

          Lil' Luna

          Thank you so much Renee!! I am so happy that it was amazing!! πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing!

    Diane Lebel

    Do u boil the rice first before u fry it

      Lil' Luna

      Nope… just fry it a little bit and then add the remaining ingredients. πŸ˜‰


    My rice was still hard when i was done
    What should I do ?


    Hi, what size can tomato sauce do you use? We have 3 different sizes i know its not the bigger one but confused on which one of the two to use. Thanks

    Yvette villarreal

    How many pounds of rice needed for party of 5oppl


    Quick,easy and sooo delicious!!

    jessica ann santos

    Cant wait to try this! All the way here in the Philippines! I assume i have to cook the rice separately first, right? πŸ˜€

      Karina Salinas

      Jessica, brown the rice in oil first as stated in the recipe. You then add liquid and spices and follow the rest of the recipe to finish cooking the rice. You start with uncooked rice, brown it in oil, finish the cooking process in the tomato sauce, other liquid, and spices.

    Karina Salinas

    Kristen, this is exactly how I learned to make Mexican rice. My biggest problem is that no matter what I do, my rice always comes out wetter than the restaurant rice. ALWAYS! If I lessen the liquid, then I have hard rice kernels!! Any suggestions? Also, my cousins have a Mexican father and Irish mother. Two of them have black hair, lighter skin tone, and blue eyes. The third looks 100% Mexican!!


      Me too! I just realized though I used a 15 oz can of sauce, not the smallest one. Maybe that’s why mine never turns out! It’s always mushy or not cooked all the way.

    Alexis Gonzales

    Wich heat setting do you use when you cover it with a pan and let it cook? πŸ™‚

      Lil' Luna

      I usually keep it on a low-med or sometimes lower. Since it cooks for a while, if you have it too high, the water evaporates quicker and it could possibly burn. You’ll notice if it needs to be turned down or up, just a simmer. Hope that helps!!

    Alexis Gonzales

    Wich heat setting do you use when you cover it with a lid and let it cook? πŸ™‚


    I can’t use bullion cube it has msg. If I use can chicken broth how would I work that with the water? If you can help it would be appreciated. I really would like to try this. Thank you

      Lil' Luna

      Maybe half chicken broth and half water..that would be 2 cups of each. The bouillon adds flavor and the chicken broth will add flavor. I don’t have any on hand, but if there are ratios on the box, I would just follow that, but keep the liquid total to 4 cups. Hope that helps:)


        Yes thank you I’m making it tonight.

          Lil' Luna

          You’re welcome:) It’s the perfect side! I hope you liked it!


    LOVE this recipe! Have made it 4 times this month. The kids and company alike have enjoyed it, so it has become a staple for Tex-Mex dinners in our home.

    I’ve used a few different rice variations for this recipe and the only one I didn’t care for was the one made with parboiled long grain rice. The flavor was fine, but the texture wasn’t as good. I’ve used Jasmin and long grain rice. When a rice recipe calls for only 20 minutes of cooking, then that’s how long I cook this recipe; then I leave the lid on letting it rest on the back of the stove until ready to eat. This is now a family favorite! Thank you for sharing!

      Lil' Luna

      So happy to hear that your family loves this recipe!! We make it all the time, too!! Love your variations!! Thanks so much for letting me know!


    I have never made Mecican rice before and this was super easy and turned out great:)

      Lil' Luna

      I’m so glad you tried it!!! It is super easy πŸ™‚ It’s our favorite Mexican side! Thanks for letting me know!


    Yum! This, by far, is the best Mexican rice I have ever made. Along with the rice, I prepped your cheese enchiladas. ‘Linner’ will be fabulous later in today. Thank you!

      Lil' Luna

      I’m so happy!!! We love it, too!!! Thanks so much for letting me know!!


    This is the exact recipe my Mother learned from her friend and that I grew up eating at least once a week as a child except we had NM chile powder and chopped green chile in our dish! We just love Mexican Food! I’ve tried to make this regularly but it’s hit and miss for me. It either turns out to be delicious or crunchy! I think it is the browning that causes it to harden. Please tell me how long you brown the rice and if the 3/4 c of oil is what keeps it from becoming crunchy. I might not be using enough oil in my cooking. I noticed another person had the same problem here that I do…Any thoughts on this?
    Cizon recently posted..SeasonsMy Profile

      Lil' Luna

      It is just 3/4 cup, which browns the rice, but I only brown until they are golden (a light, pale, yellow color) then I add the other ingredients and simmer on very low for about 40-45 min (covered). I do stir every so often. Hope this all helps. Key is to not burn rice at the beginning and to keep heat on low while simmering. Let me know if you have any other problems!

    Carol Luna

    Thank you for sharing this & other recipes! I read your blob and always surprised & pleased to find I’m not the only 1/2 white 1/2 Mexican that looks very white but loves to cook yummy Mexican, and I’m a Luna to boot! Anyways keep up the great recipes, I’m always looking for yummy food to feed my family 😊

      Lil' Luna

      Oh, thank you Carol! Haha..loved what you said about being halfies and loving Mexican food!! We could eat it almost daily!!


    This recipe tastes very similar to Spanish rice you would be served at most Mexican restaurants in the southwest US. If that is what you’re looking for, this recipe is perfect.

      Lil' Luna

      Thanks for sharing, Paul! We love this rice..it’s a staple around here!!

    marisa gramer

    This recipe is very close to our family’s recipe! Even tho we are Italian, my Godmother and Godfather were both married to Mexicans! Absolutely yummy!
    I hope everyone will make this, I know they will enjoy it! Marisa

    Ann Hedgepeth

    I’m certainly going to try the rice dish very soo. I love Spanish rice…

      Lil' Luna

      Then, you’ll love this!! It’s a staple with any Mexican food around here πŸ™‚ Hope you enjoy!


    That’s a great picture of your parents and yes, your mom is beautiful!!

    This recipe sounds great but, do you rinse the rice of the day before you make it so it has time to dry or will it not splatter in the hot oil?

      Lil' Luna

      Thanks so much!! I’ll tell her you said that πŸ™‚ I do not soak the rice. It doesn’t splatter, though I do pour it in slowly πŸ™‚ Hope you enjoy!!

    tally tips and tricks

    It’s the best!!! Been our go to for years! Thanks for sharing! ☺
    tally tips and tricks recently posted..What is The Meaning of Sundry Debtors and Sundry CreditorsMy Profile

      Lil' Luna

      Thanks so much for sharing!! It sure is the best πŸ™‚


    This was so yummy. I have always wanted to know how to make this rice. I even asked the restaurant we go to. Thank you.

      Lil' Luna

      I’m glad you found this recipe, then πŸ™‚ It’s a staple around here! Thanks so much for letting me know!

    Yoda mama

    Love your rice, and the fact that you use cumin. I am always asked about what is different in my rice and it’s the cumin. My grandmother cooked thru the great depression for a big family but never left out adding the love and flavors of our culture. It warm my heart to see family’s passing on traditions and great food. I still make home made tortillas and have taught my girls to keep our culture alive with good home cooking. Keep learning and blogging.

      Lil' Luna

      Thank you so much!!! Makes me so happy to hear!! I love what you’ve taught your daughters and love those that have taught me πŸ™‚


    Yummy! Would have rated 5 stars, but the 5th star wouldn’t light up!
    5 STARS!

      Lil' Luna

      Oh, thank you so much!!! So, glad you like it. It’s a favorite around here!! Thanks again πŸ™‚


    So easy. It turned out great. Total stovetop time for me was 35 minutes. Maybe I had it too high.

      Lil' Luna

      Great!! Thanks so much for trying it and for letting me know!! It could have been a little high. But, that’s ok!


    How to make home made 505 sauce..

      Lil' Luna

      I haven’t tried making a homemade 505 sauce. I usually buy it. Has anyone made it?


    7 years later, but I just wanted to let you know that I have made this rice tons since I found this recipe a few years ago, and it is one of the very few online recipes that I am constantly going back to. I make it with some black beans and saute a little chicken and it’s a great full meal! So good! Soooo many online recipes are not very good, but this one is great!!

      Lil' Luna

      Oh, thank you so much! That makes me so happy! I’ll have to try adding chicken and beans! That sounds delish!

    Brandie EscarzΓ ga

    Your mom is such a pretty lady. What a cute couple!! My mom made her rice similar to this recipe. Thank you for sharing. It is an amazing recipe. Can’t wait to share with a friend who loves Mexican rice.

      Lil' Luna

      Oh, you are so sweet. I’ll tell her you said that πŸ™‚ Thanks so much and hope you enjoy!!


    Hello! A couple of questions please. Reading the comments, I saw several people asked about the amount of oil used, saying 3\4 a cup seemed like too much oil. The ingredients state 1\4 to 1\3 c. Of oil. What is the correct amount of oil? And the ingredients state 2 chicken bullion cubes in 4 cups of water, but in the directions it states to put 1 bullion cube into 4 cups of water. Should I use 1 or 2? Thank you very much and I am very excited to try your recipe!☺

      Lil' Luna

      So, sorry about that. It is 1/4 cup and it’s one bouillon cube πŸ™‚ Hope that helps you!


    Thank you for sharing this recipe, my sister, son and I love it. I have looked for a long time and could never make Mexican restaurant style rice until now. I added some dried chopped onion and use two boulion cubes and it’s so delicious. Thank you again for this terrific recipe.

      Lil' Luna

      That makes me so happy to hear! It’s our favorite and goes so well with any Mexican dish! Thanks for letting me know πŸ™‚

    Morgan Newitt


    How many people will this serve? Thanks!


      Lil' Luna

      I can make this for my immediate family & feed between 15-20, possibly more. I double it when we get together with my extended family, which is too many to count & there is always enough. Hope that helps and hope you’ll give it a try. It’s the perfect side to any Mexican dish!


    This rice was so delicious!! I had many compliments on it. It is now part of our mexican food nights! Thank you for the recipe!!

      Lil' Luna

      Yay!! Love hearing that!! Thanks so much for letting me know.


    I’m going to try this, but wonder how it would do in an Instand Pot.


    I just stumbled on this site and already have four recipes I just have to try!

      Lil' Luna

      Awe, thanks!! So glad you found some to try! Let me know what you think of them πŸ™‚


    30-40 minutes seems a little long for cooking rice. Is this the correct time?

      Lil' Luna

      Sure is πŸ™‚ I promise! Hope you’ll give it a try!


    I want to make this, but i need to cut it in half! Only making it for two!


    Your recipe states to either add one bouillon cube to four cups of water… Or to use four cups of chicken broth. Did you mean to say to add a bouillon cube per cup? Or was it intentional and you have a choice of more broth tasting or not? Thanks, looking forward to making it.

      Lil' Luna

      It is one cube in 4 cups of water. I haven’t used the 4 cups of chicken broth, but it will have more flavor. I hope that helps! Let me know what you think πŸ™‚


    Thank you for the great recipe. I was looking for one that isn’t spicy and this one is great. My whole family enjoyed it. I cooked mine only 20 minutes- that’s how long I always cook my white rice and it was perfect.
    Thank you 😊
    Ps. You have a beautiful family ❀️

      Lil' Luna

      Thank you for the sweet words, Anna. Glad it was a hit!!

      Lil' Luna

      So happy to hear that! We actually don’t love celery too much either, so I’m going to try zucchini instead too. Thanks!

    Sheetal Soni

    hi, Thanks for such a wonderful recipe, but can i use White Basmati Rice for the same ? or should i follow with some other type of rice

      Lil' Luna

      You are so welcome!! I have not tried with any other rice, so I can’t say that it would turn out the same or not. I personally would stick to the recipe, but you are more than welcome to try. Hope you like it!


    Love this Mexican rice recipe! I’ve never made it successfully, so thank you for posting and sharing this. It will be my go-to!

      Lil' Luna

      Yay!!! I am so glad you tried it & you liked it! Now, you know why it’s my go-to, too πŸ™‚


    I tried this recipe on the 4th of July with my barbeque, pinto beans and potato salad. OMG this rice is so good! My granddaughter was eating the rice by itself! I used to look for someone to make Mexican rice for me but now with this recipe I don’t have to look any further! Thank you so much!

      Lil' Luna

      I’m so glad!!! See, it’s so easy & tastes so great! Thank you so much!!


    love this recipe. i’ve tried spanish rice a few times and never been thrilled with the way it turned out… until i tried your recipe.
    Thanks for posting!

    Carolyn Hunter

    We are going to try it tomorrow as I have been looking for a simple and good Spanish rice recipe for a while now. Will let you know what we think.

      Lil' Luna

      Please do, I’d love to know!! It’s our fav! I hope you like it!

    Carolyn Hunter

    Well we had to wait to try as we lost power for 2 days but when we did “WOW”. It was really good my husband even compared it to a local Mexican place.

      Lil' Luna

      Awe, thank you so much!!! I’m sorry you lost power! Thank you for giving it a try!


    Hi, I love this recipe and so does my family. I want to make this to take to a lunch potluck at work next week. Do you have any advice for making it the evening before and then heating it up (would you use a microwave??) and putting it in a crockpot to keep warm the next day for the luncheon? Thanks, Jane

      Lil' Luna

      I haven’t made it a day before, before. Fresh is always best, but I would just maybe use a crockpot to warm it up. I am glad your family likes this recipe πŸ™‚


    This is the best Mexican rice I have ever made! Thank you! It got race reviews from my family & had to email it to my daughter.


    I am hoping to try this recipe ASAP but have a question in regards to the bouillon.
    I have the knorr brand cubes and the directions say to use 2 cups of water for 1 cube.
    So for this particular recipe, should I just use the 1 cube + 4 cups of water anyway? Or 2 cubes + 4 cups of water?

      Lil' Luna

      I would just keep it the same, so 4 cups to 1 cube. Hope that helps & hope you like it!


    Thank you for answering. I made this recipe last night and it came out PERFECT! I’ve tried a few other recipes and after maybe 10 attempts at making Mexican rice, this one came out just as I wanted. My main issue was the rice being too hard and I think the lack of oil I used before was the culprit.
    So easy to make and there were no overpowering flavors, no soggy or crunchy rice either.
    Thank you again!

      Lil' Luna

      Awe! Thank you so much!! I love hearing that! This recipe is our favorite!

    Joy Silva

    Just made this rice, and my husband and I loved it. I halved the recipe, and it took about 30 minutes to simmer. I used chicken broth instead of water and boullion. Can’t wait to make this again, this will be my go-to Spanish Rice recipe from now on!

      Lil' Luna

      Yay!! Love hearing that! It really is the best! Thank you!


    Just made the rice and I added little bit hot green chili. This is definitely a recipe I will make again.
    Thanks for sharing.

      Lil' Luna

      You are welcome!! I’ll have to try the green chili! Thank you!

    Lorraine young

    Being a person who don’t like Spanish rice, I tried this and it’s the best tasting I have ever tried ,even from restaurants. My family loves it and so do I. Thanks you for sharing this. This will be a keeper for me.

      Lil' Luna

      You made my day!! I am so happy to hear that! Thanks so much for letting me know!

    Cheryl Spencer

    When do you add the cilantro?

      Lil' Luna

      You can add it add the end, before you serve it. ENJOY!!

    Joelene Hoselton

    So easy and honestly, the best spanish/mexican rice I’ve ever made, according to my hubby.

      Lil' Luna

      I love to hear that!! I’m so glad he thinks so! We do too πŸ™‚ Thanks so much for letting me know!!

    Jeannie P

    Made this rice tonight! Excellent! Just like restaurant, maybe even better. Used an Instant Pot- sautΓ©ed in IP to brown the rice. Turned it off then restarted on manual for 9 min at high pressure to cook rice. Let it depressurization for 5 min then knocked off pressure. Cooked total in about 20 min with the browning.
    ThAnks for great recipe!!

      Lil' Luna

      You are so welcome!! It’s our favorite and with every Mexican dish we eat! Thanks for sharing!


    I’m sad because mine doesn’t look like yours. Looks like a bunch of red mush. Where did I go wrong?

      Lil' Luna

      Oh, no! I’m sorry it did. Did you follow the recipe exactly? I know that if the heat is too high, it burns, but I’m not sure about mushy.

    Darcie Sutton

    My chicken bouillon cubes says “for recipes 1 cube equals one cup of broth ” would I still use just one cube , or 4 ?

      Lil' Luna

      I use one cube, mixed with 4 cups of water πŸ™‚ Hope you like this recipe!


    The fact that several commenters have mentioned making this a few times definitely says something. I am bookmarking! I just finished eating tacos with rice, and I was thinking how good the rice is and I wish I could make it at home. Then I found this recipe! Yay!

      Lil' Luna

      It really is the best, our favorite!! I’d love to know what you think, when you try it πŸ™‚ Thank you!

    Heather Caudell

    Thank you so much for sharing your recipe my husband LOVED IT

      Kristyn Merkley

      Oh, I am so glad!! Thank you so much for letting me know! It’s a staple around here!


    Mouth Watering recipe πŸ˜› thank you lilluna daughter visite site everyday for some great recipes

      Kristyn Merkley

      Thanks so much!! Let me know what you think of the ones you try πŸ™‚ I hope you like them!


    Hey! Great recipe! I use it often for meal prepping! I pair your rice recipe with my black bean recipe! Off topic, but you should take an Ancestry DNA test! You’d be amazed how much you can learn And how much you didn’t know!

      Kristyn Merkley

      Thank you & I have done the DNA test & it was so awesome to see my results!! Have you done one?


    Im so excited to make this spanish rice recipe tonight…im making it with the slowcooker enchiladas


    I made the rice yesterday. It looked great but tasted ok. It was kind of lacking flavor. I will increase the salt, garlic, and broth next time. I also added potatoes and tomaotos in mine.

      Kristyn Merkley

      Did you add the cumin & garlic pepper? I like to add a lot πŸ™‚ Thank you for trying it!


    Can you use brown rice? Do you know if anything has to change?

      Kristyn Merkley

      Honestly, I haven’t tried. I’m not sure what I would change or how it would turn out. I’ll have to experiment πŸ™‚

    Sharon Iliff

    Thank you!!!!


    Can’t wait to try these recipes! !!!! Thank you !!!

    Sarah Chavez

    I have made this rice 6 times now for my family, and extended family. I used homemade chicken broth once, instead of the bouillon, and water every other time, also sans bouillon. I adjusted by using a little more salt. It has NEVER failed me, it ALWAYS turns out perfectly! Thank you so much!

      Kristyn Merkley

      I love hearing that! Thank you so much for letting me know! We love it & have it quite frequently!


    I made this last night! Great recipe – thanks for sharing it!!! I did add a bit of chili powder along with the cumin, but other than that – I followed it to a “T”. Family was impressed!


    My previous husband was from Mexico and this is exactly how I fixed it for him. We also played around with it and had it white ( no tomato sauce) and it was still delicious! We served.it with fried eggs and sour cream. Also instead of tomato sauce we would use Salsa! Yummm! He passed away and I am now married again and have two kids that get to enjoy the taste of Mexico because he loved to cook and taught me how.

      Kristyn Merkley

      Awe, love to hear that, but I am sorry about your hubby. Glad you have more to share this with!


    hey girl- this looks amazing! I just love mexican food!


    Love your Christmas Eve dinner recipes but where are the tamales? Its not Christmas without homemade tamales. Thank you for all the wonderful recipes and have a wonderful holiday.

      Kristyn Merkley

      Thank you! I’ll need to do the tamales sometime! We usually have them at Christmas πŸ™‚ Have a great Christmas!

    Tabra Kobbeman

    What kind of oil is best to use for this recipe?

    Leah at The Frugal South

    I make this Spanish rice all the time and it really is the best! I often don’t have cilantro on hand but it is great without – I just add some dried parsley instead.


    Hello! I made this for our Christmas Eve dinner with tamales. I’m half Mexican (mom from Mexico, dad from Wyoming). I was looking for another recipe on your website and found this one. It’s almost exactly like my mom’s. She doesn’t use chicken broth. I made it to according to your recipe and it was delicious! My husband and sons loved it! Thank you for sharing.

    Sharalyn Ayers

    If I had known Spanish Rice was THIS EASY, I would never have bought one of those packaged Spanish Rices. I make tacos and most everything from scratch! I hated the packaged rice so much, that we just didn’t have rice! Period!!! I will make this every time now! Can you share your refried beans recipe? I love a real bean and cheese burrito, and I can’t find anyplace in North Platte, NE to get a good one! It is the lard I am sure, but is there some other trick? I just looked up another recipe, and that one suggested getting the lard from a Mexican grocer, so I will try that! The last thing is the TORTILLAS. There is an art to that! Any suggestions?

    Christine Henning

    My son loves mexican rice!! This recipe looks amazing and I can’t wait to make fresh for my family. Question, how would I make this low sodium, low sodium chicken broth, water, etc? And, do you think this would taste ok, low sodium?
    Chris Henning

      Kristyn Merkley

      Yes, it should taste ok. I would use the low sodium broth, to help with that. Your son will love this rice. My kids devour it! Good luck!

    Recipe Seeker

    This is my go to rice recipe from now on. I used chicken broth instead of water but I burned it slightly on the bottom because I forgot to set my timer(we like crunchy rice bits). We had it with leftover refried bean dip that I made the day before. So yummy. My usually picky daughter at the majority of it. Thank you for sharing.


    Your recipes look delich! Sounds like you enJOY your life very much and have alit of fun cooking. I will take advantage of it. Thank you so much!


    This turned out great!! I didn’t have garlic pepper so I used black pepper but it tasted great! Thanks for posting this!


    Just made this and it was awesome! Just like restaurant rice for sure. I halved it since it was just 2 of and I added some rotel for an extra kick but it was pretty great on its own too! Hubby agrees. And super easy to make. So glad I found this!

    Corinna Anderson

    I’m 35 I’ve got a half white half mex hubby who loves Mexican food over anything so I decided last year I need to learn to make Spanish rice. I tried so many recipes and it always came out funky somehow. Then I came across your recipe, I’ve used it a dozen times and it has yet to fail me. Thank you so much it’s a simple delicious recipe.

      Kristyn Merkley

      I love hearing that!! Thank you so much! We will never use any other recipe πŸ™‚


    The ingredients are simple but the dish is absolutely spectacular!! I doubled the recipe and used 5 cups of water instead of 6. I wouldn’t use anymore because the rice would be too soggy for my liking. This fluffed up very nicely. Also I found Goya brand canned tomato sauce that had garlic, onions, and cilantro blended in. This is a keeper! Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe.

      Kristyn Merkley

      You are so welcome! I am so glad you liked it! I will have to try that tomato sauce, sounds good!

    Cheryl Morgan

    Love the recipe for Spanish rice and anxious to see more recipes


    Yummy side to my chicken tostadas!Thank you!


      Sorry mistakenly didn’t give all stars, super yummy thank you!

      Kristyn Merkley

      Thank you!! Yes, that goes perfectly!! We love it with any Mexican dish we have πŸ™‚

    Michelle Bagby

    Hi, have loved all your recipes! This time I’ll be making your Spanish rice for a crowd of 100..(anyone else hyperventilating yet?)
    I want to make it in advance and reheat it before serving…
    How do you suggest I reheat it without it drying out?
    Thank you!

      Kristyn Merkley

      Oh, wow!!! I hope I am not too late. That’s a hard one. You could make it according to directions, then transfer it to crock pots that are on the warm setting. I hope that helps!! Good luck!

        Michelle Bagby

        No, not too late…perfect in fact! Thanks so much for getting back to me…I’ll give it a shot! Thanks again! Mic (Michelle)


    I loved it. I was searching to find the right mexican rice and when I saw the picture of the dish I knew it was it. I’ve made it twice and will continue to make it often. It reminds me of my mother’s rice. She passed before I was able to learn how to make it. Thank you so much for this!!!

      Kristyn Merkley

      I’m glad you found it! We love it with so many dishes..it’s my favorite! Thank you!


    Has anyone tried adding chili powder?
    Would only let me leave 4 starsπŸ€” for some reason.

    Michelle Bagby

    Hi, just wanted to let you know that I 4x’d your recipe to feed 100 people.
    It was for an Anniversary Sunday and they ALL loved it! Thank you for a great recipe (again!) Mic

      Kristyn Merkley

      Oh, I am so glad they all did!! Good to know that 4 times will feed 100. Thank you so much for letting me know!!

    Elizabeth Santiago

    These remind me of my abuela’s cooking. Thank You so much. I have fun cooking with my granddaughters


    Love this! Is there a way you can use brown rice?

      Kristyn Merkley

      Thank you!! It’s a favorite around here! I have not tried using brown rice, but it may work just fine. One way to find out πŸ˜‰


    Can I use brown rice for your Mexican rice?

      Kristyn Merkley

      I personally haven’t tried. I need to try myself. I think it should be ok πŸ™‚


    im thinking of making this dish and I got ground cumin is that okay or what cumin should I use

    Allison Dimler

    Omg! I have tried many different recipes and they were always bland. This one is it! I cut it in half, used a caldo de tomate cube instead of chicken bullion and par boiled rice, because that’s all I had on hand. Wow! It cameout amazing!! I will use this recipe from now on! Thank you!


    Do you have to boil the mixture before covering it and turning it to simmer?


    I just make this tonight for my family and it was a huge hit!!! Thank you for posting!


    Delicious. Just finished making this today and it is wonderful. I cut the recipe in half and everything turned out great. I simmered the rice 25 min and it is perfect. Thanks for a great recipe.

      Kristyn Merkley

      You are so welcome!! I am glad you liked it! It’s our favorite with so many dishes!

    Sarah H Saenz

    Quick question, when do we add the cilantro?

      Kristyn Merkley

      You can add it on top before serving πŸ™‚

        Sarah H Saenz

        Thank you, tried the recipe and loved it. Was just like the one I used to make, but couldn’t remember how to make it.

    Dixie Rigby

    If you are using chicken broth instead of the cube, do you need to heat the chicken broth before adding it to the rice?


    Ok…. I’ve never made Spanish Rice in my life. Tonight I’m making this recipe in my rice cooker. With me luck. πŸ‘


    I made it… and I loved it. I diff be making this again, & I made it in my rice cooker. The whole family loved it. Thank you for sharing your recipe

      Kristyn Merkley

      I am so glad to share!! I am happy the whole family loved it πŸ™‚ Thank you for letting me know!

    Debra Neria

    I am also Very super White colored skin..BUT have been raised by a wonderful 2nd Momma that God sent me hence my Delicious authentic south of the border Mexican cooking :)..I Make this SAME recipe..this is a few tips to enhance the flavors…AFTER Browning rice…add 1/4 cup chopped onion and 1/4 cup of chopped fresh tomatoes tomatoes…Let simmer with a clove or 2 of chopped garlic …does Not Need to get soft…Your just letting rice absorb fragrant flavours…THEN Add ur tomato sauce into the pan…let this fry onto the dry browned rice..AGAIN this fries into browned rice…THEN Add Ur HOT Liquid….scrape the Bottom as Soon as You add liquid ….bring to low boil…Then add lid and immediately take stove temp down to lowest setting on ur burner for slow simmer…Takes about 20ish min……The steps of frying and sautΓ©ing the fresh veggies and tomato sauce B4 the liquid TRULY Makes the World of difference..Pleaseeeee try this step….I have been reading Lots of ur recipes and I Love ur style of cooking …I DO believe this step will take ur ALREADY delicious rice to another level…thanxs


    Thanks for the recipe. I’m 1/2 Mexican too and my Mexican rice never comes out as good as my Aunts. I was told by a former Co-worker that bullion was the secret. Guess I better try it. Thanks for all the great recipes you post. I’m terrible about leaving comments.

      Kristyn Merkley

      You are so welcome! I am glad to share πŸ™‚ I’d love to know what you think of it! And, thank you for leaving a comment πŸ™‚


        Made it this afternoon for lunch. Turned out great. Thanks!


    OMG! I made it! Bring an Asian, it was tough to succeed with Mexican cuisine but this recipe is from now on my favorite! Thank you!

      Kristyn Merkley

      I am so glad you liked it!! It is our favorite rice! It can go with so many dishes! Thank you πŸ™‚

    Elyana Mauries

    This was my second try at making Spanish rice. Thank you, it was delicious this time!


    This was ridiculously easy to make and so amazingly good that my family inhaled them! I got a scoop of this rice and it just disappeared! Thank you for sharing this! It’s in my permanent recipes now

    Cassie Lucas

    Tried this recipe yesterday for dinner and it came out perfect!! My guests were very satisfied as well and my sister actually asked for the recipe!! It was easy to make and definitely a success!! I’ll be making it again soon…5 stars

      Kristyn Merkley

      Yay!! Love hearing that! Thank you so much for letting me know. Thanks for the rating πŸ™‚

        Cassie Lucas

        You’re welcome… Thanks for sharing this recipe with the world!!


    In step 2, is the rice already cooked or raw?

    Danielle Egan

    what kind of oil


    Have I told you this is a family favorite? Thanks for sharing!

      Kristyn Merkley

      Love hearing that!! It is one of ours too πŸ™‚ Thank you so much for sharing!


    I have made hundreds of online recipes and this is the first one that I felt was worthy of a comment! This rice is SO good. I added a can of black beans during the last 10 or so minutes of cooking and ate it as a meal. THANK YOU for this!

      Kristyn Merkley

      Love to hear that! Adding black beans is a great idea! Thank you so much for sharing that!!

    April Espinoza

    I made Spanish rice for the first time using this recipe and it turned out great! I made this for myself and 7 others and we all loved it. Thanks!


    When cooking congee, my mom also fries the rice just like frying the rice in your recipe. Maybe frying it before adding the cube will make the rice softer?


    So delicious. I added a few peas and corn and loved it. Thanks for sharing


    The best Spanish rice recipe. Ever. Thank you for sharing this recipe- it rocks!!!

      Kristyn Merkley

      Yay!!! I am so glad you think so! Thank you for trying it & for letting me know!


    Mexican rice is prepared differently here in South Texas but all rice is good! I would like to state, as a Mexican-American, that we come in all flavors and colors!

    Clara Rlley

    I love being on your list, but I have submitted my name and email to you but I don’t think I am on it. Sent it twice and nothing. Clara

    Karl Morley

    would it be ok to use the microwave rice as my scratch rice always goes wrong

      Kristyn Merkley

      I have not tried that, so personally, I do not know how that would change it up, but you definitely could try πŸ™‚


    Love this recipe, very flavorful and easy to make. Wanted to ask if you think it would be ok to cook the night before and put into tins to warm up in oven at very low temp the next day? Have too much to cook the day of the party and thought if I could get one dish done before hand that would be helpful. Appreciate any feedback you can provide.

      Kristyn Merkley

      I have not made it that far in advance. It might get a little dry, but I am just guessing. Really, I wouldn’t know until I tried. It could be ok πŸ™‚ I mean we eat it as leftovers, so it should be ok.


    I wish I could say how many Mexican rice recipes I’ve tried that were awful. This one was my last try, and I’m so glad I found it! This was really amazing, tasted just like (if not better than) my favorite Mexican restaurant, and was so easy. Thank you so much for sharing your mom’s recipe….it will live on with my family too for sure!

      Kristyn Merkley

      Awe, I am so happy to hear that!! I love that liked it πŸ™‚ Thank you for giving it a try & letting me know!


      right tracey! i was thinking the exact same thing. either they have too much stuff in them or just come.out so so.. for how simple this was, amazed how good it is.


    Loved this! I didn’t have tomato sauce, so I subbed 8 ounces of a thin, β€œno chunks,” jarred salsa from Trader Joe’s. Kept the seasoning a little lighter as a result, but otherwise followed the recipe exactly. It is delicious, and such an easy to make recipe!

    C. G.

    i made one cup size 1st time i tried this rice. it was just for me and tbh usually ive been disappointed with mexican rice recipes. this was so good the first time around, but i didnt have chicken stock or cubes and used 2 cups of vegetable stock and i just eyed the olive oil. probably 1/8th cup or less. still used 8oz can of tomato sauce and dash of cumin, cayanne, chile powder (i like with a kick). didnt have garlic so used dash of garlic powder.

    im making it again tonight but following the recipe and ill agree even 1/4th cup oil seems much. i found myself wiping it away with paper towel. i might just be finicky since the idea is to brown it. i used 3 cups chicken stock and 1 cup water. with the added oil from chicken stock and olive oil concerned itd have an oily texture. anyways it is still very good, but i personally think i liked it better with the veggie stock. lol funny how just cooking with what you have turns out great. amazing simple rice recipe that definitely is better and rivals restaurant’s ive been to. easy and quick prep. glad i came across it.


      it was a little oily. ill have to try it with chicken cubes and i think i liked it better before because 1cup rice to 8oz can seemed to mix better imo vs having the stock the more flavor. i need more tinkering with this since its all pur own preferences but still 5 stars

        Kristyn Merkley

        Thank you!! Yes, you can totally make it your own, since it is based on liking & preference.

      Kristyn Merkley

      Thank you for sharing that! That is what’s great about cooking..you can substitute, take out, add what you like.

    Patti Graham-Jensen

    OMG, NOT a fan of Spanish rice, but looked up your recipe and served it with enchiladas, SO FLIPPING GOOD! I followed the recipe with just a few tweaks(diced tomatoes and sauteed veg) Going to make this again as a base for my chile lime shrimp skewers. It came out PERFECTLY! Thank you for sharing this great recipe!😊

      Kristyn Merkley

      You are so welcome!! Thank you so much for trying it & letting me know. I am so glad you liked it.


    I don’t typically like rice but really liked this recipe. Was very easy and favorable. Went great with the Salsa Fresca Chicken. It makes so much, does it freeze well?

      Kristyn Merkley

      Yay, that makes me so happy to hear! Thank you for trying it & letting me know!


    I love love your Spanish rice recipe…so easy to make and the flavor is outstanding! However, I can never get my rice to be fluffy like yours, it sticks together. Any tips or maybe what specific products you use? I’m at my wits end!


      Kristyn Merkley

      Thank you!! I like to just give it one maybe 2 stirs, then at the end I fluff it with a fork. Too much oil can make it not fluff. Maybe leave it uncovered for a little bit at the end, so some of the liquid can evaporate. Hope that helps πŸ™‚

    Melanie @ Punjabi Desi Foods

    This is a good recipe and nearly exactly the way my Abuela from Zihuatanejo causes it to be I’m excited to try out some of the additional recipes Kristin! I really like your answers how everyone has gaps in their own kitchen and that you aren’t scared to step outside the box. Keep this up! For your”women” who bashed; pity you! What happened to others!

      Kristyn Merkley

      Thanks so much!! I’d love to know what you think of the rice when you try it πŸ™‚ Hope you like it!

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