Giant Halloween Poster

Hey it’s Kendra here! So Halloween is a BIG deal at our house! I mean like it’s my husbands favorite holiday  and we go all out on decorations!!! Last year I made a GIANT Halloween poster and it was so fun to use as a backdrop for photos and to decorate around! My little boy […]

Cinnamon Swirl Bread

Hey there, Lil’ Luna fans!  My name is Katie and I am the blogger behind The Casual Craftlete.  I am a wife and stay at home mom to our three year old daughter.  I started blogging in 2013 to give myself a creative outlet.  Some of the things you will find me sharing are easy diy/craft […]

Disneyland Packing List + Cars 3 Premiere

This post is sponsored by Kimberly-Clark. As always, all opinions, are 100% my own. Call me twisted, but a part of me was seriously excited for my kids to be home all day during summer break. I love my kids, and I love the thought of spending time with them. When the break came, however, […]

Homemade Salsa

Who doesn’t love Salsa? I grew up on the stuff (remember – I’m half Mexican!) I’ve always loved a great Homemade Salsa recipe and have tried so many different kinds growing up. I’ve also tried many recipes myself and have enjoyed them all but think I finally found the easiest and yummiest way to make […]

Salsa Verde + Gift Idea

I LOVE Salsa!! Ever since I moved to Texas I haven’t been able to find a Salsa I really like (insert sad face here). Back home we would always get El Sol Salsa found at Sam’s Club, which is made by some family friends. We LOVE it!! Since I haven’t been able to find any […]

Graduation Gift Card Holder Print

Graduation is right around the corner!! Can you believe it?! This is the time of year that we will start getting graduation announcements for college and high school from all our family friends. Although I’d love to make Money Leis for everyone, I just don’t have the time or patience so we give a lot […]

Square Cash + FREE Travel Packing List Print

Don’t miss a thing – Sign up for the Lil’ Luna Newsletter today! For once, I impressed my husband with some new tech that I found first! I love using technology to make things easier in my life, but I wouldn’t ever claim to be tech savvy. That is why my husband was so impressed […]

DIY Print and Color Calendars

We went to my son’s soccer game today, and the weather was absolutely gorgeous! I know I brag a lot about Arizona, but there is seriously nothing better than Arizona in the early spring. Unfortunately, that means that late spring and Summer are around the corner. Survival gets a little tougher then 😉 One of […]

St. Patrick’s Day I Spy Printable

Don’t miss a thing – Sign up for the Lil’ Luna Newsletter today! Hey, it’s me Lily again! Did you know St. Patrick’s Day is coming up?? It’s one of my favorite holidays, especially because of those trickster leprechauns. Did you know they always come to our house on March 17th and turn our playroom […]

No One Measures Up Gift – Valentine’s

Don’t miss a thing – Sign up for the Lil’ Luna Newsletter today! Where did January go?? And wasn’t it just Christmas yesterday?! I’m kind of feeling like the days are just slipping by way too quickly and now Valentine’s Day is just two weeks away. When did THAT happen?? Apparently it happened when I […]

Valentine Popcorn Treat and Tag

Don’t miss a thing – Sign up for the Lil’ Luna Newsletter today! Hi, it’s me Lily again! Remember last week when I shared some Butterfly Valentines? I got another Valentines idea for you today. If you like popcorn, I think you’re going to love this. Today’s post is for a Valentine Popcorn Treat and […]

Butterfly Valentines

Don’t miss a thing – Sign up for the Lil’ Luna Newsletter today! Hi, it’s me Lily again! It’s been a long time since we’ve been doing these blog posts. We took a break during winter break, but it’s great to be back!! Did you have a great Christmas and New Years? I definitely did. […]

Kisses Jar

Don’t miss a thing – Sign up for the Lil’ Luna Newsletter today! You guys know how much I LOVE Valentine’s Day! It’s one of my favorite holidays, and that’s not because I’ve always had a significant other to celebrate with. Every since I was little my mom would do so many fun things for […]

2017 Printable Calendar

I cannot believe that 2016 is almost over. Where did this year go?? Am I the only who thinks this year flew by?! I remember right after Christmas last year I was telling my husband how sad I was that Christmas was a whole year away, and he said it would be here again in […]

Christmas I Spy

Hey, it’s me Lily again. I had an awesome week!! My family went to Disneyland. My mom and dad asked us if we’d rather get presents for Christmas or if we’d rather go on a family trip to the Happiest Place on Earth. We chose Disneyland, so that’s where we were this weekend. I got […]

Christmas Placemat Printable

Can you believe that Christmas is almost here?! I can’t!! As the Christmas season ended last year, I remembering being so sad that I had to say goodbye to my favorite time of year. Fortunately, I was excited for the new year and knew that Christmas would be back in a jiffy. I was right, […]

Family House Rules Print + Give Please a Chance

This post is sponsored by JIMMY Patterson Books. As always, all opinions are 100% my own. One of the first things we try to teach out children is PLEASE and THANK YOU. They are such important words and phrases, and not only show respect but teach manners. It seems that kids tend to ask for more […]

FREE New Years Party Prints

Happy new year! Can you believe that in less than 2 months we will be celebrating another year.  My time sure does go by fast with little ones under my feet, dace classes to attend, meals to prepare, messes to clean, and of course shows to watch #gottawatchmyshows.   I call it my gotta-sit-down-and-think-about-nothing-time. Hello […]

Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt

One of our favorite holiday traditions is to drive around and look at the lights in the neighborhood. We thought we’d make it even more fun by creating this hunt for the kids to do while we drove around. My kids love a challenge so we knew they’d love this game as well. From snowflakes […]

Editable New Year’s Invitations

Hi Everyone! Jenny Raulli from Bloom Designs here to share editable New Year’s Invitations with you.  That’s right just five shorts weeks until we ring in 2017.  Although I’m sure your list of to do’s between now and the end of the year is a mile long, I would highly suggest hosting a New Year’s […]

Share Spend Save Piggy Bank + No Baby Unhugged

This post is sponsored by Huggies. As always, all opinions, are 100% my own. I had the amazing opportunity to go to Chicago a few weeks ago to attend the 2016 Huggies Parents Council. I knew I would be meeting people from Huggies, the PR agency as well as some other bloggers, but I didn’t […]

Guess the Christmas Carol Game

I LOVE Christmas, and I especially love Christmas games! A few years ago, we attended a church Christmas party and I was in charge of coming up with a game that everyone could play. Seemed pretty easy but then I realized it’s not so easy to do when you have over 150 people involved. I ended […]

25 Christmas Family Activities

December is my FAVORITE month of the year! So much music. So much yummy food. So many traditions. The list goes on and on, and I couldn’t be happier about it. I know it’s kinda crazy and busy and can be stressful, but I try to do as much as I can to make it […]

25 Days of Service

Oh, Christmas – I LOVE YOU!! This time of year makes me giddy with excitement!! Yes, the scents, the decor, the music are all wonderful, but more than anything I love the FEELING of Christmas time. It’s a happy feeling… a more Christ-like feeling. People tend to be a little nicer and do more for […]