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FREE Thanksgiving Prints to help you plan and prepare for Turkey Day. A menu planner, cooking schedule and even leftovers tags to attach to containers for guests to take food home in.

We love Thanksgiving, and with so much food involved, we like to be prepped for the big day. For more prints to help out, be sure to check out: Thanksgiving color pages and these Thanksgiving printable placemats for kids. Also check out our Thanksgiving menu ideas!

FREE Thanksgiving Prints - menu template, cooking schedule, leftover tags

Free Thanksgiving Menu Template

I think we all know that as much fun as the holidays are – they’re also kinda crazy!

It’s a busy time of year, there are gatherings galore and lots of food to make. With that in mind, we wanted to make on of the best holidays, Thanksgiving, a little more easy for you by offering a few free printables to help out!

Not only do we have a Thanksgiving menu template, but we also have a cooking schedule as well as some leftover tags to attach to containers for guests to take the extra food home. Very convenient – am I right?

{Scroll to the bottom to download each of the prints}

Thanksgiving menu template printable

Menu Planner

Planning the menu is probably the most stressful part of the Thanksgiving – but it shouldn’t have to be that hard.

With our planner, you can keep track of the amount of people coming, figure out what you will be doing for decor or “extras”, making the menu along with assignments as well as creating a shopping list for all the things you will be making.

TIP: Be sure to figure out the menu earlier in November and not the week of Thanksgiving. Many items tend to sell out, and there are many things you can buy ahead of time that you can freeze, like:

  • Meats (turkey, ham etc.)
  • Hash browns (for potato casseroles like Funeral Potatoes)
  • Frozen Veggies for sides
  • Cheeses – Shredded
  • Dessert ingredients (and desserts like pies)
  • Juice concentrates (for drinks)

Other items that can be stored in the fridge or pantry for at least a week, include:

  • Dips
  • Crackers
  • Canned Goods
  • Cheeses (for boards and appetizers)
  • Candies (for guests to munch on)

Thanksgiving Cooking Schedule template

Stay on Track

We know that they day before and the day of Thanksgiving can be crazy prepping with food, but this Thanksgiving schedule template can help you stay on track.

FIRST – be sure to print off all your recipes the week before Thanksgiving. Use that to add to your shopping list above, and then the weekend before, make your schedule making notes of the recipes that can be made in advance and which ones need to be made the day of.

Just as a little tip, we try to make sure we have a variety of recipes that can be cooked different (stovetop, oven, Instant Pop) so that you aren’t overloading any of the appliances or try to bake too many things at once. It’s also good to make food assignments based off of how they are cooked so not any one person is left with 4 things to bake at the same time.

NOTE: We have prints that have times listed as well as another with no times listed. 😉 

Thanksgiving leftover tags

In case you have leftovers…

Usually, by the end of Thanksgiving, everyone is stuffed and filled to the brims. There is typically loads of food that hasn’t been eaten and everyone wants leftovers.

These Thanksgiving leftover tags are a great thing to print and cut out to attach to containers for guests to take leftovers in.

We love having these out so that there isn’t too much food left at the house and so that everyone can the goodness home to enjoy later.

We have orange and white tags, so be sure to download the ones you want to use.

We hope this Thanksgiving menu template and schedule can help you out with all the craziness that happens next week. We all know that things get busy and hectic, but there really is nothing better gathering with family to spend time chatting and enjoying one another’s company. 😀


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