Kitchen Rules Printable

FREE Kitchen Rules Printable - so cute!! Print and stick in a frame for a cute kitchen decor piece.

Hi guys! Kendra here from Kendra John Designs. I’m happy to be here with you guys sharing a fun new printable!

My family and I recently built a new house. Man was the process SO MUCH fun but it was also challenging, exhausting, difficult … and there was like a billion decisions to make. I would bet that anyone who has built a house would agree. SO MUCH FUN and so crazy all at once! Ultimately we LOVE our new home and our decision to build!

I would say that my main focus while building our house was on the KITCHEN. Kitchens are like the heart of a home. So when Kristyn and I were talking about what kind of printable I should design and share with you guys when she suggested a Kitchen Rules print I jumped at it! I designed this art print with a place in my own kitchen in mind.

I hope you guys like it too! I went with a black and white color scheme so it can match a broader range of kitchens. It would also look cute it a fun colored frame!

I hope you enjoy!!! 

FREE Kitchen Rules Printable - so cute!! Print and stick in a frame for a cute kitchen decor piece.

** I get a lot of questions about the fonts I use in my designs. I talk about the fonts I use in this FONTS post.



How cute is this print?! Can’t wait to add it to my kitchen!

Thanks, Kendra!

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My name is Kendra and I am a wife, mom, and graphic designer! Photoshop is where I love to create! I have been blogging and designing for 9 years.

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  1. Love This!! I would really love to know the fonts you used. The link above about the fonts you use doesn’t work. I would really appreciate it!!

  2. Hello thanks for the kitchen printable. It is simple and lovely! Made an extra copy to share with my sister. It doesn’t hurt for our little ones and young adults to look up and be reminded of good morals to obtain. It builds good character.
    Be blessed!

  3. hi i love to download the kitchen rules but im not receiving the email, thank you very much for this. love it!! i just subscribed!