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These Free Printable Christmas Games are great for the whole family. Download the free printable games for holiday fun!

Free Printable Christmas Games can be used at office parties, classroom parties, church or community Christmas parties, and more. For more Christmas party favorites, try our popular Saran Wrap Ball Game and Christmas Trivia Games!


Several free printable Christmas games for downloading.

Other Holiday Game Ideas

Some of these printable Christmas party games are great for large groups and holiday parties, others are perfect for individual play. Consider the type of party you wish to host and who will be attending.

Pick 2-3 different types of games that may appeal to the various party guests. Here are some other games that are so much fun to play this holiday season (check out the ones we have posts about):

A picture of the are you santa free printable christmas game.

“Are You Santa?”

Printable games can be, but don’t need to be done within a structured period of time and are great to have available throughout the party for people to fill out at their leisure. This fun game is geared more toward older kids and adults (it might be challenging for younger party-goers).

Take a moment during the middle or end of the party to announce who accumulated the most points on the “Are you Santa?” game. It may be fun to have a Santa-related prize for the winner. 

A picture of the survey says free printable Christmas game.

Survey Says

The party host writes down their top 3 answers for each question in no particular order. During the party, have the guests fill out their survey sheet. When it’s time to tally the points, the host reads out their three answers. If any answers match the hosts, the guest records the number of points on the line next to their answers.

  • For example “Name a popular Christmas Cookie Shape”
  • The Host wrote: Tree, Stocking, Star
  • On the answer page, the guest wrote: (5 points) star, (3 points) tree, (1 point) gingerbread man. They would earn 8 points.
A picture of Christmas scattegories free printable Christmas game.

Christmas Scattergories

This game is best when played during a structured time period. You can play a single round, but I suggest printing out 2-3 pages per person; that way you can play the game using different letters and then add your points up for each round. Purchase a prize for the winner.

If you have the game Scattergories you can borrow the alphabet dice and timer from the game box to use for this Christmas game. If you don’t, then write the letters A-P, R-U, and W on different slips of paper. Fold the slips and put them in a hat. Use any timer you have available. 

Here are the instructions for gameplay:

  1. Pass the game sheet(s) and a pen or pencil to each player.
  2. Pick a letter from the hat.
  3. Set the time for 3 minutes, or less to make it trickier.
  4. The answers to every question must start with the drawn letter. Keep in Mind:
    • The, A or An do not count. If the letter is “A” and you’re answering “Something you want for Christmas” you cannot get a point for “A Ball”.
    • You cannot use adjectives. If the letter is “D” you cannot write “Dumb Socks” as an answer for “Something you’d Regift”. 
    • You can earn extra points for alliteration (multiple words using the same letter). For example, if the letter is “K” and your answer for “Something you find in Santa’s Sleigh” is “Kris Kringle” then you would receive 2 points. 
  5. When the timer ends players must stop writing answers.
  6. Each player announces their answer for each question. Tally up your points.
  7. Pick a new letter and play another round.

How to tally points:

  • Going through one question at a time, players take turns reading out their answers. If someone else wrote the same answer, then you must both cross it off and you do not receive a point. 
  • You get 1 point for each answer plus any points for using alliteration.
A picture of the Christmas candy matching free printable Christmas game.

“Christmas Candy”

Printables are fun for all ages but may be more of a challenge for younger kids. Once you announce the answers you might consider having prizes available if playing it with a younger group.

This game can be played within a time frame or available throughout the party for people to work on until it’s time to announce the answers.

Several free printable Christmas games ready for download.


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