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Crockpot appetizers are a great snack to prepare for parties. Dips and meatballs are our go-to’s and I have some tasty recipes that are sure to get the party started!

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Collage of crockpot appetizer recipes.

We Love Slow Cooker Apps!

If you’re anything like me, you’re scrambling around trying to get ALL the party preparations ready the day of.

What if I told you I had something that could make it a *little* easier?!

Why we love crockpot appetizers:

  • Saves time. Use the crockpot to keep appetizers warm throughout your event. 
  • Saves space. Using a crock pot is a great way to free up some time for other party and dinner preparations.
  • Delicious. Of course, these all taste great!

All of these are great for your next game day or party.

Image of a crock pot.

Crock Pot vs Slow cooker

All crock pots are slow cookers, but not all slow cookers are crock pots. These kitchen tools are very similar and are often used interchangeably.

It’s important to note that I also use these terms interchangeably and that when I use the term slow cooker I am referring to crock pots that cook slowly. So what is the difference?

  • Slow cookers are typically metal pots that sit on a heated surface or plate. It is much like cooking on a stovetop.
  • Crock pots act more like an oven. They’re usually ceramic pots that sit in a heating element that surrounds all sides.

Best kind of slow cookers to Use

Here are a few crock pots, with great reviews, you can find on Amazon:

  • This Mini Crock Pot is 1.5 quarts with a manual dial and 4 settings.
  • This Triple Slow Cooker Buffet has three 1.5 quart bowls, each with its manual temperature dials.
  • This Crock Pot is 6 quarts, portable with a locking lid, and has a manual dial with 4 settings.
  • This Crock-Pot is 6 quarts, programmable, and has a digital timer.
Crock pot meatballs served on a white plate as a party appetizer.

Best practices for crock pots

  • Meat. Seafood, lean meat, frozen meat, and meat that has the skin on should not be slow-cooked.
  • Grains. Pasta and rice will become gluey when cooked for too long. Take care to precook and add it at the end of the cooking time.
  • Veggies. Add delicate vegetables (like green onions) at the end as they tend to get limp and soggy with prolonged cooking, unless it’s a tomato, and soft is what you want.
  • Dairy. All dairy should be added in the last 30 minutes of cooking time or it tends to curdle and separate.
  • Spice. For more spice add hotter ingredients at the beginning. The longer they are cooked, the hotter they will become. For a mild dish, add the spicier ingredients toward the end of the cooking time.
  • Seasoning. Be sure to season for a little sweet or savory!! Salt, garlic, ginger, soy sauce, bbq sauce, ranch dressing, ketchup, buffalo wing sauce, brown sugar, Worcestershire sauce, or whatever your flavor profile requires.

Keep These Tips in Mind

  • Too much liquid dilutes the taste of the dish.
  • Food on the bottom tends to cook faster than those on top. Unless otherwise directed, place meat in first, then add vegetables on top.
  • Prepare ingredients the night before and keep them in the fridge. Toss them in the crock pot in the morning and come home to a warm meal.
Crockpot Buffalo Dip garnished with blue cheese crumbles and diced green onions in a black crock.

Crock Pot Tips

HIGH on a crock pot is about 300°F. LOW is about 200°F. One hour on high equals about 2 to 2½ hours on low.

  • Crockpot size. Many appetizer dishes, like dips, won’t need a large crock pot. Ideally, fill your pot ½-¾ of the way for the best cook. 
  • Warm setting. Once the dish has been cooked, switch the setting to warm otherwise the food can overcook. It is not recommended to use the warm setting for longer than 4 hours.
  • Transporting. A crock pot with a locking lid makes it super easy to transport food without spills or lost heat. (Just make sure the lid is NOT locked while cooking food). The warm setting is great for keeping appetizers warm while transporting or serving them at a party.
  • Dippables. For serving dips try veggies like carrots, celery sticks, and broccoli. Tortilla Chips, pita chips, and crackers are perfect for any creamy slow cooker Queso or cream cheese Artichoke Dip. Even little Smokies and sticky Chicken Wings are perfectly dippable!

Best Crock Pot Appetizers

The two types of crock pot appetizers I mostly have on the site are dips (like our favorite Pizza Dip), Meatballs, and of course our Beanie Weenies!

Dips and meatballs are two of the easiest things you can toss in your slow cooker and not even have to think about it! Plus, both classics can even be served in the crock pot, which keeps them warm for your entire party.

**The following recipes are either made in the crock pot or have instructions on how to make them in the crock pot.

1 Crock Pot Bean Dip Recipe

Appetizer Crock Pot Bean Dip Recipe
Total Time: 2 hours 5 minutes
5 from 40 votes
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2 Crock Pot Artichoke Dip Recipe

Appetizer Crock Pot Artichoke Dip Recipe
Total Time: 1 hour 10 minutes
5 from 27 votes
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3 Crockpot Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipe

Appetizer Crockpot Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipe
Total Time: 30 minutes
5 from 11 votes
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4 Crockpot Spinach Artichoke Dip Recipe

Appetizer Crockpot Spinach Artichoke Dip Recipe
Total Time: 1 hour 10 minutes

Recipe Video

5 from 145 votes
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5 Grape Jelly Meatball Recipe

Appetizer, Main Course Grape Jelly Meatball Recipe
Total Time: 3 hours 10 minutes

Recipe Video

5 from 132 votes
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6 Crockpot Meatballs Recipe

Appetizer Crockpot Meatballs Recipe
Total Time: 4 hours 5 minutes

Recipe Video

5 from 213 votes
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7 Beanie Weenies

Appetizer Beanie Weenies
Total Time: 50 minutes
5 from 18 votes
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8 Asian Meatballs recipe

Appetizer Asian Meatballs recipe
Total Time: 3 hours 10 minutes
5 from 24 votes
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9 BBQ Meatballs Recipe

Main Course BBQ Meatballs Recipe
Total Time: 6 hours 5 minutes
5 from 10 votes
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Can Be Made in the Crock Pot

These appetizers can easily be made in a crockpot. It’s time to get your dip on and free up time for other preparations!!

10 Pineapple Meatballs Recipe

Appetizer Pineapple Meatballs Recipe
Total Time: 15 minutes
5 from 21 votes
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11 Sausage Cream Cheese Dip Recipe

Appetizer, Snack Sausage Cream Cheese Dip Recipe
Total Time: 10 minutes
4.95 from 19 votes
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12 Chicken Enchilada Dip Recipe

Appetizer, Side Dish Chicken Enchilada Dip Recipe
Total Time: 35 minutes
5 from 10 votes
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13 Bean Dip Recipe

Appetizer Bean Dip Recipe
Total Time: 30 minutes

Recipe Video

5 from 378 votes
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14 Tamale Dip Recipe

Appetizer Tamale Dip Recipe
Total Time: 50 minutes
5 from 12 votes
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15 Crack Chicken Dip Recipe

Appetizer Crack Chicken Dip Recipe
Total Time: 25 minutes
5 from 14 votes
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16 Chili Cheese Dip Recipe

Appetizer Chili Cheese Dip Recipe
Total Time: 10 minutes
5 from 14 votes
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17 Hamburger Dip Recipe

Appetizer Hamburger Dip Recipe
Total Time: 2 hours 10 minutes
5 from 52 votes
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18 Hot Corn Dip

Appetizer Hot Corn Dip
Total Time: 30 minutes

Recipe Video

5 from 17 votes
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19 Mexican Bean Dip

Appetizer, Side Dish Mexican Bean Dip
Total Time: 30 minutes

Recipe Video

5 from 7 votes
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A Fav in the Crock Pot

We love Hamburger Dip, and we love to serve it in the crock pot.

Since we like to have several appetizers at our gatherings, we like making sure at least one can be in the slow cooker. Not only does it free up the stove and oven, but it’s just so simple.

Here is the recipe:

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15+ Crock Pot Appetizers – Hamburger Dip + MORE

By: Lil’ Luna
A cheesy, hearty dip made with only 4 ingredients—this Savory Hamburger dip is always a hit at parties and perfect served in the crock pot
Servings: 6
Prep: 10 minutes
Cook: 2 hours
Total: 2 hours 10 minutes


  • 1 pound ground beef seasoned with salt, pepper and garlic
  • 1 jar medium chunky pace salsa
  • 1-2 (10-ounce) cans rotel tomatoes with green chiles
  • 1 small block velveeta cheese
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  • Cook and season beef, drain and keep in pan.
  • Pour salsa in a blender and mix until smooth (this is an optional step, skip if you like the chunks)
  • After meat is cooked and salsa is blended, place all ingredients in crock pot on med-high for at least 2 hours or until melted together.


Calories: 214kcal, Carbohydrates: 5g, Protein: 14g, Fat: 15g, Saturated Fat: 5g, Cholesterol: 53mg, Sodium: 144mg, Potassium: 404mg, Fiber: 1g, Sugar: 3g, Vitamin A: 145IU, Vitamin C: 6.3mg, Calcium: 37mg, Iron: 2.4mg

Nutrition information is automatically calculated, so should only be used as an approximation.

Additional Info

Course: Appetizer
Cuisine: American
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Make it Low and Slow!

These slow cooker appetizers are sure to be a hit with your guests at your next potluck, super bowl party, or family event!

Be sure to check out all of our Appetizer Recipes!

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