2022 Holiday Gift Guide

We’ve created 12 lists to help you find just the right Christmas gifts for everyone on your nice list.

2022 Lil' Luna Gift Guide for everyone on your list.

12 Lists of Christmas

It’s the most wonderful (and busiest!) time of the year!

I love Christmas, but I don’t love the stress that comes with running from one crowded store to another trying to find the perfect gift for everyone on my list.

Over the years, I’ve learned that Christmas shopping can consume the holiday season when all I really want to be doing is making gingerbread cookies with my kids, drinking mint hot chocolate by the fire with my hubby or enjoying a holiday meal with family and friends.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with figuring out what to get everyone on your list, you’ve come to the right place!

As our gift to you, we’ve compiled 12 lists for everyone you’re shopping for that include the BEST gifts. And, to make it extra easy, all of the items are on Amazon which means you don’t even have to leave your house to get your shopping done.

Less running around means more time with family and friends, and less stress means more holiday cheer.

So sit back, click away and enjoy your holiday season!

1. All I Want for Christmas

Are you ever caught off guard when someone asks YOU what you want for Christmas?

Kids usually have their wish lists made out well in advance, but, as adults, we sometimes don’t even know what we want.

Well, this year I’m going to be prepared when someone asks me what I want. I already made a list of all the things I want, and you are more than welcome to use my list to make your own.

This is also a great list to use when shopping for any women including moms, sisters, aunts, cousins, friends, coworkers, teachers and neighbors.

Here are some of my favorites on the list:

  • SOSUSHOE Women’s Slippers – These slippers are cute and comfy! They are lined with fur, have memory foam soles insoles and also have rubber soles which means I can wear them outside.
  • Saranoni Oversized Blanket – This blanket is super soft, very warm and big enough to share. And, it comes in a variety of colors to choose from.
  • 23 and Me – I am so excited to (hopefully) get and use this genetic DNA test. It tells you about your ancestry and what that means for your health.
  • DAMA Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard – I’ve started paddle boarding in recent years, and I am in love! This paddle board is stylish, well-made and comes with everything you need for a fun paddle boarding experience.

2. Christmas Gifts for HIM

Why is it sometimes so hard to shop for husbands or the men in our lives?

Maybe it’s because between Father’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas, we feel like we’ve exhausted our ideas of what to get for these guys.

If you’re feeling the same way, no worries! We’ve got you covered with our Christmas Gifts for HIM idea list.

It has some great gift suggestions that we promise the guys in your life will love!

Here are some of our favorites on this list:

  • CHAOREN Ratchet Belt – This is my husband’s favorite belt. He likes that it’s adjustable for any size, easy to use and super stylish. It’s made out of real leather and is well made.
  • Gonex Pickleball Set – Pickleball has gotten so popular recently. This pickleball set comes with paddles, balls and a carrying case. The paddles are lightweight and have a good grip. This is a high-quality set for a decent price.
  • Philips Norelco Rechargeable Shaver – This electric shaver is the best! It adjusts to the curves of a man’s face and (I’ve heard) it’s comfortable to use. Men can use it with or without water–even in the shower if they want to. It has a pop-up trimmer for trimming facial hair or sideburns. This one is a good one!
  • Spikeball Pro Kit – Whenever we bring our Spikeball set somewhere, the men always gather round. They love this game! And this set is top-notch quality. It’s durable and made to last.

3. For Kids – 7 and Under

Let’s be honest…little kids are the most fun to buy gifts for! They’re happy with just about anything (including the box sometimes). But, as a parent, I am looking for certain characteristics in toys.

I want toys that are high quality and will last, inspire creative or active play, promote learning and thinking, and will keep my kids engaged for long periods of time.

If you are looking for toys with similar characteristics, you need to check out our Christmas gift idea list for kids 7 and under. It has the BEST toys that will your kids will love not just Christmas morning but that they will go back to playing with again and again.

These are some of the items on the list we especially love:

  • Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Camera – This camera is so fun! Kids get to try their hand at photography and the pictures print out instantly. Plus, this camera kit comes with a case, an album and all sorts of fun accessories kids can use to decorate their photos.
  • EzyRoller Classic Ride On – Your kids will be the talk of the neighborhood with this ride-on toy! They can zig zag the streets with this smooth-riding, well-built ride on all without using their hands.
  • Meland Kids Camping Set – This camping set is intended to be used indoors for pretend play, but, with how fun it is, don’t be surprised if your kids try to sneak some of the toys on your next family camping trip. It comes with 30 pieces including a tent and toy campfire and lantern that really light up.
  • Tovla Jr. Kids Cooking and Baking Set – Here at Lil’ Luna, we believe in starting them young! That explains why we fell in love with this adorable cooking and baking set for kids. It includes so many of the kitchen essentials that they need to start whipping up all sorts of yummy food. It even includes a cookbook!

4. For Kids – 8 and Older

It gets a little trickier to know what to buy kids as they get older. A lot of teens will ask for expensive electronics or money, but there are so many other great options.

Our idea list for kids 8 and older is packed with great gifts to give those older kids who seem hard to shop for.

Some of the gifts we think they’ll especially like are

  • Magneto Kicktail Cruiser Longboard – Your big kids will love cruisin’ the streets on this surf-inspired longboard. The deck is made out of bamboo with a maple core, making it stylish and strong. It comes in different designs and wheel colors.
  • Razor A5 Lux Kick Scooter – This scooter is built to last! It has large urethane wheels that provide a fast and smooth ride. The height is adjustable, making it perfect for any size rider. Your kids will love it!
  • Bluetooth Speaker – This device has it all: bluetooth speaker, night light, wireless charging station, phone holder and more! The color-changing lights are especially fun. Any teen/preteen would be stoked to get this for Christmas!
  • SISIGAD Hoverboard – This hoverboard is so cool (and we think your kids will think so too)! It has wheels that light up and built-in bluetooth speakers. It’s self-balancing and comes in a variety of colors.

5. For the Parents/Grandparents

What do you get for the parents and grandparents in your life who seem to have everything they could ever want (at least those things that are within your budget)?

It may seem like they already have everything, but we promise they don’t!

We’ve got some new and exciting gift ideas that we just know they will love.

Here’s a sneak peek of a few of the items on the list:

  • Scuddles Garden Tools Set – This gardening set is the cutest! It includes a collapsible bucket, gloves and all the tools you need to garden. This gift would be a hit for any parent/grandparent who enjoys gardening.
  • Nixplay Smart Digital Photo Frame – This digital photo frame has so many cool features. Family and friends can send photos and videos that will appear in the frame. It can display photos horizontally and vertically and will auto rotate photos so they’re always facing the correct way. The smartsensor wakes the frame when you enter the room and sleeps the frame when you leave. So cool!
  • Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager – Who doesn’t love a good massage? This machine is amazing! It has 8 different massage modes and 3 different intensity levels. It also has the option to use heat. It’s the perfect gift for anyone with sore muscles.
  • 23 and Me – We know…this is also on our “All I Want for Christmas” list, but it’s so good we had to mention it again. This would make a great gift for any parents or grandparents in your life. They’ll love learning about their ancestry and how that affects their health.

6. White Elephant Gifts

Over here at Lil’ Luna, we are huge fans of white elephant parties!

If you are hosting or attending a white elephant party this year and want to get the best reactions from the gift you bring, check out our White Elephant Gifts idea list.

It includes some of the most fun, funny and original ideas. (We also added a few practical ideas for good measure.)

We promise your fellow party-goers will get a kick out of these unique gifts!

Here are some of our favorites:

  • A AIFAMY 3D Dad Beer Belly Fanny Pack – This fanny pack is hilarious! The beer belly looks so real and will have your friends and family roaring with laughter. We promise this gift will get stolen!
  • Elf Onesie – This elf onesie is fun and festive. It even has some jingle bells attached. Whoever takes this home will know just the thing to wear to the next Christmas party! 😉
  • Shark Mask – Your fellow party-goers will get a kick out of this mask! It’s original and fun and easy to slip on. Who wouldn’t want to wear it?
  • Bacon Lovers Set – Everyone loves bacon, right? How about bacon bandages, bacon air freshener, bacon lip balm, an “I Heart Bacon” can cooler and an “I Love Bacon” bracelet? Well, it’s all included in this set and we guarantee it will result in lots of laughter!

7. For the Cook and Baker

Are you shopping for someone who loves cooking and baking? If so, we’re excited, because we do too!

When it comes to finding the best cooking and baking items, we know our stuff!

After buying and trying all sorts of kitchen tools and gadgets, we’ve determined the best items out there.

These are some of the items we especially love:

  • Doughmakers Grand Cookie Sheet – This is the best cookie sheet around, and we think anyone who likes baking will agree. It’s extra big, made out of high-quality aluminum and bakes evenly. It’s a keeper!
  • KitchenAid Ultra Power Hand Mixer – A hand mixer is a kitchen essential and this one knocks it out of the park! It is powerful and durable. It has 5 speeds, making it the perfect tool for any mixing job.
  • Jenaluca Cookie Scoop Set – Cookie scoops make it so quick and easy to get your dough onto the cookie sheet. This set comes with three different-sized scoops so you can choose the size of cookies you want. And, bonus: this set comes in a pretty box so you don’t even have to wrap it if you don’t want to.
  • Funnel Cake Kit – Funnel cakes are so yummy, but they can be tricky to make. This kit makes it so easy to make these delicious desserts. This would be a fun gift for anyone who enjoys cooking!

8. For the Homebody

We all have that friend, family member or co-worker who would rather stay in than go out any night of the week. You know…the one who firmly believes “there’s no place like home”?

Well, we’ve compiled a list of gift ideas that are sure to make that homebody in your life feel comfy, cozy and relaxed. And we might just have to snatch a few of these items for ourselves because sometimes we are the homebodies too!

Here are some of our homebody favorites:

  • Yescool Blanket Hoodie – A blanket and hoodie in one? Does it get any better than that for the homebody? This one is super soft, has pockets and is reasonable priced. It’s oversized, making it easy to get on and off.
  • Cleverfy Shower Steamers – Your friend will have no need to go to the spa when you give her this 6 pack of aromatherapy shower steamers. Each steamer is a different scent and contains essential oils. They make for the most relaxing and rejuvenating showers!
  • Vekkia Reading & Bed Rest Pillow – This pillow offers great support for your shoulders and back while trying to lay at an incline. It’s perfect when you’re reading, watching TV or using a laptop or your phone. It’s super soft and comfy and even has a little pocket on the side.
  • Land O’ Lakes Cocoa Classics Variety Pack – Does anything speak love to the homebody like hot cocoa does? This pack includes 4 different flavors and is perfect for Christmas time!

9. For the Techy Person

How about the person in your life who, like Kip from Napoleon Dynamite, loves technology? What do you get him/her?

It’s hard to keep up with the latest gadgets and gismos in the tech world that don’t come with a hefty price tag, but have no fear!

We’ve done the research for you and have found some great gifts for the techy person in your life that won’t break the bank.

Here are some that stand out to us:

  • Mini Projector – This mini projector is awesome! It’s compatible with a variety of devices. The picture is crisp and the sound is loud and clear. The techy person on your list will love watching movies with this projector!
  • GoPro HERO10 Black – This one is pricey, but it’s A-MAZING! It has so many cool features including its waterproof camera, front and LCD rear screens, touch screens, live streaming, webcam and stabilization.
  • Hercules Tuff Charging Station – This charging station can charge up to six devices at the same time. It has quick charge and is small enough to take with you. It’s basically a tech lover’s dream!This model has an especially fast processor and produces high-resolution photos.
  • NOCO GENIUS1 Automatic Smart Charger – This gadget is small but mighty! It can charge batteries and is great to hand on hand for emergencies. And, good news, it’s not too pricey!

10. For the Traveler

We love to travel and have discovered some tried and true must-have travel items.

If you know someone who travels a lot and is on your Christmas shopping list this year, make sure you check out our “For the Traveler” idea list. It’s packed with items that the traveler in your life will just love.

These are some of the items on the list that we especially like:

  • BAGSMART Toiletry Bag – This bag is so handy when traveling! It has four different compartments that provide plenty of space for all of your toiletries and a 360 degree hook so you can hang it up. It folds up into a small, convenient bag with handles, making it easy to transport. The traveler on your list will love this bag!
  • LOVEVOOK Quilted Laptop Backpack – This laptop bag is not only convenient but also super cute! It comes in a variety of colors. We love that you can wear this laptop bag like a backpack, making it easy to carry. It has lots of space for other items as well.
  • Anker PowerCore Charger – This charger is incredible! It can charge up to three devices–including a laptop–at the same time. It charges extremely fast and is convenient to carry on the go.
  • 4 Pack Pill Case – This pill case is so helpful when traveling! Each case comes with 10 different compartments that you can use for pills and vitamins or other small items like jewelry. It keeps small items organized, is made of lightweight but quality material and doesn’t take up much space in your luggage.

11. For the Sports/Outdoors Lover

How about the sports fanatics or adventurers on your list? Are you stumped by what to get them?

We’ve got some ideas! Our list is filled with the best-rated products that all sports or outdoors enthusiasts would be thrilled to get this Christmas.

Here are some of our favorites:

  • Osprey Daylight Plus Daypack – Osprey is one of the most reliable brands in the outdoor/sporting business and this pack doesn’t disappoint! This is by far the best pack we’ve used for day hikes. It’s not too big and not too small but just right.
  • Owala Free Sip 32-Ounce Insulated Water Bottle – Do you like to sip or swig? We want the option to do both and this water bottle fits the bill. You can sip through the built in removable straw or swig through the wide mouth open spout.
  • Portable Solar Phone Charger and Lantern – Stay connected in the wilderness with this handy solar powered phone, expandable camping lantern and backup battery all in one. A lightweight 10 oz, it will last for approximately 100 hours on low light mode. It packs down to 1″ thick making it easy to carry or store, but expands into a 6″ cube to diffuse light.
  • LED Rechargeable Camping Lantern – This multi-function lantern is not only great for camping trips but is a great tool to keep in your vehicle for emergency situations. It also has two detachable flashlights and a built in compass.

12. Best Family Gifts

Sometimes we love to buy gifts for a whole family rather than individual gifts for each member of that family. It brings the family together and is a whole lot less expensive.

Games are one of favorite family gifts to give, but we’ve got other ideas too.

These are some of the ideas we especially love:

  • Kan Jam – Even if you are a frisbee novice this game is fun for all ages! If you are tired of the same ol’ backyard horseshoe and cornhole games give this one a try. It won’t disappoint! We love that it’s portable and lightweight.
  • Cover Your Kingdom – This fun family game is an adaptation to the wildly popular game, Cover Your Assets (also on our list) but this version adds layers of new strategy and fun without much added complexity. It’s perfect for families of all ages and for parties too!
  • Roundfire Tabletop Fire Pit – Take the campfire inside with your own personal fire pit! You can even cook s’mores or marshmallows without your clothes having to smell smokey. What could be better than that!
  • Nostalgia Countertop Snow Cone Maker – This snow cone maker is perfect for kids birthday parties and fun get togethers! It can hold up to 20 snow cones at a time an fits easily on your countertop.

Well there you have it. Some of our all-time favorite things that we love to get and give as Christmas presents. We hope this 2022 Holiday Gift Guide will help give you some fun and unique gift ideas for the loved ones on your list!

Be sure to check out all of our lists on our Amazon Storefront.

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