Our Family Forever Board

Our Family Forever Board on { lilluna.com }

Embellished OFF Board

Craft Nite Pics:

Several years ago I saw a sign at a craft store that I fell in LOVE with. I took a pic with my phone to show the hubby hoping he would buy it for me. Unfortunately, the store closed and I never got the sign. Boo!! I was able to get in touch with them to try and find out who made the sign to try and get it but they couldn’t give me any information. I decided to make it myself because I loved it so much.
Since then everyone who comes to my home sees the sign and wants to make one too. I don’t blame them because it’s a constant reminder that Families are FOREVER.
 I decided I would make this one of the Lil’ Luna Craft Nites so those people could make it for half the cost. We ended up making about 35 of them at last month’s craft nite and here’s how we did it…


-Cabinet Door
-Paint (2 colors)
-Foam Brush
-Wood Blocks
-Staple Gun
-Gorilla Glue

To embellish even more, you will need:
-Wood Block (3 x 11.5 inches)
-Scrapbook paper
-Mod Podge


1. Begin by painting your board (You can find these at Goodwill, Building & Supply Stores, Salvage Yards or the like) with craft paint. Once dry, sand edges for a distressed look if desired.

(Following pics are for the more embellished look)

2. While board is drying, paint your wood blocks a different color so that the “FOREVER” pops out more. Let dry. (For a more embellished look, add scrapbook paper to your blocks by tracing onto the back of scrapbook paper, cutting out and mod podging to the front of the blocks.

3. Add vinyl to the center of the board with the quote.

4. Add “FOREVER” vinyl to the wood blocks.

5. Use Gorilla Glue to add wood blocks to the board in the spaces available to have it spell out FOREVER. Hot Glue works as well, but it isn’t as strong as Gorilla Glue.

6. Add ribbon to board, and you’ve got yourself an AMAZING Home Decor Craft that will surely be admired by everyone who sees it! :)

Our Family Forever Board

{UPDATED 7.5.12}

Our Family Forever Board on { lilluna.com }

I’ve made a smaller and easier sign of this saying since 2010.

This one I did by using vinyl as a stencil. I cut a 12 inch x 24 inch board.

I painted the board the color I want the text to be (in this case white). Let dry. Then I designed my vinyl making sure I had a little more space around the letters that spell FOREVER. I weeded it and then cut out the letters that spell FOREVER (I cut a rectangle around those letters).

Then I laid down the vinyl and spray painted it the color I wanted the board to be (in this case – BLACK). Let dry.

Then I cut vinyl the same size of the letters to spell FOREVER in a different color (gray). I added those to the spots on the board where they belonged.

I LOVE how it turned out. :)

Our Family FOREVER Board Tutorial on { lilluna.com }
Our Famiy F-O-R-E-V-E-R


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    Glad to now follow you. So that is all I did. I have a fun Idea for ya. I saw someone on blog land last year buy a circle top table at a garage sale and discard the legs and use the round to paint and add her son's initial. Since those tables are round you could try putting your saying on that as an option too.love it!!

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    Hi there, I was browsing around online tonight and was completely shocked when I came across your OUR FAMILY boards. I have never in my life seen one before I started making them in 2005 and selling them at the Quilted Bear. I came up with the idea. I’ve sold over 200 of them and they are too close to my design to be a cioncidence. Almost identical, actually. You did a really good job. They look beautiful. While I don’t have a copyright on the design, and I can’t keep anyone from duplicating them, I guess all I wanted to express to you was that I am a little sad that my design has been copied and is being used to make money. I noticed you said you didn’t mind if people made one for themselves but to please not sell them because thats what you are doing. Well I feel the same way. I have no way of knowing, but I am assuming you saw my sign somewhere and started making them yourself. I still sell them and plan to continue to sell them. I was very excited to come up with an idea that was so popular but if everyone starts copying everyone and selling them, it ruins everything. Something to think about.

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