Halloween Trivia Print

FREE Halloween Trivia Print - just match the movie character to the description - perfect for parties!

We LOVE games! Almost always when we are gathered as a family, we try to play games. It can get hard when there are tons of kids running around, but when they’re busy playing you better believe us adults are trying to squeeze in one card or board game.

We especially love to play games at parties and holiday get togethers but have had a hard time finding ones that work with a bunch of people. We’ve always been fans of trivia, and since we love Halloween we thought a Halloween Trivia print for everyone to use at their parties would be handy.

This game is about matching the movie character to the description. Not all our Halloween characters but all are definitely creepy characters. The creepiest of all – Pennywise! I still have nightmares about that scary clown, LOL!

Whether you know your villains or not, this is a fun, simple game that you can play at your next Halloween party. Just print out and play. Super easy!

FREE Halloween Trivia Print - just match the movie character to the description - perfect for parties!



7th Day Avenger – R – SAMARA

Precious Obsessive – L – GOLLUM

Decapitated Equestrian – E – HEADLESS HORSEMAN

Long Haired Wax Face – P – MICHAEL MYERS

Corpse Parts Unified – FRANKENSTEIN

Villainous Clown – I – PENNYWISE

Murderous Doll – D – CHUCKY

Soul Sucker – B – DEMENTOR

Villain on Elm Street – K – FREDDY KRUEGER

Hungry Bat Winged Freak – G – CREEPER

Chainsaw Welding Maniac – N – LEATHERFACE

Prom Ended Badly – O – CARRIE

Blood Sucker – Q – DRACULA

Spooky Tale Teller – C – CRYPT KEEPER

Silent White Faced Killer – J – SCREAM

Goalie Masked Cutter – A – JASON

Psychopathic Cannibal – F – HANNIBAL

Death Personified – M – GRIM REAPER


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  1. I’m a single dad and my kids want to go all out for Halloween this year so thanks for sharing this! I’m sure we’ll have a lot of fun playing after trick or treating is done 🙂

  2. Hi, I can’t get answers to Halloween Trivia Game to come up. Can you email them to me? Also, the game only prints in very small type…any ideas?
    Thanks, love your ideas.

  3. There are two different sheets on your site and the option for the letter P is not the same. In addition, the description for the answer key changes.