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Dressing up a Planted Pot - so easy and perfect for Mother's Day or any gift! { }

Good morning readers! This is Sarah visiting you again from Boxwood Clippings. I don’t know about you guys, but I find Mother’s day a little stressful. Thinking about the perfect gift to sum up a million ‘thank yous’ and ‘I love yous’ is a little intimidating! A couple of years ago I decided to stick to the basics and go for flowers…as you ladies know, they are always a winner, and make any woman feel special.

This year I went even further and decided to add a little ‘organic homemade charm’ by personalizing and decorating plant pots to house some little pretties.


What do you think? Cute right?!

I decided to use Puff Paint, which is normally used on fabrics, but adds a dimension to the paint and makes the design ‘pop’ that little extra bit.

Simply free-hand a design (like the dots below), or sketch a design with a pencil and go over it with the paint (like the monogram above).

Dressing up a Planted Pot - so easy and perfect for Mother's Day or any gift! { }

Just make sure you have fun, and don’t think too hard about the process. Simple is almost always best.

Once your design is finished, just let it set for about four hours, and then you’re ready to add the plants.

Dressing up a Planted Pot - so easy and perfect for Mother's Day or any gift! { }

I thought it was fun to decorate a few different sized pots, as they look great grouped together. How fun would it be to have children or grandchildren decorate one each to create a whole family?!

I think adding a little ‘homemade’ says “I love you” more than anything. Don’t you agree?

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I LOVE this!! Such a simple and cute way to dress up a plant pot!

Thanks for the great gift idea, Sarah!

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  1. I love how you decorated the pots. They are super cute!! My mom would love these because she is an avid plant/flower person. Thanks for the great idea!!