Strawberry Gooey Butter Cake

In the summertime, I am always craving fruits and anything fruity. My favorite fruit of all would have to be STRAWBERRIES. They are just so sweet and juicy I’m not sure how anyone couldn’t like them. With it being summer and me craving some strawberries I’ve concocted a few Strawberry sweets I will be sharing […]

Best Strawberry Lemonade

A few months ago, the hubby and I went on a double date with some friends to a place called Irma’s here in Houston. We had never even heard of it, but we trusted our friends’ judgment and were excited to try it out. When we pulled up, we were surprised to see a small, […]

Copycat Panda Express Orange Chicken

Hey guys! I’m back with that second AWESOME recipe I mentioned last week. Our family has always been fans of Panda Express and we recently saw a copycat recipe for their Orange Chicken on Brown Thumb Mama. We knew we had to give it a try since it’s our favorite chicken from the chain. We really […]

Cinnamon Swirl Bread

Hey there, Lil’ Luna fans!  My name is Katie and I am the blogger behind The Casual Craftlete.  I am a wife and stay at home mom to our three year old daughter.  I started blogging in 2013 to give myself a creative outlet.  Some of the things you will find me sharing are easy diy/craft […]

Lemon Ricotta Pancakes

Start the morning off right with a stack of scrumptious, light, and fluffy Lemon Ricotta Pancakes with Blueberry Sauce. I like eggs and bacon but what I really love to eat for breakfast is the sweet stuff that could pass as a dessert. Cinnamon rolls, waffles, french toast, crepes, pancakes… I could eat one of […]

Fried Pork Chops in Lemon Butter Sauce

Ah!!! You guys!! I am so excited to share this tried and true recipe with you today. If you actually read any of my posts, you know I’m kind of a child when it comes to food. I don’t do veggies and, in my opinion, the less fancy a meal is, the better! I am […]

Lemon Poppyseed Pancakes

Who else LOVES having the kids home for the summer? As much as I sometimes miss having time to myself during the day, my kids and I are having a blast so far this summer! Last summer, we were preparing to move across the country, and the three summers before that, I worked full time outside […]

Strawberry Coconut Tres Leches Trifle

Summer time to me means relaxing days, hanging with the family, gathering for summer BBQs and trying delicious new recipes. Since it gets so stinkin’ hot here in AZ all the dessert recipes usually have fruit or have some kind of cool element to it. We recently tried a recipe for Strawberry Coconut Tres Leches […]

30 Milkshake Recipes

Every once in awhile the hubby and I like to splurge and get ourselves a milkshake. We usually head to Chik-fil-A, Sonic or DQ to get this cold treat to satisfy our sweet tooth. My hubby is especially fond of milkshakes (and blizzards) and if you saw what I posted a few days ago you’ll […]

Lemon Cream Pie Bars

Hi there! Fiona here – stopping in from Just So Tasty. And today I’m sharing these Lemon Cream Pie Bars. They’re a creamy lemon bar with a crunchy graham cracker crust. They remind me of key lime pie – only they’re less tart and the sunshine-y yellow color makes me think of sunshine and warm […]

Lemon Cupcakes

Hey guys! I hope you are having a great summer. It’s hard to believe that we’re already half way through the school break. In AZ, the kids are back in school at the end of this month, so the 4th is always my wake up call to get the summer bucket list done and start […]

Mint Julep (Non-Alcoholic)

You guys know that I’m slightly obsessed with the Happiest Place on Earth! What can I say? I feel like all our worries melt away when we’re there and we can just focus on having fun with the family. It’s the best feeling in the world. 😀 Not only do we love the rides and […]

Aloha Tropical Smoothie

Cool down this summer with a refreshing Aloha Tropical Smoothie in hand while you relax with the sun in your face and breeze in your hair. I’m a smoothie girl. I could eat one everyday, especially when they are as good as this Aloha Pineapple Smoothie! I still have yet to go to Hawaii but this […]

Frozen Strawberry Lemonade

Sometimes there is nothing better than a cold drink in the summer time. One of our favorite summertime recipes is Strawberry Lemonade, but we recently tried a Frozen Strawberry Lemonade that is now a weekly treat. In fact, we love this so much that we often have it for a dessert or even a whole meal because […]

Lemon Cake

Hi there! Hope you are all having a GREAT day! Summer is in full swing here at our house and the kids are already bored! Go figure. Them being bored = me going crazy :/ Do you know what I love to do when I feel like I’m going crazy? BAKE! Its gives me a […]

No Bake Cheesecake with Strawberry Topping

I absolutely love cheesecake, and I absolutely love strawberries. The only problem is that when the weather heats up and strawberries are in season, the last thing I want to do is turn on the oven for an hour to bake a cheesecake. That’s why I needed the perfect no bake cheesecake recipe. And today […]

Easy Berry Icebox Cake

The weather here is finally warming up which means summer is almost here! While I love baking year-round, sometimes it gets so hot that turning on the oven means our air conditioning never turns off! That’s where this EASY no-bake icebox cake comes in. It’s kind of magic! It’s like a mash-up between cheesecake, tiramisu, […]

Orange Chicken and Asparagus

Hi there! Hope you are all having a fantastic week. Wednesdays are usually a little nutty over here because my kiddos have a half day. And its the day my 3 year old skips her nap. So, our house can get wild. But its also the night that my husband has church meetings, so I […]

Strawberry Broccoli Salad

Sometimes I am asked to do something that is hard for me to do…. like write a gushing post about broccoli. Its not a secret that broccoli and I are not friends. But I understand that, above the age of 8, I am in the minority. So, I’ve gathered everyone else’s input on this recipe […]

Coconut Oatmeal Cookies

We love baking cookies in our home, like A LOT!! The kids love helping and we love all eating!! One of our all-time favorites is this Oatmeal Coconut Cookies recipe. I will admit that I was a little hesitant to try them at first because they seemed so plain, but oh mama, they were good!! […]

Lime Sheet Cake

Hi, it’s me Lily – again! Today is my last soccer game, and I’m super duper excited. We have won most of our games, and most of the people on my team are at my school so I see them there too. I’ll be sad soccer is ending, but I had so much fun playing! […]

Strawberry Shortcake Bars

Is your family like us in that we never need an excuse to make dessert? 😉 It might be a little worrisome, but it’s pretty upsetting to the kids if there isn’t a dessert after dinner. And I’m not talking about OUR kids. I’m talking about my parents’ kids… The ADULTS! It’s no secret that we have […]

Magic Potion Drink recipe

This may sound silly, but my kids absolutely LOVE it when I take an extra minute or two to make them special to eat or drink. Even if it’s adding food coloring to the pancake mix – they LOVE it! We do this a ton for holidays and special occasions, but sometimes it’s fun to […]

Lemon Lime Poke Cake

My tastes buds are changing on me, and I couldn’t be happier about it!! That’s because I’m starting to like more and more things that I never had an interest in when I was younger. I’m realizing I’m missing out, and have been having a blast experimenting and trying new recipes. One of those happens […]