Christmas Candy Bar Wrappers

Today I’m sharing another easy but cute gift idea.

This one is super cheap and is perfect for anyone really – teacher, friend, neighbor, students, etc.

I made some Christmas Candy Bar Wrappers that take minutes to print and add. I thought it would be nice to have in case you’re in a bind and want to give a cute but inexpensive gift this holiday season. ;)

Merry Christmas Chalk Candy Bar Wrappers on { }

I hope you like these prints. You can use them on most standard candy bar wrappers. :)









To download, just CLICK on the wrapper you want above and then RIGHT-CLICK and SAVE. Open it in a program like WORD and then RE-SIZE it to what you want it to be by measuring the length of the candy bar and then all around it with some room to spare so that you can tape it together. :)

For a regular candy bar wrapper I re-sized mine to be: 5.75 x 6.5 inches

For a KING SIZE Wrapper I made mine: 6.25 x 6.75 inches

You can adjust these sizes depending on how much of the candy bar you want covered.

Merry Christmas Candy Bar Wrappers - 1

Merry Christmas Candy Bar Wrappers

FREE Merry Christmas Candy Bar Wrappers - cute but inexpensive gift idea!! { }

FREE Merry Christmas Chalk Candy Bar Wrappers on { }

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  1. 1

    You have the best food down there!!! I want one of those Hershey candy bars – peppermint and white choc??/ YUM!!! I never did find those Chuppa Chups in my area =(

    Love the printable -thanks!

    • 2

      Sorry you couldn’t find the Chupa Chups!! And yes, this is the first time I’ve seen these particular Hershey’s bars – haven’t tried them yet but am dying to. :)

  2. 3

    Super cute and easy gift idea! I love the candy bar wrappers!
    Jamielyn@iheartnaptime recently posted..Advent Calendar kitMy Profile

  3. 5

    Too cute my friend! I LOVE it!
    Desiree @ The36thAvenue recently posted..White Chocolate Popcorn RecipeMy Profile

  4. 7

    These are so cute and would make a great gift for the kids to give their friends!
    Amy Huntley recently posted..The Party Bunch | Linky PartyMy Profile

  5. 9

    These would be so cute for my kids to give to their friends!!! LOVE these!
    Kari @ UCreate recently posted..Owl Christmas Ornament Tutorial by Skip to my LouMy Profile

  6. 11

    Cute wrappers!! Thanks :)

  7. 13

    I’m new to this whole chalkboard thing. I need to print lots of these–like 20+. What is the best way to do that that doesn’t use up all my ink. Send to a printer? If I did that, would it automatically print on photo paper? That doesn’t sound like the best thing when trying to wrap candy bars. Thanks in advance for your help! (I feel so clueless :/ )

    • 14

      Hi Jacy! I usually send all my color prints to the UPS store to be printed so I don’t zap all my ink. I think you can buy a color copy card making each print like 40 cents each (and they usually have coupons in the local mailer). I would send them there to be printed. I usually download the print, put it in a word doc making it the exact size I want and then save it as a PDF onto a thumb drive. Then I go and get the prints made. Just FYI, I will be making a white version too for those who want to use less ink. Will try and get that up here by the end of the week. ;) Hope that helps!

  8. 20

    These ideas are so cute. Thank you for sharing your hard work.

  9. 22

    So cute Kristyn!!
    Mique recently posted..Easy Dinner Recipes: Turkey Tetrazzini (Chicken Spaghetti)My Profile

  10. 24

    Printed and wrapped around various holiday Hershey bars (candy cane, cookies and cream, and snowman design in chocolate) for my daughter’s pre-k teachers. Thanks for posting the specific measurements for the graphics. I printed both sizes and the smaller one worked perfectly. Can’t wait to gift them for Christmas.