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Except for one more Teacher Gift I’ll be sharing next week, I’m shifting gears and will be sharing some awesome awesome crafts, tutorials and holiday projects and recipes in the coming months. CANNOT tell you how excited I am about all the fun holiday items that are in the future.

This next project is one that anyone can do and makes a super cute display or gift for a friend. It’s also inexpensive (made for just a few dollars) which makes it even better! It’s a Welcome Fall Magnet Board, but the beauty about it is that you can change out the “Welcome Fall” part to any season or change it to just WELCOME for any time of the year. And then you change the picture(s) to match the season.

Super easy and cute Welcome Magnet Board { }

Here is what you’ll need to make this Cute and Inexpensive Magnet Board:


– MDF/Hardboard

– Sheet Metal

– Mod Podge

– Scrapbook Paper

– Magnets

– Buttons

– Hot Glue

– Ribbon


Welcome Fall Magnet Board - 1

1. Make your Paper Accordions by first cutting out TWO 2″ x 12″ strips of scrapbook paper. Zig Zag the paper back and forth like in image one. Then hot glue the end of the paper to the end of the other strip. Hot Glue them together as shown in Pic 2 to make it a circle. Then Hot glue the middle (you may have to hold this for a minute or two until the hot glue dries). Then add the WELCOME FALL Print which is available below.

WelcomeButton-Fall WelcomeButton-Spring WelcomeButton-Summer WelcomeButton-WinterWelcomeButton-Welcome

2. Save the images(s) you want above by clicking on it and then RIGHT-CLICKING and SAVING. Then open it in a program like word, re-size it to what you want. Print and Cut out.

Welcome Fall Magnet Board - 2

3. You can also make your own magnets by gluing magnets to buttons as well as to the back of the accordion. These will keep your pictures in place on the board.

Welcome Fall Magnet Board - 3

4. Mod podge your sheet metal by applying a thin layer to the sheet metal piece. My sheet metal piece was 9×12 inches and can be found in the roofing section for about $1.

Welcome Fall Magnet Board - 4

5. Cut your MDF to be slightly larger than your sheet metal piece. Paint it. Let dry. I sanded mine as you see above just because I like that look. Hot glue your mod podged sheet metal to your board by applying hot glue to the board (not the sheet metal because it dries a lot faster). Press firmly until it is on there pretty good.

Welcome Fall Magnet Board - 5

6. Add a ribbon if you’d like by hot gluing it on top.

Welcome Fall Magnet Board

Cute and Easy!! And like I said earlier… it only costs a few dollars to make if you have the paint and hot glue. It really would only cost about $5 if you had to buy all the supplies – SWEET!

Welcome Fall Magnet Board Tutorial on { }

Can’t wait to change out these pics ever season with some new ones. This one to me screams fall with all those pretty fall colors in the background. Looks like I need to be snapping more pics though since there’s a new little guy in town. LOL.

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Lowes. All opinions are 100% mine.

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    Oh my! Love this idea. It is on my “must do” list now. Thanks for sharing.

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    Where did you get the sheet metal and was it cut to size already?

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