Easy Piggy Bank Tutorial

DIY Piggy Bank Tutorial made from an old formula can. #piggybank

I’ve had my little boy’s empty Formula cans lying around thinking I needed to make something with them. I finally decided to make a simple piggy bank for my oldest, Lily. It was so easy and went great with our Family Night lesson about CHORES & TITHING.



-Empty Formula Can

-Scrapbook Paper

-Glue Stick



1. Wash out the formula can to make sure it’s nice and clean.

2. Cut scrapbook paper the length of the can. In my case, the length of the paper was too short, so I cut another piece from the same paper.

3. I glued one strip of scrapbook paper onto another just to add more color and variety.

4. Add the smaller of the scrapbook papers to the can first so that it can cover the area where the paper is too short. Add the longer piece over so that the paper lines up

5. Cut a slit in the lid of the can. Cut a circle that is the same size as the inner circle of the lid. Pencil where the slit is that was already made, and cut that out.

6. Add embellishments and words to describe what the can will be used for.

Easy Piggy Bank Tutorial

DIY Piggy Bank Tutorial on { lilluna.com }

Easy, Cheap and CUTE, AND my daughter LOOOVES it!
She is sure to put all her “moneys” in it. :)

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