Thoughtful Fathers Day Gift Idea

Convert Dad's Mission Slides to Digital Images for Father's Day - great idea!! #fathersday

Looking for a Thoughtful Fathers Day Gift Idea?

I actually didn’t do this for Father’s Day, but I did something for my dad for Christmas that would make an AWESOME Father’s Day gift…

I converted all his old slides from his LDS mission to images, burned them to a CD and also put them on a digital frame for him. He looooved it, and I was so happy he did. When I was looking into getting the slides converted I realized that all businesses that do it charge almost .25/per slide. Yikes!! My hubby and I did some research and found a decent slide converter on It was soo easy to use and so much fun to do.

Ours was similar to this one sold for $100:

Wolverine F2D20 20 MegaPixels 35mm to Digital Converter

This one also looks really nice and has good reviews, and it sells for $90:

Jumbl 35mm Film Slide and Negative Scanner – 10 Mega Pixel Film to Digital Image Converter – with 2.4-Inch LCD and TV-Out
Now, your dad doesn’t have to be LDS to have slides converted. These are great for any slides he might have. I suggest you go in on a converter with a few friends and then you guys can use it whenever you need to for not the full cost. I seriously think it’s a great idea… it’s sentimental, thoughtful, and allows your dad to recall some wonderful memories.
I promise you cannot go wrong with this gift!

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    I always find it hard to know what to get my father for father’s day.

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    I am so glad to have found this on pinterest! We have boxes and boxes of slides that our dad took on our various trips when we were kids! Thanks so much! I will be ordering one of these soon!

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    Hi, I have a question regarding this, could you email me back please?
    Thank you! Judy

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