Pot O Gold Gifts and Tags

Pot O'Gold Party or Gift. FREE prints on { lilluna.com } Such a colorful & fun idea!

This next project was completely inspired by this adorable St. Patrick’s Day idea from It Is What It Is. I actually made Beth’s cute project last year for my kiddos, and they loved it. I decided this year I would do something similar and just bend the licorice and make a cute printable to go with. Obviously, not original at all but different than what I did last year. Then, to my surprise I saw something super similar on Pinterest on Sunday. I had already made the printable and had everything printed and ready to go, but decided I’d still post it any way.

Which makes me wonder, has that happened to you? You think you’re doing something a little original and find out it’s already been done. I did this last year for my Patriotic Poke Cake thinking I was so clever just to find out it’s been done a gazillion times already – LOL!


Any who, this year I’ll be making these Pot O Gold Gifts and Tags for the kids, and maybe even for the hubby. 😀

These were super easy to make and are cute for little gifts or party favors for your upcoming St. Patrick’s Day festivities.

Here is how you can make them too:


– Bags (I bought mine from Hobby Lobby in the jewelry section)

– Prints (available for download below)

– Rainbow Licorice

– Gold Coins or Rolos

– Glue Stick

– Scissors/Paper Cutter


 Pot O'Gold Party or Gift. FREE prints on { lilluna.com } Such a colorful & fun idea!

1. Download the tag by going HERE.

Right now, it should be the size needed to make with the jewelry bags from Hobby Lobby.

Pot O'Gold Party or Gift. FREE prints on { lilluna.com } Such a colorful & fun idea!

2. Cut out your print with scissors or a paper cutter. You will also want to bend your licorice and put them in your bag along with your gold coins or rolos. Getting all 6 colors in was a tight fit so you may want to just put 5 in.

Pot O'Gold Party or Gift. FREE prints on { lilluna.com } Such a colorful & fun idea!

3. Fold your print in half and then glue to the top of your bag on both sides.

Pot O'Gold Party or Gift. FREE prints on { lilluna.com } Such a colorful & fun idea!

Pretty, easy and pretty cute, right?!

My kids LOVED the fun colors involved with this little gift and decided they want to make some for all the cousins… not sure if that will happen just yet, but it’s the thought that counts, right? 😉

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  1. How fun to see this come through my Reader! I’m completely honored that I inspired you to create these ADORABLE treat bags. Really loving everything you’ve been doing here. Thanks for the shout out!

  2. These are adorable! and yes, this has happened to me. More than once I’ve had cookie tutorials saved for a ‘rainy blog day’ and had them pop up on other blogs before I posted. Whatcha gonna do?

  3. This is adorable! I just wanted to point out… It says “to my” on it twice… But what a cute idea! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. I was going to make these this week and I am here local in AZ I checked Winco for the licorice and they have small pieces. Where did you find the ropes?
    Thanks for any help!!!