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Drinks · Holidays · June 12, 2012

A delicious layered Patriotic Drink perfect for your upcoming holiday!! Recipe on { }

This weekend was the best ever!!!

I celebrated my 30th Birthday and had the greatest time. The hubby and I were able to spend most the day together by eating breakfast, going to see The Avengers (SOOO good!), grabbing lunch with my fam and then hitting up the mall and some other stores (HUGE thank you to my MIL for watching the kiddos!!). Then we spent the night at a family party for my cousin’s daughter who shares the same birthday. The kids had a blast!! What more could I want?!

One of the stores we were able to stop by was at Kmart. It was there that we were able to spruce up our patio and get a new patio set, grill and picnic table for the kiddos. It was pretty much an early Father’s Day Present for Lo, although it was kinda for me too – lol!! Let’s just say that I was in love with the patio set, my hubby was in love with the grill and the kiddos were in love with the picnic table. There was something for everyone in the family!!


{For more pics from my shopping experience go HERE}

We decided to have a Pre-Father’s day shindig with our little family as well as with my mom and dad!

Check out the fun!!

They didn’t have the rocker or love seat at this store, so I’m going to get those online to add to the set!! Don’t you love it!!!


My Evie was having a ball! Can you tell?! {ADORE her!}

I LOVE how she does her crooked smile!

{Dad shared his layered pudding dessert (recipe to come later this week) – Grandma shared hers too!}

{The kiddies loved their new picnic table – And Lo loved the layered drink I decided to try out!}

Had  you seen these layered drinks before?? I saw them all over the internet and knew I had to try them out for myself!!

The whole concept is that you can layer the drinks by the sugar content of each layer. SO, you start off with the most sugar-y drink and put that on the bottom. I used Hawaiian Punch. Then I used G2 Blue Gatorade, and then Sprite zero on top. The whole trick is to just add ice as you go. So you add ice, then the bottom drink very slowly onto the ice. Then add more ice, then add the next drink slowly onto the ice and so on. It worked like a charm and looks so cool!!!

A delicious layered Patriotic Drink perfect for your upcoming holiday!! Recipe on { }

{Hawaiian Punch – the most sugar, G2 Blue – second to least sugar, Sprite Zero – no sugar}

A delicious layered Patriotic Drink perfect for your upcoming holiday!! Recipe on { }

A delicious layered Patriotic Drink perfect for your upcoming holiday!! Recipe on { }

Sweet, huh!?! I was kind skeptical if it would work but it did!

Can’t wait to do more layered drinks with different colors!

More than anything, we can’t wait to entertain more with our new patio set and grill!!

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A delicious layered Patriotic Drink perfect for your upcoming holiday!! Recipe on { }

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Ashley G

Out of everything that you posted about, the thing that stood out the most to me was your grass! It looks amazing! Our backyard couldn’t grow grass in the back yard if it was a grass farm. Our winter lawn was great but the bermuda just won’t grow out there. Your patio set looks great too btw. haha. enjoy!

    Lil' Luna

    So funny!! I will have to tell Lorin. He will be so proud. He LOVES taking care of the lawn and mowing it each week – lol!! (What a guy!!)

Lolly Jane

Cute post! Love the drink recipe!

    Lil' Luna

    Thank you, girlies!! I was actually surprised that the drink worked – it was yummy!!


soooooo cute girl! love the new retro chairs and that freakin soda crate. maybe i will just splurge and go get one already lol! did you use the smaller mason jars in those? i didn’t see kerr or ball on them so i wasn’t sure. i want to get a set for my soon to be soda tray 🙂

    Lil' Luna

    Sorry I am JUST now replying to this… trying to play catch up! So, I heard the hubby bought you the SODA box – sweet!! The jars are from Walmart and have no label. I LOVE them! 😀

Maggie @ Midwestern Girl

LOVE this Kristyn!!! I’m so glad you had a good birthday, sweet girl…
The patio set is adorable, and the drink looks delicious! Pinning…;)

    Lil' Luna

    Thanks, Miss Maggie!! How are you, btw?! It really has been to long since we “chatted.” XO

Liz @ LizzieJane Baby

Who knew Kmart had such cute stuff!! I may have to talk my hubby into taking a trip down there with me. That red rocker is so cute! Hopefully they get to you soon so you can enjoy them before the weather gets horrid!

    Lil' Luna

    I know!! I was so happy to see that Kmart carried a TON of CUTE outdoor furniture. You definitely need to go and check it out! 😀


those drinks are so so cool definitely going to try it



I totally love that red patio set. Adorable!

Kassi @ Truly Lovely

LOVE that patio set! Love the color! 🙂 Those layered drinks are really neat! Have to try that one out!


THank you SO much for sharing this great idea…love it…i am going to make these for the family reunion.

so impressive…


Melissa from WA


Which picnic table did you get at K-mart for the kids I did not see it in the picture and I wondered because we are looking for one. for our backyard. The drinks are also adorable! Thanks for sharing.

    Lil' Luna

    You can barely see the picnic table, but it’s white and plastic and in the background of the pic of my baby smiling really big. I think it was $50 but we really like it, and it’s easy to fold up and store away if you need to. 🙂

Tonia @The Gunny Sack

The retro set looks adorable! I’m going to have to try making those drinks with my kids…they would love that!


The layered drinks are awesome, how have I not seen those. They will definitely be on my patio table this 4th of July – I can’t resist!


Love the layered drink!! I can’t wait to try it!! Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

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