Parmesan Crusted Pork Chops

Main Dishes · October 14, 2017

Parmesan Crusted Pork Chops - one of our favorite recipes. AND it's EASY! Recipe on { } Breadcrumbs, parmesan cheese, paprika, parsley, garlic, and olive oil combined to give these pork chops a crispy, flavorful taste!

I’m not sure about you, but there are definitely some things that I enjoy eating now that I’m older. Not sure if I would be classified as picky (I guess I am), but I feel like I’ve grown to like many different dishes. One of those is Pork Chops. It sounds weird not to like them, but I just don’t think they ever interested me when I was younger. Now, I love them and make them when I can. My parents make them even more often, and this next recipe is one that my mom tried out a few weeks. They are called Parmesan Crusted Pork Chops. They come from Julie’s Eats and Treats, and they turned out perfect. We will definitely be keeping this recipe to make more Pork Chops in the future!

Parmesan Crusted Pork Chops - one of our favorite recipes. AND it's EASY! Recipe on { } Breadcrumbs, parmesan cheese, paprika, parsley, garlic, and olive oil combined to give these pork chops a crispy, flavorful taste!One of our favorite Pork Chop Recipes - Parmesan Crusted Pork Chops!!


If you like pork chops and also like to change things up on how you cook them, then I definitely recommend trying out this great Parmesan Pork Chops recipe!

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For video instructions on how to make these Parmesan Crusted Pork Chops, check out the video below:



Baked Pork Chops:

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Parmesan Crusted Pork Chops
These Parmesan Crusted Pork Chops are easy, delicious and coated in breadcrumbs, parmesan cheese, paprika, parsley, and garlic making them so flavorful and perfect for dinner.
Recipe type: Main Dish
Serves: 4
  • 4 boneless pork chops
  • ⅓ cup grated Parmesan cheese
  • 2-3 TB Italian breadcrumbs (dried)
  • ⅛ tsp. paprika
  • 1 tsp. dried parsley
  • ½ tsp. garlic powder
  • 2 TB olive oil
  • ¼ tsp. pepper
  1. Mix Parmesan cheese, bread crumbs, paprika, parsley and garlic powder and place on a plate.
  2. Dip pork chops in the mixture (making sure mixture sticks) and sear in a pan of olive oil on medium-high heat. Sautee for 5 minutes on each side.
  3. Place pork chops in a glass baking dish and cook according to thickness. Ours were an inch thick and we cooked for an hour at 300. If yours are regular thickness, cook at 350 for half hour.
Parmesan Crusted Pork Chops - one of our favorite recipes. AND it's EASY!
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    These look absolutely WONDERFUL….I love pork chops but haven’t made them because I just never knew what to do with them…hehe! Now I’ll definitely have to get some and try this recipe out!

    I would love it if you would come share this on my new Link Party…the FESTIVE FRIDAY FIESTA! (Ole!)

    Here is the link if you’re interested in stopping by!

    Thanks so much for sharing this! Hope you have a great evening! =D

    Julie @ Julie's Eats & Treats

    I’m so glad you enjoyed them! Thanks for linking back to me 🙂 Have a fabulous weekend!


    These look awesome Kristyn! I didn’t start cooking pork chops till just recently either. I’ll have to give these a try. If you haven’t tried ranch crock pot pork chops, you really should. They are easy and so yummy!.

    Britney Mills

    Looks delicious! We’ll have to give it a try.

      colleen morstad

      these are very good and easy to make I just made them yesterday


    I made these pork chops for dinner tonight and they were sooooo good. I used fresh shredded Parmesan cheese and had to press it into the chops before I seared them. My husband is super picky and he loved them too! Always a huge plus. Thank you so much for the recipe.


    I looked up on Pinterest for Pork Chops and tons of different recipes came up. I finally came across your pork chop picture and looked really good. So I clicked onto your website and I had all the spices and stuff except the parmesan cheese, which I don’t care for. I didnt really measure but I did follow the other steps and I ran out of Olive Oil for the frying part, so shortening works too! I put them in the oven as well, 300° for about 15mins and in the last two mins cooking, I sprinkled some shredded mozzarella cheese on top. They were so yummmy, my two boys even liked it!! Making them now for second time! Thanks so much!

      Lil' Luna

      YAY! I LOVE hearing that, Kimberly! So glad that they still worked out and that the whole family loved them! Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. Have a great day!


    I’m cooking these right now but I don’t have a glass baking dish, what is another alternative?

    Marni G

    Thank you for the recipe. Found it on Pinterest…made it about a month back for the first time – super yummy, everyone in my family loved it. It’s on the menu again for tonight!

      Lil' Luna

      Thanks for stopping by, Marni. I’m so glad you like it. It’s definitely a favorite! 😀

    Melinda LeCount

    Hi, how do you make the mixture stick to the pork chops? Sorry for the stupid question but I’m not a very experienced cook. Your recipe looks easy and very good so I’m anxious to try it.


    Did you cook them covered or uncovered. I have mine cooking right now covered and plan on uncovering the last 20 min.

      Lil' Luna

      They were cooked uncovered. How did your turns out?

    Ginny Knight

    I make pork chops or chicken this way. But I dip my meat in egg first. Then put on baking pan sprayed with cooking spray and bake. 400 for twenty minutes, then turn and bakes an additional twenty minutes.

    Rebecca Rodriguez

    I’m a newlywed and learning how to cook different things. Came across this on Pinterest and fell in love! I’m definitely going to try this 🙂

      Lil' Luna

      Let me know if you do. It’s so easy and always delicious!


    I never made pork chops simply because I had no idea how to make them. I tried your recipe and it was so easy and SO delicious! They were a huge hit at home, and I’ll definitely be making them again. Thanks so much!!

      Lil' Luna

      Oh, I LOVE to hear that Jami!! So glad they were a hit and even more glad they were super easy for you! 😀


    Made these last night- only substituting italian seasoning for the parsley and garlic salt for powder which was on hand- DELICIOUS!!

      Lil' Luna

      Aren’t they so easy?! So glad you liked them… will have to try the Italian seasoning next time I make it. 🙂


    We tried these tonight and liked them, but they were a bit too dry. That might be because I tried baking at 325F for 45 minutes instead of 1 hour at 300F. Also, next time I think I’ll add a little salt to the seasoning mixture. But otherwise we enjoyed them! Thanks for sharing the recipe!


      Higher temp + shorter time = less dry.
      You might also try cooking to temperature (145 for pork), using an instant-read thermometer (I use a Thermapen.).

    Paula Harrington

    In a casserole layer plank cut potatoes, sliced onion, pork chops, potatoes and onions. Cover with tomatoe juice. Top with aluminum foil and bake at 400 for approximately an hour.


      Sounds good… but that’s a whole NEW recipe!


    I found this recipe while trying to find recipes on Pinterest to try for my blog. These were a hit! And… so is your blog. I’m loving digging in to all the areas.


    These were delicious and so simple to make. All the ingredients were things we have in the house. Even my picky daughter loved them which is a huge plus. Thanks for sharing 🙂

      Lil' Luna

      YAY! So glad they were a hit, Leah!! Hope you can find more recipes you like from the site. Have a great day, and thank you for stopping by. 😉

    Mo Marsinek

    Thank you for this recipe! It was so tasty! Mine did come out a little bit dry, not sure why. Maybe I cooked them too long? Mine were about an inch thick, so I baked them at 300 for an hour. I’d hate to cover them and lose the crunchy factor to them, that was the best part! 🙂

    I will definitely do them again, but will just try to tweak it a bit.

      Lil' Luna

      Hmmm, I would definitely try for a bit shorter time. Hopefully that will work!


    This looks sooooo yummy! 🙂
    Did you use fresh grated parm or the parm in the bottle?


    I made these tonight and followed directions as it said…if they are to be finished off in the oven they should be seared WAY less. I had about 1 inch thick pork chops and by the time I finished searing both sides they were way overdone. I didn’t put them in the oven because I knew they would be almost inedible. Good crust recipe though, but if you cook it as this recipe says, you’re going to be chewing on rubber.


    Made this this tonight…so easy and yummy!

      Lil' Luna

      Glad it was a hit! I’m all about easy and yummy recipes. 😉


    i love it easy to make quick

    Barbara Jean

    Fantastic! Only changed bread crumbs (didn’t have any!) to Ritz Wheat, crushed. Will make them a lot in the future – Thanks!


    Great combo! I have also tried with other finely shredded cheese, just allowing it to dry for a few hours. Since we like more spice, I, too pre-season my chops with either salt or some other light rub (like a greek seasoning mix, etc.) and my husband thinks they get more crunchy if I dip the chop in egg and coat it more heavily with the breadcrumb mixture. LOL

    For quicker cooking, I will often take a thick loin chop and simply pound it thin. A quick fry on each side for browning, and two chops for 2 minutes in my microwave, followed by a 3-4 minute rest, and they are nicely done for two.
    Also, try adding ginger powder instead of italian seasoning. It brightens the taste, and goes well with an Asian salad.

    Cassie Black

    I just made this for the family tonight (which includes 3 kids) and Everyone loved it!!! Thank you so much for the recipe, definitely a keeper : )


    I made this tonight and it was really good! Only issue was that the sautéing time was totally off. I did it at medium high heat for 5 mins and the edges were almost burned. So I did the other side for only 2 minutes and it looked good. So maybe 5 minutes for medium heat? Mine also didn’t take the full hour at 300 degrees. Maybe like 40-45. I’ll def be making this again- I’ll just make a few adjustments. My porkchops were
    1 inch thick. 🙂


    Hope the kids are better, Kristyn.


    Yum – nice chop recipe. Thank you and have a great weekend.


    These came out so juicy, flavorful just perfect. I have always stayed away from pork chops cus I never knew how to make them. This recipe is a keeper. The family loved them also.

      Lil' Luna

      I’m so glad you liked them Annie. I was the same way until I came upon this recipe. Now we have Pork Chops all the time! ;D

    Lisa Pierce

    Do you use fresh parmesan cheese or grated from a bottle in your Parmesan Pork Chop recipe? Thank you

      Lil' Luna

      Grated Parmesan Cheese. 😉


        I’m only guessing, by the capitalized words & the ‘wink’, that it was “Factory Grated”, rather than “freshly grated”.
        Please don’t be coy or ashamed of whatever you used! The difference between the two makes a BIG difference in how you treat it & cook it!!!
        PLEASE let us know!


          BTW… I keep BOTH in my kitchen at ALL times!!!


    Made these tonight and they were delicious! I have celiac and am lactose intolerant so I used fresh lactose free parmesan and I didn’t have any GF bread to make breadcrumbs but I had some GF cornbread muffins. So I grated up a muffin to mix with the cheese and hoped for the best. Turned out great!!

    Jennifer goodnow

    Are you supposed to dip in egg first. I can’t imagine it sticking that well. I’m making these tonight ….
    Thanks 😉

      Lil' Luna

      They actually stick just fine without the egg but using an egg works too. 😉

    Niki Saracini

    I made these and they were delicious! I did it with bone in chops, and lost a lot of meat that way So will definitely do boneless next time! I’ll probably also sear for a few minutes less. How can I do this recipe with boneless/skinless chicken breast? Same exact way? Coat, sear, bake?

      Lil' Luna

      I love using boneless for that reason. You could coat the chicken in the mixture and sear or until cooked through or bake. I have’t tried it with the chicken, so I’ll have to experiment:)

    Teresa LaRose

    I have found out if you rub some mustard lightly over the pork chops first they come out very tender

      Lil' Luna

      Thanks for sharing that tip!! I’ll have to try that next time:)


    I made these last night with bone in chops and the powdered Parmesan from a jar.
    It worked out really well. I thought it needed a pinch more salt, but I would definitely make them again. Thanks for the recipe.

      Lil' Luna

      Thanks for trying this recipe!! It is so good! And, thanks for letting me know!


    These look awesome, do you think grilling them would be a good option?

      Lil' Luna

      I’m sure they’d taste great on the grill! If you do, let me know how they turn out, so we can try that next time!


    Made these last night. They were the best pork chops my husband & I have ever had! Stuck to the recipe with these exceptions: Didn’t have Italian breadcrumbs (or any breadcrumbs) so had in the freezer left over crispy french bread appetizer crostinis. Crushed them and added onion powder, basil & oregano to that & I had my Italian breadcrumbs! Seared only 2 minutes each side, based on reviews (had 1 inch, bone in chops), baked 55 minutes on lower oven shelf. We very seldom eat any kind of red meat so chose this recipe hoping for a real, rare treat. Honestly the best, the most moist chops ever!

      Lil' Luna

      Thank you so much for sharing!! I love how you improvised!! Makes me happy that you and your hubby enjoyed them!!

    Jayme Avery

    My family loves these!! Best chops recipe I have had in a long time! Second time in the past week we are making them! They are just delicious thank you!!!

      Lil' Luna

      LOL!! They are pretty delicious!!! Glad you all like them!!

    Becky Herring

    We don’t have a recipe really. my grandmother use to put cabbage in a baking dish and lay pork chops on top of cabbage and bake in oven. So good. the juices from the chops seasons the cabbage so good.


    I made these tonight and they were very good going exactly by the recipe. Next time I’ll use an egg to keep the coating on better. Also will take less time to sear. The cheese tends to brown easily. I’ve been looking for a new pork chop recipe and glad I found it on Skiptomylou. Thx!

      Lil' Luna

      I am so glad you liked this recipe! It sure is delish!! Any tricks to keep the coating on better, I’m sure would make it even better. Keep enjoying!!

    Lucy M

    Made this for dinner. Was excellent & wl do again. Only thing I changed was that I did not Sear the chops so did not use any oil. I put them straight to the even. Thanks for sharing!!!

      Lil' Luna

      I am so glad you liked it!! I’ll have to try the change you made. I love recipes that you can change up!! Thank you!

    Sharon Brobst

    I thought I would leave a comment telling you how much I enjoy these pork chops. I have been making them now for about a year whenever I want baked pork chops. We love them!! Thank you!

      Lil' Luna

      You’re so sweet!! Thanks so much for sharing that with me and making them!!


    Great recipe but I would not bake them for one hour as, in my opinion, a one inch pork chop would be way overdone. I have made these countless number of times and just brown them on the stove and cook until done to approximately 145 degrees and no higher. Only takes a few minutes and don’t even need to use the oven. I think folks tend to cook the heck out of a pork leaving it tough and way overdone.

    Mila Kette

    At what temperature do you bake the Parmesan Pork Chops? Also, I wonder if sauteing the chops that had been dipped in Parmesan isn’t a bit too messy… Wouldn’t it be better to just bake them?

      Lil' Luna

      It isn’t too messy 🙂 It’s 300 degree for an hour, if they are 1 inch thick and regular thickness is 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Hope that helps!! Thank you!


    These were great! I didn’t end up pan searing the pork chops I just put them straight in the oven at 400 degrees, turned them over after 20 minutes and cooked for another 20. Sooo yummy! Will definitely be cooking again and again. Thanks for the recipe!

      Lil' Luna

      SO happy that you liked them!! Thank you for letting me know and for giving them a try!!


    Salt and Pepper chops, quickly sear and place in baking dish. Add golden cream of mushroom soup mixed with twice the normal amount of water to just cover chops. Bake at 350, 30 mins. Serve with white rice. Delicious!

      Lil' Luna

      Sounds yum! I’ll have to try that. Thank you for sharing!!


    I loved the seasoning on the chops, I dipped my pork chops in egg first! However, my 3/4 inch thick chops were perfectly cooked after the 10 minutes in the cast iron pan. If I had cooked them for another hour, they would have been dry.

      Lil' Luna

      I am glad you liked the seasoning 🙂 It may sound long, but 1 hour is perfect 🙂 Thank you for sharing!


    I would suggest searing the pork on a much lower temp. I did the lower end of medium high and after 4 min my pork chops were almost black and once I flipped them they turned black in 1 minute. I am sure the recipe is great if not burnt.

      Lil' Luna

      I’m sorry yours burnt. I haven’t had a problem with this recipe before. I know to some an hour seems long, but really they are perfect.


        My issue was not in the oven time, I agree an hour is perfect. I was suggesting people change the temp/time for the part on the stove top. Mine burned at medium high very quickly. I was able to scrape it off and re season them, and they came out great!

          Lil' Luna

          Oh, I got it. Sorry 🙂 Yes, if that’s too high, definitely lower it. Thank you!!


          Stoves vary mine are in the oven now..cant wait. Thanks lil Luna


    can this be done with bone in chops?

      Lil' Luna

      I haven’t tried, but I don’t see why not. Let me know how they come out! Thank you 🙂

    Katie L.

    I just made these pork chops tonight. I had thin cut, boneless pork chops, so I adjusted the cook time to less time both in the pan and in the oven. I used panko crumbs (that’s all I had). They turned out fabulous!! I don’t really cook a whole lot, so I was pleasantly surprised that something I cooked – that was THAT easy to make – tasted so good! Tender, and just right! Thank you for helping my family have a home cooked meal tonight!!

      Lil' Luna

      That makes me so happy to hear!!! I’m glad I could help 🙂 And, I bet you could do more than you think 🙂


    Made the Parmesan crusted pork chops, with a couple of changes. Panko bread crumbs, and broiled tomato caprise on top of each. (Fresh mozzarella, large tomato slice and fresh basil, a touch more Parmesan on top. Excellent!


    Amazing recipe. Picky husband & kids LOVED it. Thanks!

      Lil' Luna

      Great 🙂 Thanks so much for letting me know and thank you for giving it a try!


    My husband and son loved it. Adjusted cook time based on comments. Cut down sear time and cooked at 400 to coincide with Mac and Cheese in oven. Meat thermometer worked like a charm. I will definitely make again. 😋


    So I just put the chops in the oven. But I’m wondering if the time will dry them out. I have 1 in thick chops and after cooking them in the pan they look like they are nearly done. Will come back later with my result.

    P.S. They have my whole house smelling delicious! Can’t wait!


    Well my chops are done and I must say they are so tender and juicy. I followed the instructions exactly as written but also seasoned the chops with a little garlic and pepper (old habit) and they turned out great (Wish I could post a picture). Of course I had to sample a little piece right away. Mmmm mmmm good. Quick and easy recipe. Thanks for sharing.


    These are delicious! I’ve made these twice and they are SO good! The first time, I rushed and the pork chops were slightly underdone (not super pink, but still a little tough.) The second time, they were perfect! So flavorful, so tender….my fiance absolutely loves them! I can’t wait to make them again!

      Lil' Luna

      Oh, perfect! Thanks so much for trying them and I’m glad they turned out the second time!


    I made these tonight. They were awesome, but the next time I make them I will add more salt and cheese. I was looking for them to be a little more cheesy. I recommend only keeping them in oven for only 15mins so they are not dry. My family loved them… Thanks for recipe.


    Sadly my comment will not be praising this recipe like many of the others. I followed this recipe and by baking them they ended up coming out soggy instead of having a crunchy outer coating. I don’t know what I could have done wrong. But I am disappointed . I should have just cooked them in the skillet and never put them in the oven.

      Lil' Luna

      I’m sorry that they turned out soggy. I can’t think of why that would have happened? Thanks for trying them though!


    I’ve made these several times and they are always yummy. Tonight I’m going to try them in the air fryer.

      Lil' Luna

      How did they turn out? Thank you for trying them and letting me know. So, glad you like them!


        They were fantastic! The air fryer cut out the use of olive oil and only took 22 minutes to cook. I cooked them at 380* 10 minutes on one side and 12 minutes on the second side. Yummy!

          Lil' Luna

          Thanks so much for sharing that!! Sounds like they were perfect!

            Kelly Loykasek

            Made your pork chops and they were great, juicy and the garlic and Parmasan cheese was excellent. Thank you for the recipe.
            Kelly Loykasek

            Lil' Luna

            Awe, thank you!! I love hearing that! I am so glad you liked them!


    Covered or uncovered to bake?


    Thank you for sharing this recipe! I made it tonight and even my super-picky 8 year old liked it! Adding it to my rotation! It went well with roasted potatoes, onions, and garlic.
    Only thing I did different was bake at 350 for only ten minutes because my boneless pork chops were on the thin side.

      Lil' Luna

      Yay!! Love hearing that! Thank you so much for sharing!


    I made 5 pork chops. I dipped my pork chops in egg before I dipped into my mixture. Being that I used 5 pork chops I added more of each ingredient. I also added a packet of hidden valley ranch seasoning. My pork chops were about a half an inch thick. I pan seared them for a minute on each side using olive oil and butter. I sprayed my glass dish before I put my pork chops on it so it wouldn’t stick to the bottom of the dish. I cooked them for a half hour on 350. They were very crunchy and tender! The ranch added lots of flavor. I will definitely make this again and I suggest everyone to try it out!! It’s a keeper!! My sides were sliced carrots with butter and loaded mashed potatoes which only added to the pork chops! Give it a try!! Trust me you won’t be disappointed!!😋

      Lil' Luna

      Thanks so much for sharing, Amanda!! That sounds perfect! I am so glad you liked them!


    I made these wth thick-cut bone-in chops, dipped in beaten egg before pressing in the crumb mixture (used panko and added my own seasonings). Searing on each side in a cast-iron skillet seems to be the way to go. It took 3 minutes on each side for a nice, dark brown sear, then the skillet went directly into the oven for 40 minutes. Turned out perfectly. An hour would have rendered these to the texture of shoe leather, and the egg is not only necessary to keep the crumbs on the surface of the chops but it also keep moisture in as well. Very good chops, will make again!

      Lil' Luna

      Thank you so much for sharing what you changed. Glad you liked them!


    OMG made the pork chops and will definitely make again. Best baked pork chops ever. A most try for everyone.

    Mary @ Healthy Dinnre Recipes

    These are delicious! Thanks so much for sharing this!


    Love the parm crusted pork chop recipe!!! Thank u!!


    You said 1/4 tsp pepper In the ingredients but didn’t specify In instructions.

      Kristyn Merkley

      Oops, add it in the first step, with the mixture 🙂 I’ll have to add that. Thank you!


    These pork chops have gone into our regular dinner rotation,they are AMAZING!!!!! Thank you for sharing!!


    Tried 2 meals so far and they were very good repeating another one today for my dinner


    Found ya on Pinterest. I make a similar recipe with bone in chops asiago cheese the same seasonings plus salt just cooked on the stove. This looks good too. Lol I love your pics. Looks like I need to try out regular good ol parmesan cheese.


    Thank you for the wonderful recipe. By far the best pork chops I ever prepared. I actually starting off my softening them with a meat tenderizer, which did wonders for absorbing the dry rub (also cut down on the baking time).

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