Best Steak Marinade

This is Our All-Time Favorite Steak marinade! It requires only Four ingredients – Italian dressing, A1, Lemon Juice and Worcestershire sauce – and makes our steak taste SO amazing! Everyone always asks for this Easy Steak Marinade recipe because it’s just that good!!

Steak Marinade

Super Easy Steak Marinade

One of the best and nostalgic things about the summer is BBQs!! Who’s with me?! Have you ever gone out for a walk or drive and catch a “whiff” of the heavenly smell of someone barbecuing. That smell makes my mouth water. You see, my family barbecues a lot back home and now we’re not there to enjoy the yummy barbecued food with them. It makes me sad… like, really sad. 🙁 I told the hubby it would be worth the investment to get our own grill here, so last week we bought one and I’m so happy. In fact, we already had some friends over to BBQ last Saturday and the result was AH-mazing. We decided to grill steaks for the adults and hot dogs for the kids.


The hubby and I LOVE steak so we were both a little excited for dinner last Saturday (I’m not going to lie – we were REALLY excited), especially since we hadn’t grilled since moving here.  We’ve used the same Steak Marinade Recipe ever since we’ve been married and it’s our ALL-TIME favorite. Today, I’m sharing it with you because it truly is the best and requires only 3-4 ingredients. We got it from a neighbor I use to housesit for back in Arizona, and I’m not sure that we’ll ever find another Steak Marinade Recipe that beats it!

Best Steak Marinade

Easy Steak Marinade

How to Make Homemade Steak Marinade:

As I mentioned, this marinade only requires 3 ingredients (with an optional 4th ingredient).

  • Italian Dressing
  • A1 Sauce – the original flavor
  • Worcestershire Sauce
  • Lemon juice (totally optional, just adds a little zest!)

All you have to do is throw each of these ingredients into a gallon sized ziploc bag or tupperware container and mix them. Once they’re mixed, add your steak. We love flat iron steaks – they don’t have too much fat, are fairly inexpensive, and really delicious! Let the steak marinade for 24-36 hours. You can even do 12 hours if you’d like but I think it’s better if it’s for at least 24 hours. Once they have marinated long enough, throw them on the grill, cook them to your liking, and ENJOY!

Simple Steak Marinade

Every time we use this Steak Marinade, everyone asks for the recipe because it’s just THAT GOOD!! I’m so glad that the weather is warming up, because that means it’s grilling season, and we’ll be cooking up some steaks for sure. 😉

This recipe goes great with these sides:

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Simple Steak Marinade Recipe

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This is one of the only steak marinade recipes we ever use! It requires only three ingredients - Italian dressing, A1, and Worcestershire sauce - and makes our steak taste SO amazing! Everyone always asks for this Easy Steak Marinade recipe because it's just that good!!

Course Main Course
Cuisine American
Prep Time 5 minutes
Marinate Time 1 day
Calories 672 kcal
Author Lil' Luna


  • 1 c Italian Dressing
  • 1/2 c A1 Original
  • 1/2 c Worcestershire Sauce
  • 1 tsp lemon juice optional


  1. Place all your ingredients in a gallon bag or tupperware. Mix well.

  2. Add your steak (we prefer Flat Irons because they are tender and fairly inexpensive).

  3. Let marinade for 24-36 hours. You can even do 12 hours if you'd like but I think it's better if it's for at least 24 hours.

  4. Grill and ENJOY!


Best Steak Marinade Recipe

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  1. Ah ha! The steak marinade! Yes, I can attest that it is delicious. I may have to actually try cooking steak sometime cause it was so good.

  2. I tried this the other night and you’re right it is amazing!!!! We’re having guests this weekend and I’m planning on soaking the steaks tomorrow!! The only A-1 I had in the house is the one with tobasco in it and it truly was amazing!! Thank you fir sharing!!!

  3. Hi Krystyn
    I live in Australia & I would love to use your Marinade, but I am lost as to what “A1” is???
    Could you please explain & suggest a substitute?
    Kind regards
    A friend “Down Under”

  4. What kind of steaks do you use? I only use rid eyes or new york steaks..haven’t seen the kind you used..going to make this the next time I cook steaks..just bought 6 steaks 2 days ago..I froze them..
    thank you for sharing your recipe with us…

  5. Wow all of those looks absolutely delicious and love the photos! Steak has always been one of my favorite foods to cook! Also those fried zucchini got me very interested to try, thanks for sharing this!

    1. It’s a sauce that is so good with meat!! Here is the definition from google…..A.1. Sauce includes tomato purée, raisin paste, distilled vinegar, corn syrup, salt, crushed orange purée, dried garlic and onions, spice, celery seed, caramel color, and xanthan gum. The original sauce included more expensive malt vinegar, molasses, and marmalade in its ingredients.

  6. What brand of Italian Dressing do you use?? There are so many out there would love to know which you prefer please!

  7. This is seriously the best marinade. It adds so much flavor! I need to try it with chicken next! I love how easy it is too!!