DIY Jewelry Organizer

DIY Built In Jewelry Organizer Tutorial. I NEED this! { }

If your jewelry situation is anything like mine, it does not look like this.

It does, however, resemble this….


Yes. Yes indeed. That is a Ped Egg stored in with my jewelry and it’s a shame. I know! That’s why an intervention was necessary.

I love cute jewelry boxes as much as the next girl but the truth is none of them are big enough to hold all of our….stuff. Am I right ladies?! That’s why this built-in closet version was the way to go for me and here’s how you can build your own!

Supplies Needed


{Footage depends on how much jewelry you have. I used a 1x3x6 for my project}

Screw-in Hooks


1/8″ dowel rods

1/4″ dowel rods

Wood Glue

Staples & Staple Gun


{with drill bit for pre-drilling holes for hooks and dowel rods}

Table Saw or Skill Saw for cutting wood

*Sander (optional)

* Fray Check (optional – for ribbon)

Start by cutting wood sections for bracelets, rings, earrings and necklaces. How many and how long you need them depends on the amount of jewelry you need storage for. A good idea is to lay out your pieces in advance to get an idea how long your sections need to be.


Once you’ve determined the length of each section, cut accordingly. After all of mine were cut we sanded the edges down so there wouldn’t be any rough corners and to give more of a custom look.

Next, pre drill the holes for your hooks and dowel rods being sure the drill bit you use isn’t larger than the diameter or your hook or dowel rod. After the holes for the dowel rods are pre-drilled you’ll need to check that they aren’t too big or too small. You won’t want the fit to be too tight but you won’t want it too big either. The holes for your hooks should be just big enough to get you started when screwing them in. These holes are pre-drilled mainly to keep your wood from splitting.


After you’re done pre-drilling the holes  you’re ready to cut your dowel rods. The length again depends on your amount of jewelry but be sure not to make them too long or they may sag. Conversely, be sure to make them long enough that you still have plenty of room left over to hang your jewelry from after you’ve inserted part of it into the board. The dowel rod for my rings are 2″ to 2 1/2″  in length and my bracelet dowels are 4″ – 5″ in length.

Once you’re done cutting your dowels go ahead and insert them into your boards. It may require a light tap with a hammer, being careful not to break them. Be sure to use a little wood glue in each of the holes for good measure wiping away any excess before it dries. At this point you should have one board for bracelets – with dowels inserted, one board for rings – with dowels inserted, one board for necklaces – with holes pre-drilled for hooks and one plain board that you’ll add ribbon to later. Now you’re ready to paint or stain your boards. {Or leave them natural like I did mine!}


Now that your boards are painted (or stained) and fully dried you can screw in each of the hooks for the necklace board and attach ribbon to the earring board. Again, the length of your ribbon will depend on the amount of earring you have. Affix the ribbon on the back the earring board with staples and have the ribbon drape over the top. This will hide your staples from view.


 The spacing of your ribbon is a personal choice but is also dependent on the width of your ribbon. Go with what looks best o you keeping in mind that you’ll be hanging your earring onto the ribbon by poking the post through the ribbon itself so just be sure you’ll be able to do this easily.


 Finally, mount your boards to your wall, add your jewelry and BAM – ORGANIZATION!

As always, thanks to Kristyn for having me guest post on Lil Luna! If you’d like to see more of my many DIY projects and shenanigans, you can follow me on FACEBOOK, PINTEREST, INSTAGRAM, TWITTER & G+. Find more projects like this one on my website,

~ Jamie


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    Clever! I am pinning…♥
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    I love your jewelry organizer!! It looks great!!

  3. 5

    YOUZA!!! So happy you posted this. My storage solution was going great until I became obsessed with chunky Jewelry! Thanks ….I will be doing this!

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    Love your idea I will buying all my supplies today. How did mount the wood pieces on the wall?

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