Tooth Fairy Pillow Tutorial

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My oldest daughter lost her first tooth a year ago, and I’ve been wanting to make a tooth fairy pillow for her ever since. This cute little pillow is about 5 inches tall, and will fit perfectly under her pillow. Her tooth goes in the front pocket (the smile), and the money will go in the pocket which is on the back. This was so fun and incredibly cheap to make!


paper + scissors + pencil
embroidery thread + needle
sewing machine, etc


1. Create a few templates, including a tooth, wings, and crown. I freehanded mine onto a piece of paper.
2. Cut pieces out of felt. Here are the colors and pieces you’ll need:
–white, main tooth, 2 pieces
–white, back pocket
–white, front teeth
–black, smile
–black, eyes
–pink/purple, wings, 4 pieces
–crown, yellow, 2 pieces
3. Fold over the top of the smile and stitch. This will reinforce the smile when your child put the tooth in and out.
4. With white thread, hand stitch the white front teeth to the smile.
5. Machine stitch the smile to the front tooth piece. Don’t sew the top, because that is the pocket.
6. With black thread, hand stitch the eyes.
Here’s what I have so far:
7. If you want to personalize, embroider your child’s name or initial somewhere. I did it on the back. These are the little pockets where the money will go.
8. Fold over top edge and stitch a straight line. (This reinforces the pocket). Then sew around the sides and bottom of pocket. Refer to final picture below.
 9. Sew two crown pieces together.
10. Decorate your wings. Have fun with this! There is no right or wrong way! My main tip is to sew the decorations to one wing, and then sew the two layers of wings together. I did a decorative stitch. (You don’t need to have the wings two layers thick, but I want mine to be sturdy, so I did).
 11. Sew the front and back of the tooth together. Tuck the wings and crown inside, then place the back, right side down, and sew. Leave an opening at the top edge, between the crown and wing.
 12. Here’s how it looks after sewing together. Turn right side out.
 13. Stuff with batting and hand stitch the opening shut.
  All done! Here’s the back…
And the front…


xoxo, Rachel

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    I love the idea of this, so much better for the tooth fairy! x

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