Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe

The BEST Chicken Tortilla Soup recipe - easy and delicious - the best kinds of recipes! { } Ingredients include chicken, avocados, tomatoes, corn, beans, green chilis, & lots of seasonings!

Maybe  I should have warned you yesterday, but I’m going to be sharing several delicious soup recipes over the next week or two. I hope you don’t mind. I’m in Soup Mode right now and taking advantage of this cool weather to try out even more soups. I mean, how can you NOT love them? They are so warm and filling and just taste so yummy!

This next recipe is so good and was modified a bit from a Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe found HERE by my mom. Being Hispanic, our family loves anything with tortillas, so this recipe was right up our alley. We ended up topping it off with some homemade tortilla strips and cubed avocado, which made it even that much better!

If I’m going to be honest, if a recipe calls for Chicken and Avocados, I pretty much know I’ll love it. 😉 Put it in a soup form, and I love it even more!

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Here is what you’ll need to make this recipe too:
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Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe
  • 1 lb chicken breast cooked and shredded
  • 1 15 oz can corn
  • 1½ 15 oz diced tomatoes drained
  • 1 can black beans, drained
  • 6 cups chicken stock
  • ½ tsp. cumin
  • ½ cup onion chopped optional
  • 1 small can diced green chilis
  • 2 tsp. minced garlic
  • ¼ tsp. chili powder
  • 1½ tsp. salt
  • ¾ tsp. pepper
  • monterey jack cheese, shredded
  • corn tortillas for chip topping we cut and fried corn tortillas
  • avocados cubed
  1. Cook and shred (or cube) chicken.
  2. Add all the ingredients, except the cheese, corn tortilla strips and avocados to your crock pot. Cook on low for 8 hours (or high for 3-4 hours).
  3. Add cheese just before serving.
  4. To make this soup extra delicious, add some crunchy tortilla strips. Slice up corn tortillas with a pizza cutter. Flash Fry in hot oil and sprinkle on top of your soup. Add cubed avocados too!

The BEST Chicken Tortilla Soup recipe - easy and delicious - the best kinds of recipes! { } Ingredients include chicken, avocados, tomatoes, corn, beans, green chilis, & lots of seasonings!

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The BEST Chicken Tortilla Soup recipe - easy and delicious - the best kinds of recipes! { } Ingredients include chicken, avocados, tomatoes, corn, beans, green chilis, & lots of seasonings!

The BEST Chicken Tortilla Soup recipe - easy and delicious - the best kinds of recipes! { } Ingredients include chicken, avocados, tomatoes, corn, beans, green chilis, & lots of seasonings!

Doesn’t this look so yummy?! It kind of reminds me of the Chicken Tortilla Soup from Chilis. 😀

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The BEST Chicken Tortilla Soup recipe - easy and delicious - the best kinds of recipes! { } Ingredients include chicken, avocados, tomatoes, corn, beans, green chilis, & lots of seasonings!

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  1. 1

    I’m totally in soup mode now too. They’re so yummy. I just made chicken tortilla soup over the weekend. It rocks. Had no avocado to go with it though. Looks delicious!
    Melane @ recently posted..Ham Broccoli Cheddar Cheese ChowderMy Profile

  2. 3

    I am actually making a recipe similar to this this week. I might have to try this variation next time to see which one I like the best!
    Cassie recently posted..Having Grace Filled Marriage And GiveawayMy Profile

  3. 5

    This looks so yummy! I think I will make it tonight for dinner! Thanks for sharing! xo

  4. 6

    Oh Kristyn, you can be in soup mode for as long as you want… love it! Can’t wait for the other recipes! (=
    Gloria @ Simply Gloria recently posted..Baby Ruth FudgeMy Profile

  5. 7

    yummo!! happily pinned this and will enjoy every.single.bite! thanks for sharing!
    northern cottage recently posted..{Decadent Fudge Bars}My Profile

  6. 8

    Looks great for tonight! Yum, drool! It looks like a few black beans in the photo?

  7. 9

    Super yummy!! Thanks for the recipe!!

  8. 11

    I am in the process of making this soup and in the picture it looks like you added black beans but the recipe did not call for them. Just wondered if you forgot to add those or if I should put them in or not! Just wanted to let you know! Thanks! Great recipe!

  9. 12

    For the green pepper did you use a chili pepper or a bell pepper?
    Looks delicious either way!
    Maggie recently posted..The “Rachel Romper” named after one of my best…My Profile

  10. 14

    Hi! I make a soup similar to this in a crockpot, but i don’t cook the chicken before putting it in the crockpot I put it in raw. I cook it on high for 5-6 hours and the chick falls apart itself. Is there a reason to cook the chicken first? just wondering, looks delish!

  11. 16

    What is the serving size for this recipe? I need to feed about 12 people.

  12. 17

    Did you use black beans in this recipe? Thought I saw some in the picture but wasn’t sure.

  13. 19

    Love me a good soup recipe! Thanks for sharing! Pinned!
    [email protected] recently posted..Halloween Printables: Potion Ingredient TagsMy Profile

  14. 20

    Made this tonight and it was super yummy! I changed a few things, like pinto beans instead of black beans, 1/4 cup of tomato paste instead of tomatoes and I had precooked chicken on hand. I also made this in about 45 minutes, so no need for the slow cooker. I browned the onions with the green chilies and spices, added the broth, paste, beans, corn and chicken. Cooked until heated through.
    I also added a 1/3 cup of masa mixed with water at the very end. This made the soup have a wonderful flavor and added to the thickness of it, since my hubby and son do not care for “brothy” soups

  15. 22

    Hi, I’m excited to try this recipe. I just wonder since the chicken is already cooked why does it need to cook for 3-4 hours (on high) still. Could you put the chicken in there raw and then just pull it out to shred at the end? Clearly I’m not a cook. Thanks for your help!


    • 23

      I’ve done that each time I cooked my soups. Just pop in two defrosted chicken breasts (large ones, and if they are frozen then when they defrost in soup they will add additional water which you don’t want) and if you cook it on low for 8 hours, check the chicken after 6 hrs and if done, pull it out, shred it with a fork (should pull apart easily) and toss it back into the soup.

  16. 24

    Hi there, just made your recipie today and I used diced tomatoes and habanero for extra kick to the soup. They were 10 oz cans so I used two since your two ingredients were mixed. Turned out great. I only wish the chicken stock would be a little bit thicker. Any advice?

    • 25

      Paulina, I didn’t have any diced canned tomato, so I added a large can of crushed tomato. I think that helped to thicken the soup. We also topped it off with a dollop of sour cream, which also added thickness and richness when served. Delish!

  17. 26

    Made your chicken tortilla soup for dinner tonight. SO GOOD!!! I made a couple of minor tweaks because we were snowed in today – I had to add some dried Georgia Flame chile peppers and some pickled poblano & jalapeño peppers from our garden in place of canned chili peppers. I also added a can of crushed tomato in place of the diced because it was on the shelf. I tweaked the spices a bit to taste – added a dash of smoked paprika, a dash of Badia Sazon and some extra cumin. By the time we had dug out and the storm had passed, the soup was ready. We hit the store for the toppings – avocado, diced fresh tomato, low fat monterey jack, diced red onion, tortilla chips and some fresh cilantro. Added a little dollop of sour cream and baby, that was some good eats! Thank you so much for sharing this great recipe! Sue

  18. 27

    Made this soup on Sunday and it was really good, my daughter took it back to school with her. This was a big hit, yesterday made it again but used a large can of crushed tomatoes instead of the diced tomatoes. Totally changed the soup up a bit.

    • 28

      SO glad you guys liked it! I’m curious… which did you like better? The can of crushed tomatoes or the diced tomatoes?

      • 29

        We preferred the crushed tomatoes. There is a difference in the thickness of the broth. The next time I fix this I am going to double the recipe and try one can of diced tomatoes and 2 cans of crushed tomatoes. Also wanted to mentioned that the avocado really topped this soup off, will try sour cream on it.

        Thanks for sharing your recipe.

  19. 30

    Hi, I’m planning on making this for my husband n his family, we’re a total of 5, and I was wondering how many servings does this recipe call for?

  20. 31

    Yum. I used your recipe as a base and as always I can’t leave anything in the original form. :). I used two cans drained of fire roasted tomatoes and also added cilantro in the mixture. Because of time I pulled apart a rotessiere chicken. Other than that I followed the recipe and it’s delish.

  21. 32
    Kimberly Emery :

    Do I drain the corn?

  22. 33

    I just made this for my family. It was very simple, and I had everything on hand. My kids each ate three bowls! Next time I think I might try adding some hominy. I added a dollop of sour cream on top and that, along with the avocados was superb!

  23. 35

    The first time I made this per the recipe. This time I added a medium can of hominy, and substituted creamed corn. I served it with a mix of pepper jack and sharp cheddar cheeses, then topped it with tortilla crisps, a dollop of sour cream, chopped green onions, and a some diced black olives. Delicious!

  24. 37

    This was so delicious that I featured this recipe on my blog Merry Weather on a list of perfect Autumn recipes!! Thank you so much for creating something so dang delicious!


  25. 38

    I didn’t notice how many this recipe fed??

  26. 39

    Found this on Pinterest. This is my second time making it, it’s delicious. Thanks for sharing!
    Crystal recently posted..An Identity Rooted In ChristMy Profile

  27. 40

    I’m commenting years later…..but can I make this in the crockpot? Do I just throw everything in together? And can I cook it on high?

    • 41

      ok made this for cinco de mayo. It was amazing. I threw everything in the crockpot. I added a little more chicken. And used 1 can of diced tomatoes and 1 can of tomato sauce. It was excellent.

    • 43

      Yes, you would throw everything in the crockpot, except the cheese, avocados, and tortilla strips and cook on low for 8 hrs or high 3-4hrs. Add the cheese and toppings to your own individual bowls:)

  28. 44
    Teresa Woodruff :

    How many will this recipe serve? I’m having the soup course for our neighborhood Christmas progressive dinner, and this looks delicious.

    • 45

      If you are feeding a neighborhood, I would double the recipe. If you have a huge crowd, you may need to triple. I’m not sure exactly how many it will feed, but when I picture a neighborhood dinner, I think of a lot of people. It just depends on how many. Good luck!