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Holidays and baking go hand in hand in our home. We love spending time in the kitchen and these holiday baking supplies are musts!

Collage of holiday baking supplies.

Baked with Love

If your family is anything like ours there is a lot of baking that goes on during the holidays! We bake cakes, cookies, and all of our favorite Christmas treats. A huge part of Christmas is the smells, and that includes the smell of baked goods.

Baking is something we love to do together! We all gather in the kitchen and make the recipes that have been handed down year after year. It’s a tradition that we look forward to.

For some, baking can be intimidating. It is an exact science after all! To set you up for success I have rounded up my most favorite holiday baking supplies. From staples to specialty, stocking your kitchen with these items will help you continue or start a new tradition of holiday baking!


First – the staples. These are items I use every time I bake and will be a must for any kitchen! Many of these tools come in a variety of colors so you can customize your kitchen with your personality. Time to stock up on baking basics!

Mixing Bowls with Lids – We reach for these bowls almost every day and we know you will too! They come in fun colors and they’re microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe.

Silicone Spatula Set – These spatulas are my favorite for several reasons. They are comfortable to hold and have a metal core that makes them strong and durable. And, of course, I love that I can throw them in the dishwasher when I’m done using them.

Measuring Cups Set – Every baker needs a good set of measuring cups and spoons, and these ones are the best! Not only are they cute, but they’re also sturdy and, with their handy nesting features, easy to store.

Stainless Steel Wire Whisks – For holiday baking you absolutely need a reliable whisk and this set does the trick! Not to mention they’re ultra stylish with their rose gold handles and color options!

KitchenAid Hand Mixer – When it comes to hand mixers, this one takes the cake! It is powerful but quiet and makes the perfect filling for our Hot Cocoa Cheesecakes.

KitchenAid Stand Mixer – When it comes to baking, my KitchenAid mixer might be my best friend! There is no better way to whip up a large batch of Christmas Snickerdoodles 🙂

Cookie Scoop Set – If you don’t have a cookie scoop (or even if you do), I highly recommend you grab this set! It makes baking cookies (and other things) so much easier!

Doughmakers Grand Cookie Sheet – This is the Ultimate cookie scoop. I use this medium size scoop when baking most cookies including Gingersnap Cookies and Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies.

Adjustable Rolling Pin – This rolling pan takes all the guesswork out when rolling out your dough for homemade Apple Pie or Cinnamon Rolls since the removable rings allow you to reach the EXACT thickness you need.

Professional Pastry Cutter/Scraper – This tool is a must-have for me when baking things like bread, pizza, dinner rolls and cinnamon rolls. I love its sharp edge that makes it easy to scrape and cut dough.

Prepworks Nut Chopper – This is by far one of my favorite kitchen tools because it chops up M&M’s perfectly for our M&M Cookies. Literally nothing beats this tool when it comes to chopping up candy or nuts for your favorite desserts!

Cookie Press Set – I love to make Spritz Cookies every holiday season and this cookie press is essential for the perfect cookie! This press comes with 12 different designs and a carrying case to store everything when you’re done.

Liqua-Gel Food Coloring – When it comes to food coloring there are so many options, but I reach for these liqua-gels the most especially when making frosting!

Dusting Wand – If you’re looking to add a little finishing touch of powdered sugar to your Yule Log Cake this dusting wand is the perfect tool since it doesn’t take up much space in your kitchen drawers and is super easy to clean up.

Doughmakers Loaf Pan – Yep, another Doughmakers pan. You just can’t beat the quality and durability of this loaf pan when making Eggnog Bread or Cinnamon Bread.

Pastry Cloth – So many bread recipes call for the dough to rise and this pastry cloth is the only one I will reach for to get the job done!


For your more specialized recipes, I’ve gathered up my favorite pieces to add that festive flair. Add your personalized touch with these decorating tools and toppings!

Gingerbread Man Cookie Cutter – Making Gingerbread Cookies is a non-negotiable in our house and this is our favorite cookie cutter to get the job done.

Christmas Cookie Cutter Set – We love this set when we’re making Christmas Sugar Cookies and they’re even fun to use for making holiday-themed pancakes!

Wilton Cake Decorating Kit – This is the best starter kit for all of your cake decorating needs and it’s a must for piping out the perfect Meringue Cookies.

Holiday Cupcake Liner – There’s no easier way to add a festive touch to your Christmas Cupcakes than with these red and white striped cupcake liners!

Christmas Sprinkles – Everyone loves sprinkles, and what’s not to love about this Christmas-themed mix?! This is one of my favorite sprinkles brands and this particular mix is a great add to any holiday treat!

Peppermint Crunch Sprinkles – When we make Peppermint Crunch Cookies and Peppermint Melt Aways we use this option from Wilton. The peppermint pieces are the perfect size and the price makes it a much more appealing option than crushing a bunch of candy canes!

Holiday Jimmies – Every baker’s toolkit HAS to have jimmies! We love using these Christmas color jimmies for our Christmas Oreos and Christmas Crack.

Holiday Nonpareils – These red, white, and green nonpareils are a the final touch on our Italian Christmas Cookies, but they make for a great addition to any holiday dessert.

Snowflake Cupcake Toppers – If you want an easy, non-food decoration, use these snowflake toppers! Make some Vanilla Cupcakes and add these toppers for a white Christmas 🙂

Ugly Sweater Cupcake Toppers – I thought these were so funny and cute! Ugly sweaters are a tradition in our family so these toppers are right on theme.

Holiday Wrapping

Holiday treats are perfect for sharing. We love to gift goodies to neighbors and friends, and these wrapping options are favorites!

Christmas Gift Goody Boxes – These cute little gingerbread themed boxes are perfect for smaller treats like Snowball Cookies and Shortbread Cookies.

Kraft Holiday Gift Bags – Bags are a great option to package up Christmas Popcorn or Cinnamon Tortilla Chips!

Brown Bakery Boxes with Window – I love to use the boxes for our more colorful treats like Christmas Wreath Cookies and Christmas Tree Brownies.

Brown Gable Boxes – When we’re dropping off goodies for larger families we like to use these gable boxes because they can fit up to a dozen cookies and/or multiple bars. Plus, the simple brown packaging allows you to add your own touch with ribbon!

Christmas Loaf Bakery Boxes – Who doesn’t love receiving a warm loaf of bread?? These loaf boxes make packaging bread a breeze and they’re super festive!

Cellophane Goodie Bags – Treats like Peanut Brittle, Christmas Chex Mix, and Chocolate Fudge can be wrapped up in a fun cellophane bag for easy delivery and less waste.

Christmas Wax Paper – These wrappers are great to add to the bottom of a treat box to minimize any oil/butter coming through and they add a pop of color!

Red and White Twine – There is no better way to add a finishing touch to a goody box or bag like this red and white twine. It’s extremely inexpensive and seals any box or bag to keep your treats nice and fresh!

Christmas Gift Tags – If you make a lot of treat deliveries like we do than these tags are a must for labeling!

Christmas Gift Tag Stickers – No easier option than stickers for a quick and decorative message to add to your treat boxes.

Holiday Baking Helps!

When baking for the holidays we have the tools to help! These holiday baking supplies are our go-to’s when creating scrumptious treats.

For even more great baking supplies, check out our Amazon Holiday Baking Supplies idea list. It’s the complete list of all the essential holiday baking products that we have and love.

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