Halloween Snacks

A collection of Halloween snacks—both healthy snacks and sweet treats! These are great for after school snacks, game night munching, or when entertaining company during the Halloween season.

During this time of year, we love to get festive with our food. Whether it’s snacks, drinks, or desserts, we have all kinds of spooky Halloween recipes!

Collage of Halloween snacks

Fun and Festive Snacks

As soon as my kids get home from school, they head to the kitchen for some snacks. Sometimes I have the traditional treat like chocolate chip cookie, and other times I have a more healthy snack like these delicious energy bites.

When a holiday rolls around, my kids think it’s so fun to have themed treats. I have some healthier halloween snacks and a list of some sweeter snacks that I know your kids will love just as much as mine do. Before I share them with you, I have a few quick tips for dressing up any snack!

If you don’t have time to make one of these specific snacks, here is one of my secrets: Candy Eyes! Add candy eyes to just about anything you have on hand and it magically turns into a spooky Halloween treat. Other things you can add include:

  • orange, brown and yellow M&Ms or Reeses Pieces
  • Halloween themed sprinkles
  • Plastic Halloween toys like eyeballs or spiders (be sure they are big enough that they aren’t accidentally eaten)

Another fun and easy way to dress up a snack is the serving container. You can buy Halloween themed plastic or paper bags as well as bowl and plates.

Healthy Halloween Snacks - Jack-o-lantern oranges and ghost cheese sticks

Healthier Halloween Snacks:

Because there’s so much candy and sweets going around this time of year, it’s kind of nice to have a break from all the sugar. These are a few easy ones to make for the kids that are on the healthier side.

  • Healthy Halloween Snacks – These are quick, easy, and perfect to take to your child’s class for Halloween parties! Believe it or not, the kids like oranges and cheese sticks as much as they enjoy candy. 😉
  • Flatbread Halloween Recipes – Using flatbreads, you can either make flatbread pizzas that look like mummies, or even quesadillas that look like jack-o-lanterns!
  • Flatout Monster Sandwich – I love these folding flatbreads, and my kids love all of the silly sandwiches that look like monsters. Just get a little creative with your typical sandwich fixings!
  • Spider Pizza Bites from I Heart Naptime – You can use store-bought pizza bites (or make your own using mini bagels, marinara, and cheese) and put spiders on top made from sliced up bagels.
  • Mummy Applesauce Snack from See Vanessa Craft – Take an applesauce squeeze packet, wrap it in white crepe streamer paper, and add some googley eyes. It will look just like a mummy!
  • Frozen Boo-nana Pops from Skinnytaste – A three ingredient snack! Slice some bananas in half, place each on a popsicle stick, dip in white chocolate, add two mini chocolate chips for eyes, and pop in the freezer. Easy peasy!

Halloween snacks - pumpkin snack pix

Sweeter Halloween Snacks:

Some of these are good for after school snacks, but some of them I can’t keep them around my house or I’ll just eat it all before the kids get home. 😉 But they can also be made as a snack for game nights or when you have friends over around Halloween time!

  • Halloween Puppy Chow – A basic puppy chow recipe with the addition of Reese’s pieces and candy corn. Great for a party snack
  • Candy Corn Jello Cup – Layer different colors of jello in a clear container to make it look like a candy corn!
  • Halloween Bark – White chocolate bark with crushed halloween Oreos and candy corn makes for an easy and tasty snack.
  • Pumpkin Snack Mix – Popcorn, cheerios, and chex combined with candy corn and candy pumpkins, in a light and sweet coating.
  • Candy Corn Popcorn Mix – Popcorn, candy corn, and Halloween sprinkles coated in white chocolate.
  • Gummy Worm Jello Cups – This is one of the simplest snacks of all! Green jello with a few gummy worms tucked inside. Kids go crazy over it.

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