Delicious Chicken Marinade

A great Chicken Marinade recipe - perfect for anyone who loves chicken! { }

Who else loves chicken? We have it about once a week and usually stick to the recipes we know and love. I decided we needed to try a few more recipes and wanted to try and find one for a chicken marinade. I’ve tried the ones with soda in them and they were good, but I was hoping to find one with a little more flavor. I was able to do just that on and made a few modifications. The result was amazing!

We ended up using these chicken breasts in some Chicken Burgers and added some mayo, bacon, swiss cheese, lettuce and tomato. They were so stinkin’ good it seemed like they came straight from a restaurant. We decided it’s our current favorite chicken marinade recipe and can’t wait to make it again. Like most marinades, this recipe was thrown together very easily and didn’t take long. If you love a good marinade recipe I’d definitely suggest giving this one a try. It was delicious!

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