Halloween Hot Cocoa


Hi, it’s me Lily again!

Me and my dad just got back from IKEA. We had to buy some stuff for our laundry room. Guess what I got there? Apple pie!! It was so good and was so nice to have a Daddy Daughter date with him. I also learned how to do some multiplying and practiced some math. I’ll tell what you I can do. 10 x 8 = 80! I can also do 5 x 4. It equals 20!! Awesome, right?!

I was also suppose to start soccer today but it was rained out. My field got flooded this week!! My team is called the Purple Argentinas. I’m so excited to start playing. My bought me some cleats and a soccer ball. I even got special socks that protect your shins when you kick. I haven’t gotten my uniform yet, but I will next week. :)

Today, I am showing you how to make a special and spooky drink. It’s called Halloween Hot Cocoa. We made it a few weeks ago and it was so good!! It is so warm and delicious and my mom, dad and I all had some. It would be good drink to make for Halloween or for a party. It is green and good!

White Chocolate Halloween Hot Cocoa - so delicious and perfect for Halloween!

I want a cup right now.

It’s my new favorite hot cocoa!!! Read More »