Blueberry Crumb Delight

The perfect summer treat - Blueberry Crumb Delight { }

There’s just something about having a good fruity dessert in the summer time – don’t you agree?

All summer long all I’ve wanted is fruit. It’s just so refreshing and usually hits “the spot” when I’m trying to think of what to eat. Throw fruit into a dessert and it’s even better, right?? I admit I’m not a fan of all fruit-filled desserts, but anything with graham crackers, butter and cool whip is usually a hit with me and the rest of the family. ;)

Back in June, I was able to go back to visit family and we pretty much ate the entire time. If we weren’t in the kitchen making things ourselves we were out at all the great restaurants I miss so much. One of the first nights we were there my mom decided to try this Blueberry Crumb Delight dish that everyone loved. It was perfect in every way and was a delicious summer treat everyone enjoyed. I think you’ll like this recipe too, especially if you like Blueberries. ;) Read More »