Roasted Spring Vegetables

Spring is in the air and that means it is time to get some spring onto your table as well!

The perk of shopping seasonally is that the produce is great quality, extra delicious, and normally on sale. You can’t beat that. So when you are out and about take notice of the spring vegetables: peas (sugar snap and snow peas), brussel sprouts, beets, and asparagus are all in season right now. These aren’t the most common or popular vegetables out there, but I have a recipe for you today that will make a believer out of you. Simply roasting the veggies at a high temperature with a little oil and salt makes the phenomenal.

Roasting them brings out the natural sugar in the vegetables so that they taste extra sweet. My kids call roasted peas “green pea candy”. And if you think you aren’t a fan of brussel sprouts or beets, you just haven’t had them prepared right! I promise they are delicious this way. The veggies stay tender-crisp and aren’t at all mushy like they get when cooked other ways. Plus, it’s so easy!

Looking for a quick and easy side to Easter? This would be perfect! Enjoy!

Simple Roasted Spring Vegetables recipe { }

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