Crock Pot Green Chile Enchilada Soup

Crock Pot Green Chile Enchilada Soup - a new favorite soup recipe that is easy to make AND delicious! { } #soup


Seriously, there is something about warm, delicious soup recipes and the holidays that make me so incredibly giddy! I think more than anything soup reminds me of the cooler weather which usually means the holidays are close by and that truly brings a smile to my face. There are just so many wonderful traditions to celebrate this time of year and so many fun things to do as a family. This will be our second year away from family for the holidays, which makes me sad, but I’m excited for the opportunity to start some new traditions with our own little family. ;)

This recipe that I will be sharing with you today has to be a NEW favorite. It was SOO easy to make and turned out fabulous!! We’ve always been suckers for Green Chiles and Enchiladas so making a soup version of these things sounded wonderful. This recipe comes from Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom. I ended up doing a simpler version of it and was very pleased with the outcome. I loved it so much I even insisted my mom make it for a church function last week. She said it was a hit! She agreed that it was very simple to make as well. The combination of the chicken, green chiles, spics, corn and cream cheese make this recipe irresistible. OH, and you can’t beat throwing everything in the crock pot and having a delicious meal within a few hours. Pretty amazing!

If you’re a sucker for Mexican dishes like us AND soup, then you’ll definitely want to give this a try. I have a feeling we will be making several more times during Soup Season. :) Read More »