Favorite Potato Salad Recipe

My hubby LOVES my mom’s cooking.

There is one thing in particular though that he loves above all else…. her famous Potato Salad Recipe. He craves it fortnightly and would always secretly hope she made it as a side any time we had a BBQ. The entire family loves it but everyone knows that you better save some for Lorin. :)

Even I admit that I do not like Potato Salad (in general), but I LOVE my mom’s recipe. My mom has actually helped me make it for several events in the past and any time I brought it to an event people asked for the recipe. Unfortunately, my mom just makes it from memory and without a recipe so I made her sit down and measure everything out so we could get it down all written out. Being two states away I can’t rely on her to make it anymore (insert sad face) so I’ve had to master this delicious Potato Salad recipe for the hubby. I’m happy to report I’ve made it at least 4 times since we’ve moved here (the last time being last week), and the hubby has declared it tastes just like my mom’s. Mission successful!! :D

Mom's Potato Salad recipe - a family favorite! { lilluna.com } #potatosalad

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