FREE Back to School Fonts and Graphics

FREE Back to School Fonts and Graphics { }

Have your kids headed back to school already?

I know for some in Arizona, they have! My niece and nephew headed back this week. Craziness, I know! I’m so glad we still ave a good 4-5 weeks before Lily heads to First Grade, and Gav and Evie to preschool. Even though we still have a month, I know heading back to school is on a ton of parents’ minds and in case you’re looking for some cute and FREE FREE Back to School Fonts and Graphics I wanted to make sure you were covered! ;)

I’ve blogged about my obsession with fonts before, so it’s no secret. I love using these bad boys to create fun little prints, tags and gifts for others and love that you can find so many fonts and dingbats that are free for personal use (SCORE)! I’m hoping you can use some of these ones to make some fun designs… I know I will be! ;) Read More »