Patriotic Marshmallow toppers

These adorable 4th of July marshmallow cupcake toppers are kid-friendly and delicious!

Hi again! It's Kristen from Ella Claire and I am so excited to share a fun little kid-friendly 4th of July project with you today- marbled marshmallow cupcake toppers! I think these toppers are so festive and I love that they are edible! My girl had a lot of fun helping me make them too! Making these Patriotic Marshmallow toppers was a lot easier … Read More »

Brownie Puppy Chow Mix


Helllllllllllllo! Did you miss me? If you did, I missed you too! I hope you tried my last treat. They're always delicious!! You want to know why? I only share delicious treats!! They have to get my approval since I'm the "taste-tester-guardian!" I made up that name just now. LOL!! You want to know what? I had my jazz performance last week. It was so … Read More »

Link Party Palooza

link party palooza banner

Happy Friday, friends!! Did your kids get school off today? Mine did, which means we have a 4-day weekend which I'm ecstatic about. :) I know many of you are already done with school (which I'm super jealous about), but if you're still in school like we are, I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that it ends soon!! ;) Before we start the party, I wanted to … Read More »

Asparagus Salad


I may be slightly obsessed with salads. I've shared my love for this food a few times on the site, but I need to share it once again because today's salad is one of my FAVORITES!!! I first had this salad at a church function last year. It was brought by my friend, Britt. I remember telling her just how much I loved it, and that I needed the recipe. And … Read More »

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