Tips for Preventing Back to School Mishaps

Motherhood · August 1, 2013

Most of you know that we moved to Texas from Arizona at the end of May. Life was sure crazy with a newborn and three more small kids but I was grateful we had the summer to get unpacked and situated before my oldest, Lily, started Kindergarten.

Since Lily will be my first in school, I haven’t really had to think much about all that goes into getting ready for school. As far as I knew it was going to be a blast picking out fun new clothes and school supplies, so that’s what we started doing. Over the past few months I’ve been slowly buying an outfit or two here or there for her. She was excited and so was I. Going back-to-school shopping is a fond memory of mine, and I absolutely LOVED getting new clothes and bright colored school supplies. I thought we were ahead of the game a bit since most the shopping is done but just found out last week that the school required UNIFORMS!!! What?!? In Arizona, it’s only Private or Charter schools that require uniforms. BOO! Now, I have to scramble to find polo shirts of solid colors, which I’m sure may be hard now that school is so close to starting. Better get my game on and asap!

This whole thing was something that could have been easily avoided if I had just paid attention and did MY homework. I’ve known for several months which school she would be attending and could’ve easily gone onto the school website to find out everything I needed to know. With this in mind, I wanted to share with you some TIPS for avoiding Back to School Mishaps.

Tips for Preventing Back 2 School Mishaps { }

  1. INFORM YOURSELF – Take a few minutes to get on the school website to find out all you need to know to prepare for going back to school. Find out when Meet the Teacher Night is, when school starts, what clothing policies are, what supplies they need and so forth. This will help out a ton! If I had done this I wouldn’t be in the situation I am in now… with no school clothes for Lily (just yet). Also, be sure to sign up for School Information emails. This will ensure that you always know what’s going with upcoming events, holidays and testing as well as school and district policies. 
  2. BE ORGANIZED – Print out a school calendar and keep it in a place that is easily visible. Also, keep your own calendar and write notes and make lists so you don’t forget important events or items. Smartphones now are so helpful and can help with calendar items as well as reminders to make sure you are on top of things. Heaven knows how crazy things can get with kids in school or kids at home or other family or work obligations making it hard to remember all that has to be done. 
  3. GO TO THE SCHOOL BEFOREHAND – Go to the school with your child to help them familiarize themselves with their surroundings. I would highly recommend this especially if it’s your child’s first year in school or if they are attending a new school. We all know that schools can be big and confusing and we want to make sure our children are as comfortable as possible, especially on the first day of school. Also, stop by the office and ask any questions you may have or pick up any papers that may help you stay organized and in-the-know. 
  4. PREPARE THE NIGHT BEFORE – Most of us know what it’s like to be running around in the morning like a chicken with its head cut off trying to get everything done and kids off to school. Taking 5-10 minutes the night before to prepare everything can be all it takes for a less stressed morning for you and your kids. Even having your kids bathe or shower at night can help for a less crazy morning. Also be sure to set out clothes and make sack lunches the night before. If your child eats in the cafeteria consider making sack lunches for the first few days. It may be less overwhelming for your child to know that they have their lunch safe in their backpack and not in a cafeteria they are unfamiliar with. 
  5. LABEL YOUR CHILD’S BELONGINGS – Labels are perfect for sticking to all kinds of kids belongings, from shoes to books to bottles and clothing. This means things will find their way home and not get lost or mixed up, saving you time and money (two things that aren’t always easy to find). Bright Star Labels make it easy to label everything and even offers stick-on and iron-on labels. Their stick-on labels are 100% waterproof and scratch resistant, and they’ll withstand the wear and tear of dishwashers. When you’re ready to remove them, simply peel off and no residue will be left behind – these are my kind of labels! Iron-on labels are quick and easy to add to all your kids clothing. They will stay stuck in the toughest washing machine and clothes dryer cycle, and will still look great in years to come. Sweet! It’s quick and easy to get labeling. Simply order online and with free shipping you’ll have your labels in no time.

I hope these five tips really help out to make Back to School a fun and enjoyable time instead of a crazy and stressful time.

I’m excited to get Lily in school and can’t wait to hear about all her great school adventures!

Here’s to a mishap-free Back to School time. 🙂

Put a label on it! Kick off the school year right and prevent unnecessary mishaps. Reply below for $5 off your Bright Star Kids order.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Bright Star Kids. The opinions and text are all mine.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Bright Star Kids.  The opinions and text are all mine.

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Amanda Joy

I know that Children’s Place sells uniform polos in a few colors… I saw them today at the mall. Good luck with getting Lily ready:)


old navy has a lot of uniforms as well. I guess it must have been an east valley thing, but a LOT of the west valley wears uniforms at public schools in the Phoenix area.Good luck with kindergarten. we did the same thing. minus a move. a newborn and three other littles the oldest starting school that year.
This year I have a kinder and a first grader at 2 different schools. Lots of prep since we only found out about a week ago that we had a kindergartener on our hands 🙂


    I actually know of several other public school districts throughout AZ that require uniforms so it isn’t just private and charter schools here that require them. Maybe you just meant where you lived specifically?

bronwen zimmerman

I am so excited for school this fall. Junior, Freshman and 2nd grader. (Daddy is 2nd year in college – we ARE busy) I have to disagree about the cafeteria. If your child will be eating hot lunch – they need that first week to get used to the line up and payment procedures. They might feel a little behind starting later. *put money on the account though to make check out easier. Debit prograns are great. Good luck!


Our school suggests that if a child is buying lunches, or even if they will only occasionally buy a school lunch, to have the child buy a lunch on the first day of school as a kindergartner. The reason being that the teacher is on hand the first day to walk them through the process, but after the first few days they are left on their own to go through the lunch line. My kids only buy school lunches when it is pizza day, so buying lunch on the first day has helped them be familiar with the process and learn how to do it with the teacher there to help them.


Believe it or not there are some public schools in the phoenix area that do require uniforms. My son went to one and I absolutely loved it. Back to school shopping was so easy and inexpensive. You can go on and order bundles that contain 2 pair of pants or 4 shirts. The package can then be shipped to your home or to your nearest store for free.


My 6th, and last child is starting her SENIOR year next week! When I sent in her registration I considered coloring hearts and balloons on the envelope but restrained myself.! Loved your ideas but want to shared a few of ours. 1. Are the school grounds available after hours? If so, consider spending time on the playground with your own family so new school child can become familiar and navigate around campus.. Builds confidence. Also good idea to visit the nurses office so they know it is available and familiar. 2. I always like having a big ‘desk-size’ calendar for our family activities to hang on the wall. Now Mead and other companies make 13 month calendars starting in summer – so they run the ENTIRE school year. I buy a new one every year, get the school calendars and write the entire school calendar items right away. Much better than getting a new calendar in January. The ones at Walmart are about $5. 3. Call school to find out if you can have lunch with your child., and bring other kids with you. Agree with you – send a sack lunch for first few days to simplify – then you could even show up and help her through the lunch line a couple times. For the child who gets distracted and takes forever to eat, practise at home with a timer to eat during the allowed time in cafeteria. 4. Decide how to handle kids COMING HOME from school. Will mom be the one to go through papers in backpack? or will child have a place to put them? Have a designated place to put backpack as soon as they get home every day so it doesn’t get lost. 5. Always have a healthy snack ready for them as they walk in the door! 6. Any errands, jobs, dinner prep that I needed to get done – needed to be done before 3pm. Afternoons is all about my kids. 7. After school or dinner conversation was always best if each child had to report “the happiest thing and hardest/saddest thing that happened at school” that day. GOOD LUCK – you are starting a grand adventure!

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